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2020 Lincoln MKZ Among Most Reliable Three Year Old Vehicles

The Lincoln MKZ – like all FoMoCo sedans that were once sold in North America – is long gone, but certainly not forgotten. In fact, the the 2017 Lincoln MKZ was recently recognized by Consumer Reports for being one of the best used cars that cost between $15k and $20k, while the 2019 model was the highest-ranked premium mid-size car in J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Dependability Study. Now, Consumer Reports is lavishing praise on the 2020 Lincoln MKZ after naming it one of the most reliable three-year-old vehicles on the used market.

As is typically the case with CR studies, this one takes a look at modern vehicles that are just a few years old for some very good reasons – these vehicles have already depreciated somewhat, yet still offer modern performance, amenities, and safety features. Many three-year-old vehicles are also being turned in following the end of their lease terms, and as such, have fewer miles on the clock and are more likely to be in good condition.

To come up with these rankings, Consumer Reports looked to its annual auto surveys completed by members, looking for the models with the highest reliability score that fall within this particular date range. In that regard, the 2020 Lincoln MKZ made the cut thanks to its stellar reliability ratings from owners, but also because CR found it to be “the most appealing and well-executed Lincoln in memory,” at that time.

CR also praised the 2020 Lincoln MKZ for its ride comfort, quiet cabin, and luxurious interior, easy to use controls, and excellent fuel economy, particularly from the hybrid version. In terms of negatives, well, there aren’t many, with the organization noting that the sedan offers up limited rear seat access and legroom.

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  1. JE

    This car is most reliable and much better than any of the boring cookie cutter SUV´s and crossovers Lincoln produces today. The MKZ, together with the Continental, were the last true Lincolns!!!

  2. Alan

    I owned 4 loaded MKZ hybrids & 1 loaded MKZ 400hp since new body style of 2013. I liked them allot. But when Ford/Lincoln decided I like truck-styled vehicles & stopped making sedans, and refused to ship to America the beautiful replacement Zephyr sedan, I decided Lincoln didn’t have my interest anymore and bought a competitor luxury sedan hybrid. Lincoln discontinued what I liked, so I discontinued buying Lincoln.

    1. jalass

      And I will do something similar. Would have been a lifelong Ford customer, but not anymore.

      I don’t think cars are going anywhere. Their aerodynamic efficiency lends us to seeing more electrified offerings, I’d think, and when younger generations start buying vehicles, I’d guess their environmental consciousness alone will keep cars as an option, just not from GM or Ford. Sad, really.

      If they brought the Chinese Mondeo stateside I’d buy one. I don’t buy the profitability argument if they’re serving the car needs of other parts of the world.

  3. Mike says...

    It pains me to have to look toward Audi and Mercedes for my MKZ 3.0 replacement. There is a huge and largely silent number of Ford/Lincoln faithful …. no more. Mr. Farley’ lack of acknowledgement of this market segment cannot be covered over by tweeting support of ‘only what he wants’ all of us to accept.’ I understand how Ford got to this point and why. The calculus must be paying off…. if it lasts, great… but my gut tells me Ford is on Farley ‘life support’ much like a kite in a hurricane!

  4. Joe

    You’re all stupid, 2013 mkx bulletproof , mine has been beat on since I bought it , even raced it 3-4 qrts low on oil for months, never hesitated once, car runs drives like a dream and will never break, (truth)

    1. Cigna

      I believe the MKX/Nautilus will no longer be sold in the US after the 2023 MY.

  5. Joe

    Mkz is what the car was

  6. Doc

    I like the Continental it is one of the best cars ford has made wish they would bring it back comfort style reliability ride just the best

  7. Cigna

    The only products Ford discontinues are the ones that are most reliable.


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