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2023 Ford F-150 Lightning: Here’s What’s New And Different

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning soldiers into its second model year largely unchanged, with the most notable updates being alterations to the exterior color lineup, new LED strobes for Fleet models and the addition of Pro Trailer Hitch Assist to the Tow Technology Package, in addition to the removal of the AM radio.

 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Model Line

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning doesn’t see any changes to its trim level lineup, and is still offered in four distinct trims. This includes the base Pro trim, followed by XLT, Lariat and the range-topping Platinum trim.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Exterior

Three exterior color options have been dropped from the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning lineup, while two new colors are now available.

Deleted colors:

  • Iced Blue Silver
  • Atlas Blue
  • Smoked Quartz Metallic Tinted Clearcoat

Added colors:

  • Avalanche (DR)
  • Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat (G4)

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in Iced Blue Silver

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in Atlas Blue

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning in Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning in Avalanche

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning in Avalanche

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Interior

There were no changes to the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning interior, save for the removal of AM radio capability. Otherwise, it continues on unchanged over its 2022 model year predecessor.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Mechanical

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning powertrain lineup remains mostly unchanged from the 2022 model year, and all trims are outfitted with a Dual eMotor setup for four-wheel-drive. The electric pickup is offered with either a Standard Range (SR) or Extended Range (ER) battery pack. The SR configuration is rated at 452 horsepower (337 kW) and 775 pound-feet of torque for 240 miles of range, while the ER configuration offers 580 horsepower (433 kW) and 775 pound-feet of torque for 300 miles of range. The standard range battery received a ten miles boost for 2023.

Meanwhile, the the120V/240V mobile power cord is now a standalone option available across all trim levels, allowing owners of the electric pickup to plug it into almost any outlet to charge. Previously, this feature was standard across all trims for the 2022 model year, but supplier constraints prompted FoMoCo to now offer it as an optional extra.

As previously mentioned, 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning fleet models gain a few new LED strobe warning beacons made by SoundOff Signal in several colors. This includes Amber or Amber/White, which are available on Pro and XLT Fleet models, along with Red/Blue, which is exclusively available on Pro Fleet models.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Packages

The Tow Technology Package (17V) now includes Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which assists drivers in lining up the pickup’s hitch with that of the trailer. Previously, this feature was unavailable for the 2022 model year. As a reminder, the Tow Technology Package is optional on Pro, XLT and Lariat trims, while it is standard on Platinum. the Forward Sensing System, which is optional for Pro while standard for XLT, Lariat and Platinum trims, along with Pro Trailer Backup Assist, Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, Trailer Brake Controller and Trailer Reverse Guidance. However, two pieces of technology included in the package are currently constrained, including Smart Hitch and On-Board Scales.

Additionally, the Pro Special Service Vehicle (SSV) package is now available for Pro Fleet models. This package adds Red/White task lighting in the overhead console, along with a police-grade front seat with heavy duty cloth, a console with heavy duty cloth, and reduced bolster. It also adds an eight-way power adjustable driver seat and manual adjustable passenger seat, with built-in steel intrusion plates in both front seatbacks, along with a universal top tray in the center of the instrument panel for mounting aftermarket equipment.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Availability

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is produced at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. Production for the 2023 model year is expected to conclude in November 2023.

Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Stanley Carbett

    People enjoy AM radio and cds. Why deny them. Made them at lease a build in option.

  2. Sean Dav.

    No one cares, even on the embarrassing earnings call Executives said the interest in EVs isn’t there. Toyota continues to dominate financially and in quality due to their continued rejection of EVs. Environmentalists and the media are pressuring Toyota but they are smartly doing what customers dictate. Farley is a failure as most are saying.

    1. RWFA

      K-street alert! BSean is here with more troll team bad faith lies, misrepresentation and disinfo on behalf of late mover Toyota (as often seen on Big Oil TV.)

      My new play “A refutation of BSean in 3 acts”: (copy and remove space before domain to get link.)

      1. Please show me in the earnings call transcript where it says what you claim (spoiler: you can’t because they didn’t):


      2. Mr Toyoda rested on his bed of hybrid laurel leaves. Got kicked out of CEO job with a lame-o mea culpa, and now the new Toyota CEO is scrambling to develop a corporate BEV platform.

