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2020 Ford Edge Among Most Reliable Three Year Old Vehicles

Consumer Reports has lavished plenty of praise on the Ford Edge over the past few years, naming it one of the safest and most reliable used three-year-old vehicles on the market and one of the best SUVs for less than $40k, to name just a couple. Now, the 2020 Ford Edge, specifically, has also landed on CR‘s list of the most reliable three year old vehicles, joining the Lincoln Corsair crossover and MKZ sedan in that regard.

As is typically the case with CR studies, this one takes a look at modern vehicles that are just a few years old for some very good reasons – these vehicles have already depreciated somewhat, yet still offer modern performance, amenities, and safety features. Many three-year-old vehicles are also being turned in following the end of their lease terms, and as such, have fewer miles on the clock and are more likely to be in good condition.

To come up with these rankings, Consumer Reports looked to its annual auto surveys completed by members, seeking to find the models with the highest reliability score that fall within this particular date range. In that regard, the 2020 Ford Edge made the cut thanks to its stellar reliability ratings from owners, but also because CR found it to be a “pleasant, well-rounded vehicle.”

Consumer Reports also praised the Edge’s handling, ride quality, quiet interior, premium feel, acceleration, fuel economy, and characteristics that it says “rival” many other luxury offerings on the market. On top of that, CR found the 2020 Ford Edge’s infotainment system to be easy to use, and praised the crossover’s abundance of standard safety equipment including forward collision warning, blind-spot warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and rear cross-traffic alert, but did criticize its left footrest, which sits a bit close to the driver.

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  1. Murray Henley

    And yet, Ford is pulling the plug on the North American Edge after the 2023 model year.
    I had a 2017 Edge and now drive a 2020 Edge. Lease ends in June. Very satisfied with both.
    I would not be interested in the upcoming new Chinese Edge. Too homely, don’t want a 7-seater.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    As a Ford salesman (retired) for the last 8 years of my career, I found the Edge to be a customer satisfying vehicle. Nice managable size, so comfortable, and priced right.
    When Ford announced no Edge in the US in 2024 I was surprised. I question the wisdom of the decision. Made me think of the major gaf committed in 2010, 2011 when within those 2 model years they dropped the Explore Sport Track and the Ranger totally abandoning a market segment. Now trying to re-establish itself there with the Maverick and Ranger.

  3. Bonnet Christian, France

    Cette décision de supprimer le edge du marché européen et incompréhensible, une motorisation hybride façon explorer aurait relancée les ventes et mi sur la touche la concurrence !


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