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Some Ford Bronco SUVs Were Shipped With Plastic Bash Plates

Production of the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has been mired with issues from the very beginning, as the rugged off-road SUV launched during the height of the pandemic, leading to production and supplier woes, with demand far exceeding supply – even to this day. As a result 2023 Ford Bronco order banks were only initially open to carryover reservation/order holders as The Blue Oval works to fulfill all of those orders, though they will soon open to new customers. However, it seems as if some Ford Bronco SUVs were mistakenly shipped with plastic bash plates in what is another byproduct of this chaotic process, according to Bronco Nation.

“It is something we are aware of and we are addressing that,” said Bronco Brand Manager Matt Winter. “We’ve figured out what the cause of that was and customers who received the incorrect bash plate will get the correct one, and we’ll make sure their vehicle is in spec. More communication on that will be coming in the next couple of weeks as we get everything in place.”

This issue pertains to a select number of Ford Bronco models equipped with the heavy-duty modular front bumper, while the bash plates themselves are standard equipment on a number of trims, including Black Diamond, Badlands, Wildtrak, Raptor, and Heritage models. However, it’s unclear at the moment which models were affected, specifically.

In the meantime, as Ford Authority previously reported, carryover 2023 Bronco order holders that don’t change their orders to remove constrained items risk having that order canceled altogether, at which point they would have to reorder a 2024 model with no price protection. Affected customers have already received an email outlining these terms, meaning that at least some 2023 orders will most likely not be filled.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    Lawsuit. This can’t be a mistake.

  2. RWFA

    It’s not really clear what’s going on here.

    Are the plastic bash plates on low spec models, and non plastic plates on higher spec, or optional?

    Since it’s not a recallable item, we won’t see a 573 report, so it would help if Ford could share more here.

    Too much to ask for an 8D, but it would be cool, and quite responsible, if Ford would basically reveal what slipped up and how it will be prevented.

    If Ford really wanted to vastly up its reputation as a Quality-Driven company, it would increase transparency and post its 8D’s for such situations.

    1. Mike

      The steel bash plates are standard on Black Diamond and up models, and are included with the Modular Front Bumper. I have a big bend with that bumper, and just confirmed I do not have steel bash plates.

  3. Tom

    It won’t be a problem . The BRONCOS that visit their dealership with a crushed oil pan are definitely those with the plastic bash plate
    How could something like that happen? I would imagine that the department manager for the area that installed them is now unemployed. How come the people on the line didn’t question what they were doing ? Of course the don’t think I will tell you when to think most likely comes into play.

  4. Christopher kramer

    Because Ford is trying to keep the assembly line rolling. Now threatening to cancel people’s orders! Some have been waiting for almost 2 years. I have been waiting for over a year. As soon as they screw all these people out of their orders I’m sure they will increase the price. I think this is the driving force behind this. Ford wants more $$$$$$$

  5. Tom

    It’s one thing after another. To put an end to some of this, Ford should learn from Jeep. They’ve kept the same basic body style for how long now? And they’re still selling a ton of them!
    Save a little money on retooling and keep this body style! Quality improves with repetition, cost is reduced, accessory and aftermarket parts expand to allow customers to further personalize their vehicles and full further in love with them! You’ve got a good thing going Ford, learn from others and don’t blow it!!

  6. Mike TowpathTraveler

    How does this happen? Through incompetence and a not give a crap attitude. It’s as if this company started up building trucks just last week instead of over 100 years ago. Think Henry Ford or Henry Ford II would put up with this garbage?

  7. Ed

    The bigger question is WHO authorized a supplier to manufacture PLASTIC bash plates and WHO authorized the ordering and installation of said PLASTIC bash plates on the assembly line? SOMEONE at Ford purposefully decided to do this.

    1. Brice

      The standard bumper has plastic splash guards. It’s not like they built a special part to save money.

  8. Mike says...

    Hear no evil…see no evil…. Corporate Americas mantra until they get caught. Too funny!

  9. Chad

    Will be very interesting if Ford begins producing new ’23 orders in from of us long haul reservation holders like they did in ’21 & ’22. 902 days since my reservation and still no clue when/if I’ll ever get a Bronco. Very disappointing and sad from this consumers vantage point.

  10. Brice

    A few people I’ve seen who ran into this had their dealer’s file a mis-build warranty claim and had them replaced in a couple days. Not a big deal in the long run. It’s silly that it happened but it wasn’t Ford trying to save a buck.

  11. Jim

    what color ithe the bronco in this article , dont look red and too dark for orange ?

  12. masb1955

    What’s next Jimmy “Hardware Store” Farley? Locusts?


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