      2a. Toyota is wasting an icon as Prius falls behind other brands.


      2b. Toyota has a tragic flaw in the electric vehicle drama.

      2c. Toyota chief Akio Toyoda to step down as world’s biggest carmaker wages EV battle.


      3. While Toyota suffers the current panic of a late mover, has committed only about half the initial investment (ca 30b$) they should have and maybe only a 1/4 of what they might require to make the jump to BEV, and has to finance that remaining amount by borrowing at higher interest rates, Messieurs Ford and Farley committed 50b$ early, borrowed at low rates and are resolving problems.

      So while Toyota’s late move and high borrowing rates will weigh on results over the next 5 years or so (late 1G BEV product expensively financed), Ford will be moving into more profitable 2G product financed at lower rates.

      Do instead of fluffing for Toyota BScott, you should be selling your Toyota stock.

      But if you have any brains, you have already done that because you know that when somebody hires the K-street bad faith troll team to spread disinformation, their business is in serious trouble.

      1. Bob

        And Toyota is deep deep in debt. So this switch is going to hurt. By the time they are done with the new platform everyone else will have buried them with proven and more advanced EVs that work

        1. RWFA

          I’ve not looked into Toyota’s debt load but Mr Toyoda’s delay in making the shift has significantly raised the cost for TMC to make the move to BEV.

          Also, delay will increase the cost of the supply contracts as others have filled the raw material and battery supplier’s dance cards.

          Further, TMC will not be able to lean on its ICE cash cow as Ford now is because it will run out of breath as customers move off TMC hybrids to BEV’s so there will be a double crunch, declining interest, and price cuts across the line to spur interest. It’s an unhappy forward looking scenario for TMC because Mr Toyoda snoozed.

          All while ceding the hybrid hi ground to the BEV first movers.
          — —
          To JustDumbExhortator (below),
          put this hmmm in your pipe and smoke it:

          – Ford has been in the hybrid game for nearly as long and it’s good and great hybrids are proof of its competitive competence in that area.

          – I’ve been saying Toyota is deep behind the curve in the shift to BEV and scrambling to adjust.

          – Our local K-street troll team FUDsters have been flogging the “Toyota refused and all is great narrative”.

          – the K-streeters offer no citations to back their bogus claims. And they can’t because they are lying.

          – I OTOH can and have backed up my refutations of their BS.

          – bleating? sheep? OH just lol st that, just more pseudo alpha conservative culture wars code drivel from a troglodyte…

          – So, don’t take my word for things, take Toyota’s new CEO Sato’s words, as reported this morning in Auto News:

          “”The first [priority] is business reform starting with next-generation BEVs,” Sato said. “To deliver attractive BEVs to more customers, we must streamline the structure of the car and with a BEV-first mindset, we must drastically change the way we do business.”

          – LoL “BEV-first mindset”? Looks like TMC has a case of the “sudden viable feels” you referred to in your amateur kvetching below.

          – Further, Sato’s announcement sounds like what Farley has been saying and working on for 2 years now. (Also Lexus somewhat like Lincoln will take the lead in electrification);

          – I’ve been saying that TMC is some 2-3 years behind Ford, and this is confirmed by the article.

          – TMC’s new 1G volume production BEV is timed for 2026, about 3-years after Ford launches its slew of MEB-based 1G products and around the time Ford will be releasing a slew of Ford-designed 2G products.

          – Sato pays lip service to other PT tech but “BEV-first mindset” means the others will start to wither into niche products because it’s all hands on deck for BEV (and a soft landing for ICE, hybrid, and H2);

          – I expect TMC will split the company like Ford and use a declining ICE portfolio in passenger vehicles to fund BEV investments;

          – I also expect TMC’s balance sheets and results to start looking rough the next few years as it enters the valley of the ICE shadow of death Ford is already midway through (it remains to be seen if this is compounded by a pandemic and supply chain collapse as Ford has had to ALSO deal with);

          – of course TMC can lean on its supply base, but as I’ve said, Toyota, as a big player, being in the last mover pack on BEV means the consequences challenges for TMC are big, as development and industrialization costs costs are considerably higher because raw materials and battery production competence is largely spoken for, so Toyota as a laggard will have to pay premium costs for everything.

