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S650 Ford Mustang Production To End By 2030: Report

The all-new, S650 Ford Mustang was revealed back in September and is set to launch this summer, but the wheels of the automotive world never stop spinning. As such, we’re always looking forward to what the future might hold, and the latest product roadmap from AutoForecast Solutions is providing us with something in that regard, as it states that S650 Ford Mustang production is set to end by 2030.

2024 Ford Mustang

According to that document, S650 Ford Mustang production is set to end at the Flat Rock Assembly plant on April 27th, 2029, specifically, meaning that the latest pony car will enjoy a shorter lifespan than the eight years it was previously expected to last. This could also mean that an all-electric version of the Mustang will replace the ICE variant in 2029. As Ford Authority reported back in January 2021, a Mustang coupe EV was previously rumored to launch by the end of the decade.

In the shorter term, the 2024 Ford Mustang marks the dawn of what could be the last ICE-powered version of the iconic model, ushering in new exterior and interior styling, along with new versions of the turbocharged Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost and Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote powerplants. However, for now, the top-tier performance variant of the pony car is the brand new Dark Horse model, which features an output of 500 horsepower from its enhanced version of the Coyote V8.

As for the Shelby GT500, it’s set to bow out of the Mustang lineup following the 2022 model year, though the Mach 1 will continue to be sold through 2023. The former’s absence from the lineup is only temporary, however – as Ford Authority reported in September, an S650 version of the GT500 is slated to launch in 2025 for the 2026 model year.

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  1. Mike TowpathTraveler

    Maybe by then, car companies will have their electric cars capable of pulling 110 miles out of a full charge in below freezing conditions. Other than that, the mass suicide ongoing by our car companies in jumping all-in with electric, continues, this time, axing one of the most beloved nameplates in the entirety of car history and what that nameplate meant in gas powered performance cars.

    Let’s call it’s replacement “Probe”!

    1. Meta F

      OMG!! Nooo don’t call it the “Probe” LOL I had a 91′ Probe GT I actually LOVED that car, only sold it maybe 5 yrs ago, and still ran like a top! I took that car everywhere and it never let me down! It would be an insult to call an EV or Hybrid Ford vehicle a “Probe” I would hate to see the Probe get a bad reputation being EV or Hybrid~!

  2. Blaze

    I get where everyone’s frustrations are coming from, and I agree… I love being able to FEEL my car. But in all fairness it isn’t the automakers themselves making the decision; certain legislation changes will be requiring new production vehicles be electric 2030 and after.

    1. Dr David

      You are giving Ford and other automakers an undeserved pass. They are supporting the very politicians who have passed this legislation so they must agree this legislation.

    2. Meta F

      I Pray that will change in time! (well before 2030) I wouldn’t drive/own a Hybrid or EV if they paid me to drive one!

    3. David Dickinson II

      Yep. The federal government screws up everything it touches. This is no different. When regulations require unobtainable mileage standards, the federal government is outlawing ICE vehicles without a specific pronouncement to just get rid of them. ICE is getting the squeeze.

  3. Dr David

    Just read an article that Toyota is going in a different direction. They plan to keep the Prius and expand their hybrid models. They are also seeing a “bright future” for their hydrogen models. They have already developed several operational hydrogen engines for cars such as the Corolla subcompact; and even have a hydrogen pickup that uses hydrogen tanks to fuel a single electric motor in the rear. No drive shaft.

    Management does make the difference.

    1. Meta F

      Have you checked out their Service Departments lately, or when you drive by a Toyota dealership check out the Service Parking lot! What you see most, except for the missing catalytic convertors and Mostly Hybrid vehicles with issues!

      1. Dr David

        How do you know just by looking from the street if these vehicles are in for “issues” or an oil change? Consumer Reports states Toyota hybrids are more reliable than the average vehicle.

        1. Super Dave

          CR sends out questionnaires to its readers for automotive reliability. I have been a member for many years and I’ve never received one. Take what they say about “reliability” with a grain of salt. If they surveyed 300 people who own a Toyota Hybrid and 298 of them say they’ve been great cars, they list reliability highly.

  4. Brad Barefoot

    Wouldn’t it be great to pull into a Ford dealership and buy a Thunderbird for the wife, and a great Country Squire Wagon for myself … but that isn’t going to happen. We’ve got an insane group leading Ford who believes that they can truck an suv their way to success …… GM is doing that and has failed big time. When a car company only build trucks an suvs and abandons cars with names like Thunderbird, Country Squire, Lincoln Mark V, the humble Fairmont for another SUV a “S”tupid “U”seless “V”ehicle with maybe a little sport, but damn near no utility value what so ever. …… then they will sell trucks an suvs, but face it Ford that mind set is costing you sales you can’t afford to lose. As for me Ford, I’m that guy with his wife who could today drive onto the lot and buy a new Thunderbird and Country Squire Wagon at the same time today. But guess what … I still can do that, after chasing down a few leads I’ve found shops that specialize in custom work … I’ll have my Country Squire, and my wife a Thunderbird. Chased down a 1979 Fire Engine Red Thunderbird in good condition, when Thom’s people get thru with it will be in like new condition … and money wise, cost less than a new Maverick Lariat … and with a new car warranty to-boot. And there are plenty of others who are doing this as well, or Thom would not be the VERY successful business owner he is.

  5. Roger Blose

    Watch for it….cash for ICE vehicles 2.0 under Obama / Biden is coming. The OEMs flood the market with EV, they do not sell, they cry to the Feds for help and it is cash for clunkers 2.0 coming. Coal and natural gas powered EV for everyone! And when that does not work, cut off their supply of unleaded fuels and tax the old cars off the road.

    1. RWFA

      Obama? Wasn’t he like president over 1/2 a decade ago?

  6. Meta F

    God Bless You! My thoughts EXACTLY! Remember that boneheaded thought of “Cash for Clunkers” Obummer put out there…that was the start of killing the auto industry, steel, metal and parts. I will never own or drive a EV or Hybrid vehicle just because the dems “demand” we should!~ look at California they can’t even keep the electric grid going with all those plugging in their commuter hybrid plug in specials. Just another Dem bonehead move! Keep your gas powered vehicle as long as possible, I know I will as well!


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