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2023 Ford Edge: Here’s What’s New And Different

The 2023 Ford Edge is the ninth model year of the crossover’s second – and possibly final – generation. As such, the midsize crossover received only a few minor changes for the 2023 model year, with the only major addition being that of the ST Interior Appearance Package for the range-topping ST trim.

2023 Ford Edge Model Line

The 2023 Ford Edge receives no changes to its model line, retaining all five trim levels from its previous model year. The entry level model remains at SE, followed by SEL, ST-Line, Platinum and ST.

2023 Ford Edge Exterior

The exterior color lineup remains the same for the 2023 Ford Edge, meaning it gained no new colors and none were deleted. However, the availability of several exterior accents have been altered, starting with the Iconic Silver Honeycomb grille with Chrome grille surrounds. This grille is now standard on SE and SEL trims after being previously unavailable across all trims for the 2022 model year.

Additionally, the Iconic Silver bezel fog lamps are now included with the SEL Convenience Package. Previously, these fog lamps were unavailable for the 2022 model year.

The Perimeter Alarm is now standard on the Edge ST after being previously unavailable for the 2022 model year.

The SecuriCode keyless entry keypad is no longer available for 2023, nor is the Outfitters Packages.

2023 Ford Edge Interior

A power driver seat is now optional on the Edge ST after being previously unavailable for the base trim for the 2022 model year. Additionally, the base steering wheel is now offered with the SEL Unique cloth seats; this combination was previously unavailable for the 2022 model year. Finally, the Titanium and Titanium Elite Packages have received new seat trim.

2023 Ford Edge Mechanical

The 2023 Ford Edge continues to be powered by a choice of two powertrains. The first is the turbocharged 2.0L I4 EcoBoost, which produces 250 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque. This engine is mated to Ford’s eight-speed automatic transmission, and is standard on SE, SEL, ST-Line and Titanium trims. Front-wheel-drive is standard while all-wheel-drive is optional.

The second is the turbocharged 2.7L V6 EcoBoost, which is exclusively available with and standard on the Edge ST. This engine produces 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, and is mated to FoMoCo’s seven-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel-drive is standard for this trim level.

2023 Ford Edge Packages

A new package known as the ST Interior Appearance Package is now offered on the 2023 Ford Edge ST trim exclusively. This package contains the following content:

  • Leather-trimmed seats with Miko inserts with Race Red and Raptor Blue accent stitching
  • Perforated leather steering wheel with Race Red and Raptor Blue stitching and ST Logo
  • Race Red and Raptor Blue accent stitching
    • Center console lid
    • Front and rear floor mats
    • Door inserts

2023 Ford Edge Availability

Underpinned by the Ford CD4 platform, the 2023 Ford Edge is assembled at the Ford Oakville Assembly plant in Canada.

However, it’s important to note that back in 2020, The Blue Oval and the Canadian auto union, Unifor, reached an agreement that the facility will be retooled to produce five new electric vehicles starting in 2025. Since then, reports suggest that the plant will produce just two vehicles – the upcoming electric variants of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. That scenario leaves the Edge without its current production facility, potentially signaling the Edge’s exit from the North American market after the 2023 model year.

Meanwhile, a next-generation Ford Edge recently leaked in China, although it is currently unclear if this model will make its way to North AmericaFord Authority has recently spotted this vehicle undergoing testing in public.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Dale Morton

    Ford Canada’s Oakville Assembly Plant is now called the Oakville Assembly Complex. Name changed around 2010 because it encompasses the former Ontario Truck Plant and Oakville Assembly Plant.

  2. iCRC2114

    Front Wheel Drive is not standard on SE, SEL, ST-Line, and Titanium trims. MY22 came with the deletion of FWD from the entire lineup, in the American market at least. That has not changed for MY23, all new Edges are AWD exclusively.

  3. Allen

    Love our 2018 Edge SEL V6. Ford not leaving me with future option with move to electric in Oakville.

    1. Brenda allen

      Will not buy ford anymore. Hate this2022 Edge. Love my2018 Edge

  4. Drew Ford Retiree

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. Decontenting is killing it… no leather seats on the Titanium… no leather-wrapped steering wheels… no SecureCode keyless entry. But as already mentioned, we are forced to pay for AWD (a costly mandate that 90% of the market doesn’t need).

    1. RWFA

      Ever heard of a “take rate”?

      Must be so high and low that for certain features it was easy to decide on standardizing them and dropping them (respectively).

      You might lose a few customers at the margins but you satisfy the vast majority, simplify production and increase marginal profit by doing so.