          – and finally, as stated above, Toyota’s costs of capital gor it’s transition to BEV will be considerably higher because Toyota’s borrowing costs now are much higher than 2-years ago when Ford sold its green bonds and secured other lines of credit.

          Please enjoy the article and strive to adjust your troglodytic culture-wars mentality:


          Note: my reply to JDE below is in the above note midway down at PS.

          1. JDE

            hmm, Toyota has been building Hybrid Everything for 20 plus years, Do you think they cannot lean on the supply chain they already have if they suddenly feel like this EV thing is viable? I do not think they believe it is the save all end all that sheep like you are Bleating about.

  3. Bill Howland

    No AM radio?

    Deal breaker for me…

  4. Tim

    Oh they also forgot to mention the increase in price, don’t know why as RW pointed out they are in good financial health so it’s not like they need that extra profit

    1. RWFA

      Dim once again demonstrating how dim is him.

  5. C. Rivera

    Our local dealer had to buy two back already (quality issues) out of the small amount they sold. I heard the MachE was recently dropped by Consumer Reports due to poor quality. This CEO has completely destroyed a once great company. They won’t be able to get away from big trucks and Mustangs without going bankrupt and begging the Government for our tax dollars.

    1. RWFA

      Another member of the K-street troll team pushing themes that involve things that didn’t happen, issues that likely aren’t relevant anymore, destruction exaggeration, and trying to make Grover’s Norquist wag with the bankrupt for dollars theme.

      Such nonsense not supported by any discernible fact.

  6. Bob

    Not sure who can afford these trucks they cost so much. I’m hoping Ford can make the Maverick lightning for the normal people. At over 50k its just too expensive.

    1. RWFA

      I have no specific inside info but I think what you are hoping for will come to pass in a few short years.

  7. BnDovr

    Can you pull a trailer from Monroe to the Upper Peninsula with an Electric truck without having to stop and find a place to charge the vehicle over 3-4 times?

    1. RWFA

      Oh Mr Ben Dover,
      If you would pull your head out and straighten up, you wouldn’t be dropping scenarios that are at the outer edge of the use case envelope.

      You might just be happy for all the folks that love their Ford BEVs for their daily use case benefit, and don’t melt down at the thought of a bit more time charging on the occasional longer trip.

      1. Joe

        This RWFA guy is a clown. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle; and if I have to read “K-street” as a response one more time…LOL.

        1. EVs are not better for the environment.
        2. EVs are not practical in many use cases including towing and long distance travel AND it will take some time for them to be IF this is the technology that ultimately wins out which remains to be seen.
        3. EVs are currently NOT profitable overall for Ford.
        4. There is a market for EVs, but it’s less than 5% of the total market and will likely remain low for some time; demand is heavily spurred by the government.
        5. There are other technologies that are promising besides BEVs. Hydrogen EV is one example.
        6. The only “K-Street” lobbying going on here is for electric this and that vs letting the free market decide which technology offers what consumers want at the right price.
        7. I’m not buying/selling anything other than free market economics. We’ll see if EV can stand up on its own; it was a big bet and business decision by Ford. Business decisions can be wrong.
        8. Yes, EV demand is relatively weak, many people who buy them have traded them back in to go back to gas.

        And yes, I also have a career in the industry.

        1. RWFA

          Ok, let’s unpack my clown car to your reply:

          This RWFA guy is a clown. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle; and if I have to read “K-street” as a response one more time…LOL.

          *why do you not also condemn any of the bad faith k-street FUDsters clearly working from a catalogue of scripted comments? That alone is immediately suspicious but let’s continue.

          1. EVs are not better for the environment.

          * yes they are and over time they will be even better as cleaner generation comes on line and battery designs and chemistries benefit from all the investment being poured into them from every angle.

          2. EVs are not practical in many use cases including towing and long distance travel AND it will take some time for them to be IF this is the technology that ultimately wins out which remains to be seen.

          * I’ve said the first part here myself, several times. Second part I give qualified agreement as I think BEV will be the best solution for the vast majority of use cases.

