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2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer With 26K Miles Up For Auction

In recent months, we’ve started to see more and more ’90s Ford Explorer models pop up at auction, most of them in excellent condition with few miles on the clock. While those types of vehicles may not exactly be what one might consider collectible, rare, or valuable, there is certainly a market for them, regardless. Now, that trend continues, but with a newer version of the long-running model – this pristine 2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, which is up for grabs over at Cars & Bids.

Somehow, this particular 2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer has a mere 23,900 original miles showing on the odometer, which quite low for any vehicle of this vintage, and it looks essentially brand new, inside and out. It’s also quite a bit more modern than its predecessors, offering up adequate power, plenty of amenities, and some luxurious features, to boot.

On the outside, this SUV’s White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat and Pueblo Gold paint is nearly flawless, save for the typical rock chips and weathered trim. Otherwise, it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor, with shiny 18-inch chrome wheels, a chrome grille, and that signature two-tone paint job that has adorned many Blue Oval Eddie Bauer models over the years.

The same goes for the Camel and Sand interior, which looks factory fresh save for the typical creased leather, and there are loads of amenities to be found in here. Thanks to the presence of the Eddie Bauer Convenience Package, those include power seats, power and heated side mirrors, power-adjustable pedals with memory, dual-zone electronic automatic climate control, a reverse sensing system, a power moonroof, and a premium sound system. Power comes from the Ford 4.0L V6, which cranks out 210 horsepower and 254 pound-feet of torque via a five-speed automatic transmission.

Though it’s easily one of the nicest Explorers of this generation left on the planet, it’s unclear if that will translate to a big sales price in this particular case. But on the flip side, if it doesn’t, somebody is going to get once heck of a nice vehicle for little money.

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  1. Drew Ford Retiree

    There is no such thing as a nice example of this generation Explorer. The hard plastic interior, the non-ergonomic inside door release lever, the noisy and fuel inefficient powertrains, the higher sill of the pop-up liftgate glass, and the unreliable 4×4 system all conspired to make this vehicle completely unspectacular.

    1. ManuNava1776

      I’ve owned a 2010 EB with the 4.6 since new; only 110,000 miles on her now. Yes, the beast is raw but I love the 3-valve 4.6 for the rapid pick-up (for the time it came out), the fact that she has an actual frame, & and for the interior volume (compared to today’s BS aero-focused looks that decimate cargo capacity.

      She is a rough beast, but I love her pure roughness around all of her edges.


    Spot on !!!
    Possibly the worst generation of Explorers out there. Well the new ones are pretty trouble prone too. I know, I have a fleet of them. I do get a kick of how these people hype these older generation Fords which were junk when they were new !!!
    It sounds good but all false. That generation had problematic transmissions, engines, axles and electronic issues, among other things!!!
    Buyer beware. Oh BTW most parts are obsolete now. I have a 2017 police explorer that needs an electronic module. Get this, it obsolete!!!! I used to love Ford, I worked for them. Now I only own Toyota’s and Hondas.

  3. Gary . Virginia.

    Then why do you still read FA?


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