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2021-2023 Ford Bronco Carbon Fiber Grab Handle Kit Revealed

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco has quickly become one of the most commonly customized vehicles on sale today, thanks to a burgeoning aftermarket and an ever-growing catalog of parts and accessories from The Blue Oval itself. That lineup already includes goods such as a Sasquatch fender flare kit, a beadlock wheel kit, a Badlands 17-inch wheel kit, hood lift kit, and an Everglades wheel kit, to name just a few of many. Now, the Ford Performance catalog is once again expanding with the addition of the new carbon fiber grab handle kit for 2021-2023 Ford Bronco models.

These particular carbon fiber grab handles are already standard equipment on Ford Bronco Raptor models equipped with the optional Interior Carbon Fiber Package, but now, the owners of all 2021-2023 Bronco models can get the same look inside their SUV’s cabin, too. The kit comes with a grand total of three different handles – the left grab handle, right-side grab handle, and center console handle, each of which is designed to simply replace the corresponding factory parts and feature a low-gloss finish.

As one might imagine, swapping out stock grab handles for these carbon fiber pieces is a quick and easy task that requires nothing more than a few minutes time and some basic tools. However, aside from providing a nice visual upgrade over the regular old stock pieces, the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco carbon fiber grab handle kit also features increased rigidity when compared to those units, so we don’t have to worry about nervous passengers breaking one while we’re traversing sketchy off-road trails.

Sold in the Ford Performance catalog under part number M-7220-BCF, the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco carbon fiber grab handle kit retails for $1,030, and is available to purchase now.

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  1. Mike woods

    You got to be kidding! $1030 for grab handles??

  2. Steve

    Any accessory is way too much for Bronco’s. I was quoted 1000 dollars, installed, for Weather Tech mud flaps from our Ford dealer for my 2023 Wildtrak. 1000 bucks? Or you freaking kidding me? I went to Weather Tech’s website, 99 dollars for all four mud flaps, exactly the same. I’ll install them myself and save 901 dollars.

  3. Jim Koenig

    Amazing, I was intrigued all the way til the paragraph letting me know how much they would cost? I’m waiting on a Big Bend that has a VIN assigned but won’t be getting carbon handles!!

  4. Scott

    … I can afford the grab handles. I just can’t afford the Bronco.

  5. Heather Hill

    Ordered 1st Bronco 7/2019, then upgraded to the Wildcat Sasquatch Bronco 1/2021, then upgraded again to the Bronco Raptor 09/2022. Finally got the VIN in November, build date for January 16th, 2023, then pushed back to 1/23/2023. Now it is built and we are awaiting my son’s new Bronco Raptor – Fully Loaded – between 2/23/23 and 3/1/2023. Seems surreal that it is finally almost here! Original order number 0122. Thank God his will already have the handles in it as I added the Carbon Fiber Package.


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