          3. EVs are currently NOT profitable overall for Ford.

          * that’s not news. Ford has said it themselves. The numbskulls trying to spin it into a wholesale “go woke go broke” failure of EV meme are just that numbskulls (and disinfo pro trolls).

          4. There is a market for EVs, but it’s less than 5% of the total market and will likely remain low for some time; demand is heavily spurred by the government.

          * your 5% statement is speculative. Yes, demand is incentivized by the government. This is called tech incubation. It is being done with good cause and urgency for both climate and energy independence reasons. This is why the government is investing so heavily in accelerating the change. (Also why Big Oil and OEM’s with big sunk investments are trying to delay/derail this change.)

          5. There are other technologies that are promising besides BEVs. Hydrogen EV is one example.

          * H2 is likely to be a dead letter for most light applications. It is complicated, in distribution and not all H2 is equally green, some is actually worse than oil. Or requires insane carbon capture schemes and deep injection into the ground. Wonderful. Look at Toyota’s deal in Australia to buy H2 from coal for import to Japan. Insane.)

          6. The only “K-Street” lobbying going on here is for electric this and that vs letting the free market decide which technology offers what consumers want at the right price.

          * LoL “free market” myths, a favorite myth of the K-street crowd.

          7. I’m not buying/selling anything other than free market economics. We’ll see if EV can stand up on its own; it was a big bet and business decision by Ford. Business decisions can be wrong.

          * selling the “we’re a free market” economic myth in a regulated market economy, another overarching job of conservative K-street types; this list is becoming a disappointment. Do agree Ford has made a big move, and decisions can be wrong but there is no proof it is despite some players with hidden objectives trying to inflate and then launch that narrative.

          8. Yes, EV demand is relatively weak, many people who buy them have traded them back in to go back to gas.

          * please provide citations besides some edge cases. People have long been known to buy the wrong kind of vehicle and return it for various reasons. Edge cases does not prove a trend.

          And yes, I also have a career in the industry.

          * what industry? Interest in or lobbying for an ICE oriented OEM or production parts supplier? Refiners or distributors of oil? Engine manufacturers, rebuilders or aftermarket?

    2. Patrick Ford

      This whole towing distance thing is a red herring. The Lightning isn’t for everyone. It was never intended to be.

      1. RWFA

        Hard agree Pat ! But the FUDsters try to misrepresent the use case to further their pro trollistic narratives.

  8. Bill Byrne

    what is new how about the PRICE !! the Pro was $39500, when it came out, order closed very fast window,could not order one ,now the pro is ONLY $ 53,000, the Maverick is bad enough it went up twice allready, and at 17 months we still dont have our order!

    1. RWFA

      So did you order it at the lower price, or did you wait too long?

      As they say, fortune, competition, inflation and showdowns favor the bold and the quick.

  9. Sterling

    My wife decided against an EV seeing how expensive battery’s are and hearing the chair of the NTSB say how dangerous they are due to their higher wait. Battery replacements are over $20,000 for a brand new battery, crazy.

    1. RWFA

      Here’s K-street BSterling back again with trying to FUDdy up the waters with from scripted narrative points aimed at the female demographic.

      Focus here is on weight and safety.

      My parents 1972 Chevy wagon weighed 4,860 pounds, and from 60mph stopped in 143 feet.

      A Lightning weighs up to 6,600 pounds and stops in 125ft.

      The old Chevy had none of the advanced safety features for crash avoidance and mitigation, safety cell integrity, or things like load limiting pyrotechnic seatbelts, side airbags, forward SRS bags, etc.

      It will be interesting to see how well the Lightning holds up once IIHS does it’s crash thing but I doubt it is less safe than mom’s big Chevy was.

      1. John

        Problem is the source of the weight. On ICE trucks/SUVs it is in the frame which adds a lot of safety. In an EV it is the components (wheel Motors, heavy batteries, etc)…those turn into lethal projectiles. EVs are structurally weak compared to ICE vehicles. I will take the expert word of the Chair of the NTSB.

        1. RWFA

          LoL. I have patents (don’t bother looking for them under this name, tho) in advanced safety features that I developed, and shepherded into mass production (oh lord, is it already a generation ago?)