  5. Gene Ford Sr

    Eliminating sedans and vehicles like the Edge is a big mistake. Replace the ceo with someone more in tune with the car buying public

    1. RWFA

      You don’t think Ford knows what sells and what sells with profit?

      All the “how can I survive without a sedan” reminds me of when Ford dropped the CV 2-door in the 1980’s and again dropped the CV wagon when EN-53 launched, these body sub segments were in steady then steep decline but the chauvinists demonstrated their inflexibility to adapt and then badmouthed the OEM’s for not serving them.

      1. Francie Brown Ashton

        Never should have taken the Fusion away! Weekday do they consider their sedan?????

  6. Arthur saladino

    I love the fusion .what is wrong with ford people?..?

  7. Chris L

    I love my 2018 edge – I had 2 ford fusions before that. I’m sad to see them go. Yet I do understand that they can’t do everything – focusing on less models and doing them better is. A smart movie – especially as development costs keep rising. EV’s (or non ICE vehicles) will transform the auto industry – choices have to be made. I’m looking forward to what comes next. I’m sure I’ll find something I love and am excited to see what FORD does.

    1. RWFA

      I love the open mindedness of your comment here Chris!

  8. Bret

    Vast majority of people drive vehicles like a home appliances. The real car people are a small percentage and car companies do give a damn what they think. They only want profit. Climate change clowns are screwing everything else up. I’m tired of all the stupid SUV ,Cross overs and the stupid EVs. I will start buying real old cars and the masses can drive all of the new P.O.S. that’s being built

    1. RWFA

      Poor Bret miss the vroom vroom while making the daily commute in stop and go traffic.

    2. Ron Sha

      Edge better and cheaper vehicle for law enforcement than big explorer. Never knew why departments didn’t request upgrading it for use.

  9. John

    Former Edge buyers will either go toward another Ford product or will defect to other brands like Chevy that still make the Blazer which is about the same size. If Ford doesn’t see that, then they need to come up with a new strategy. Simply replacing the Edge with an another expensive electric car is not the answer. Ford lost a ton of money over that failed autonomous driving venture and lost even more due to their recent decision making. They overinvested in EVs and underinvested in the gas powered cars, which has resulted in recalls and quality problems all over the place. I’ve been loyal to this brand for decades, and will do my best to continue, but the mess that they’re facing now is really starting to concern me when it comes to the future of this company.

    1. RWFA

      You are mistakenly mixing facts and drawing an incorrect conclusion John.

      The vehicles with the Q problems were essentially developed before Ford pivoted to its EV strategy and, the teams developing the EV PT systems had significantly different competences than those on ICE platforms. The supply chain disruptions due to Covid also caused production Q problems due to supplier resourcing and sometimes Ford unapproved supplier process changes; you can’t hang that on the EV development teams.

      Argo was Mark Fields’ 2016 moonshot to develop robot car tech (he had announced a plant dedicated to cars without steering wheels or pedals, called L4, to start production by 2021). Farley saw that the 2.7b$ sunk into that tech wasn’t going to achieve that anytime soon so he stopped it and moved much of the team to work on Ford’s L3 Blue Cruise (which arguably is already best in class.)

      Do it would seem, by getting Ford out of nameplates, segments, plants, technologies that are burning cash and not core to Ford’s future, and refocusing the company’s plans, talent and investment on those areas that are core, Ford’s leaner asset-light way forward should result in a portfolio of higher quality, more profitable vehicles, sold in a more customer satisfying way, than we see now.

      1. Thomas

        Hello RWFA
        Yes, only your conclusions are correct!
        I see that you are also insulting all those who have their own opinion and do not want EV.
        “higher quality”
        Since you know everything, tell me when my friend picks up the New Ford Kuga, which the dealer can’t deliver since November. The disadvantage of the 1.5 EcoBoost engine???

        1. RWFA

          I know the answer to that but on account of your silly petulance I’m not going to tell you.

          Ps they still need to tweak your algorithm as it makes you still sound a bit covfefe or like a drunk tweeter*.

          *Although indistinguishable, these two aren’t exactly the same.

  10. David Petkovsek

    The Ford Edge is a great car I have one and have not had any problems with it it is 2019 and runs great.

    1. iceman

      I’ m with Dave, I have a 20 ST and it’s been a great reliable car, and I spanked a 69 vintage RoadRunner with 440 callouts on those little hood vents so I thought no I don’t have a chance ! my little Edge w/the 335hpV6 spanked that bird with malice thank you very much!!


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