          As I mentioned elsewhere, I’ve had a somewhat unusual, interesting and much varied career path so far, so I know my way around KE=1/2*M*V^2, F=M*A and how these apply to FMVSS.

          Anyhow your “lethal projectiles” made up of car parts and weight shows the absolute depth and breadth of your ignorance, or you are just an amping account associated with our local K-street troll tag team.

          To guide you, NHTSA head was referring to increased M.

          Because in the KE equation, KE is linearly proportional to an increase in M.

          KE is what a moving vehicle brings into an impact, what both the vehicle structure has to absorb and the passenger restraints have to dissipate while respecting F=M*A (because a passenger’s body has its own KE which has to be dissipated below a human body’s biometric thresholds for serious injury.)

          That said, the increase in mass brings new engineering challenges (for structure, safety and restraint designers) but as always, these are manageable.

          PS I expect the troll team to go heavy on the “SCARY SAFETY” theme now that both their “Ram refused” and “Toyota refused to do BEV’s” toppled like dominoes last week and today with their major BEV initiative announcements.

          It will be interesting to see how they try to slow the market and Ford now that both those companies will be making additional huge investments (so far TMC announced a measly ca 35b$ budget) into this tech as they don’t want to permanently spoil the market.

  10. JDE

    So no discussion about he Pro with the Extended range going away in the 50ish thousand dollar range Lightnings? Also nothing about the LIFO batteries? Those seem like pretty big changes.

  11. Chris

    I love how RWFA is eating all these propaganda machine’s lunches. They all look so stupid. LOL

    1. RWFA

      Thanks Chris! Appreciate the feedback.

      Rock-on and have a great week!

  12. Kristen

    Great info about the NTSB stating EVs are unsafe. Me and my husband found that statement after Googling it. Forwarded that to my sister, she has little kids as well so this benefits her too.

    1. RWFA

      Oh boy, here’s K-street Kristen, following the standard playbook of being a female sockpuppet to amp her colleagues BSterling’s and know nothing John’s “ZOMG SAFETY!” theme for the female demographic.

      Just more scripted nonsense from the troll team, who are moving off the “Ram and Toyota refused to do BEV” themes and are ramping up on the safety scare tactics (they’ve adapted their Big Tobacco and Big Oil 3-step Deny, Doubt, Delay and added in a culture wars approach to this BEV FUD play.). So absurdly transparent that they are trying to slow down Ford.

      Dear readers please read my response to BSterling and know nothing John above.

      1. SK

        Dude, the NTSB’s statement about EVs being unsafe is well documented all over the web. You are the one lying.

        1. RWFA

          Hardly, Silly K-street Dude.

          NTSB hardly cares about accelerated wear and tear on roads.

          They are concerned about heavy vehicles hitting things.

          This poses a risk to occupants in the heavy vehicle and to the things it hits (like other cars.)

          We already have seen this a several times:
          – in the late 60’s/early 70’s as average vehicles got heavier (response, door side beams, elimination of drop-in fuel tanks).
          – in the 1990’s/early 00’s as SUV’s and light trucks became popular replacements for passcars (solutions to front structures on trucks to assure compatibility with smaller collision targets);
          – similarly, small cars moved off mild-steel structures to more exotic high strength steels like Boron steel to make them more survivable. Such features were also included in the sides of cars to improve side impact resistance.

          So it was, and so it will go.

          I’m sorry you don’t know enough about the issue to realize you don’t know much about the issue (this problem of self perception is well explained by the Dunning-Kruger study.)

  13. SimonT

    There was already an article on here the other week about EVs not being profitable. Ford’s stock is in the toilet due to their failed EV push. Lost over 50% the past year.

    1. RWFA

      Oh hi, we haven’t seen K-street’s Simple Simon in a long while but he’s back again with his bad faith, out of context and cherry picked BS.

      Worse he still working from the 50% (actually it’s -25%) script from some time ago. He needs to talk to the script department about obsolete material. But why let facts stand in the way of a good misrepresentation?

      Who is he serving with his narrative?

      There is much Farley should quit, Mr Ford should quit, so much cherry picked disinfo in service of some ulterior motive, but what is it exactly?

      I don’t know exactly why they do it but they are definitely doing it.

  14. Jimmy

    We ordered a diesel Ford Super Duty on X Plan this month. The skinny pants wearing youngster really tried talking us into a Lighting. I gave him a crooked look and told him I want a real truck. Then he tried to imply diesels are a pain to own. I informed him my current one has 248k reliable miles on it, and when the time comes I’ll rebuild the engine and keep it on the road another 17 years. There is a reason big rigs are diesel and not electric. Can’t fix stupid.

    1. RWFA

      Also can’t seem to fix Big Oil sock puppetry.
      – youngster (reverse ageism)
      – skinny pants (probably a globalist)
      – crooked look (no doubt practiced for years in case he meets George Soros)
      – real truck (because for real men needing compensation, BEV can’t ever be real)
      – pushing diesels are great (because it helps Big Oil lock in revenue for another vehicle life cycle).
      – big rigs aren’t BEV false equivalence games (yeah, for the same reason they don’t call them light trucks, it’s a different use case).

      Do yeah, this one gets rated as suspiciously like what a K-street bad faith tag team FUDster troll would write even though it expands upon the basic script.

  15. Travis K

    Our fleet manager put the EV sales guys through the wringer. He told them hub bearings on our fleet cost $50 to replace. When he asked about the replacement cost of a wheel motor assembly they started double talking. We re-upped with an all ICE fleet, much cheaper over the long term. Our FM doesn’t even allow EV fleet sales to visit the terminal anymore.

    1. RWFA

      Oy vey, Travis K-Street is back with his bogus story where got so confused in the last exchange on this topic he inadvertently admitted he was talking about Class-8 OTR rigs, not light trucks.

      It was an is quite disingenuous to float misrepresentations and lies but then, that’s what the K-street tag team sockpuppets are paid to do.

  16. Chris

    “The skinny pants wearing youngster” lol. Oh my that’s classic. And he tried to talk you into a lightning?? Because he had so many of them on the lot?? Gimme a break. Also, if ev’s aren’t profitable as you guys are saying why would he steer you away from selling you a profitable truck and towards a lightning which he obviously doesn’t even have one to sell. You guys are absolutely pathetic but entertaining nonetheless.

    1. Jimmy

      They had it in the showroom and available for order, they weren’t selling the showroom model. This kid was new and idealistic, snowflake. Diesels are selling like crazy. Maybe he wanted some of those “Blue dealer” incentives they would get for selling EVs. Happy to own multiple diesels soon adding to demand of diesel fuel.

      1. RWFA

        Big Oil trollster detected.

        Big Oil is pushing Diesel and hybrid as electric alternatives because it locks in sales for the life of that vehicle.

        And what garbage rhetoric aiming to entice Joe 6 pack: “Real truck” (me so compensating), “Snowflake” (me so alpha), “Diesels are selling like crazy (join me and be a big oil sheep too)”, “(Note my sociopathic glee at wrecking the environment) Happy to be burning diesel”

        Big Oil’s K-street troll team is so clumsy in their rhetorical skills and so weak their command of facts they just fall out of the trees without a shot due to being so obvious.

        1. RG

          He’s right. The towing tests on YouTube show the Lighting is trunk lid. dead in the water after only about 70 miles with a minimal load. The Lighting is basically a hatchback that is missing the trunk lid. Americans definitely love their big ICE trucks. Only Communists would say you don’t “need” a truck.

          1. RWFA

            Yes, you are so right, this is the essence of communism, I now bow before your alpha learnedness.

  17. Dan

    Diesels will continue to be the future thankfully. Extremely popular.

    1. RWFA

      Big Oil is planting the seeds of diesel suggestion for those motivated to react by FOMO that unless they buy a diesel they won’t have a popular truck.

      They want to do this because it locks in revenues for st least one more vehicle cycle.

      Their sociopathic greed is indecent and knows no boundaries.

  18. Tj

    We have to dispense over 1,000 gallons of Round Up weed killer twice a week. Our diesel light trucks are able to haul that, Lighting can’t. Diesels are here for good.

  19. RWFA

    How do you know that Lightnings aren’t up to the job of helping you create the next generation of herbicide resistant super weeds?


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