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2024 Ford Explorer Interior Spotted For First Time

As Ford Authority reported last October, the refreshed 2022 Ford Explorer is currently undergoing testing, and in the months since then, we’ve spotted both a high-performance ST and off-road-focused Timberline out driving around. After receiving a complete redesign for the 2020 model year, the forthcoming mid-cycle refresh figures to bring some exterior styling updates to the long-running crossover, as well as some interior revisions and perhaps some new tech features. Now, Ford Authority has spotted the interior of the refreshed 2024 Ford Explorer for the first time, shedding some light on what sorts of changes we can expect inside the cabin.

2024 Ford Explorer interior cluster

The most notable change that we can see here, right off the bat, is an updated digital instrument cluster that looks right in line with what’s currently available on upper trim level variants of the Ford F-150. We can clearly see a digital tach in the left-hand side of that screen that looks essentially identical to the one present in the F-150, though the rest of the screen is obscured in these photos, save for part of the center portion.


Moving to the infotainment screen in the center stack, we get a better look at the new, horizontally-oriented unit that’s running a pretty unique-looking version of what could be an updated Sync 4 interface. Much like the current setup, the screen here is divided up into two sections – in this case, the larger portion is dedicated to Google Maps, while the smaller section says “go to audio app” – making it possible that Android Auto was running when these photos were taken, or that this is the all-new software running a Google-developed operating system. There’s also a spot where a profile can be created, too, which possibly relates to Google Account integration, a feature that’s part of vehicles already utilizing the Google Built-in operating system.

Toward the bottom, this new screen – which doesn’t look quite as large as the other landscape-oriented units present in some more modern Blue Oval models – seemingly has controls for the HVAC system integrated into it, as well as the heated/cooled seats, while the start-stop button is more angled toward the driver than the current model. Judging from what we can see here, the North American Explorer refresh won’t take after its Chinese counterpart – inside the cabin, at least – as the latter model sports different styling and a unique 27-inch coast-to-coast touchscreen.

In terms of exterior styling, previously-spied prototypes were covered with heavy camo at both the front and rear, which likely means that the 2024 Ford Explorer will get some updates at each end. These latest photos provide also more evidence that the tailgate will gain cosmetic elements across the entire width of the tailgate. In the meantime, the 2023 Ford Explorer carries on unchanged following a host of updates for the 2022 model year, including the addition of standard rear-wheel drive for the ST, the new ST-Line trim, and a few other minor tweaks.

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  1. Samurai

    Finally a Horizontal Center Screen, I hate that the current screen looks like an iPad that is sticking out.

  2. Mortimer Duke

    Once again, China gets more, better and first.

    1. Scott

      … morti, you willing to pay for more, better and first repairs? doubtful.

  3. Michael K

    This looks like the 13.2″ screen from other newer Lincoln and Ford updates (Nautilus, Corsair, Escape, Navigator). Ford did say the first Android Automotive cars would arrive in 2024, so this might be the first to get it alongside Lincoln Aviator.

  4. Jay Jay

    I like the fact that it’s horizontally oriented but I absolutely hate having the HVAC controls integrated into the screen. Give me physical buttons, or give me death!

    1. RWFA

      Agree. Was with a colleague his evening evaluating a Jeep Compass.

      We both agreed that for primary standard functions that you often use physical interfaces are preferable, but for secondary things like seat heaters, etc., virtual buttons seem ok.

  5. Bob Dobson

    Great, SYNC4 in a new version of the Explorer, SYNC4 is 5 years behind U-Connect and GM MyLink. OTA updates likely wont work just like they dont work now, it will be slow and we will be forced to accept content deletes due to supply chain issues. Time to move away from Recall Motor Company.

    1. Hellis

      What are you talking about?! Lol you must have a non OTA supported vehicle. 22 F-150 owner here, I have already received 6x OTA!!!! Many included upgraded functionality as well.

  6. Tim

    Our local Ford/Lincoln dearer has a person who’s title is QA engineer is this something new from Ford? Hey RW do you know if this is a Ford requirement?

  7. Chaddy

    Nice to see a profile option on the radio. Is this a Sync 4 deal or something coming to cars running the Android Automotive system?

  8. Mf

    Looks like they cribbed it and the gauges right from the current expedition and f150. Hopefully they cribbed some buttons for HVAC too or they’ll have found a way to screw it up.

    Not having your HVAC system have physical buttons is a nightmare when you have someone else in the car. Especially someone who has to adjust their temperature multiple times a minute. Most of those built into the screen HVAC vehicles don’t let you do more than one thing at a time. So if your significant other want sto change their temperature 73 times a minute and you want to adjust the radio. The screens don’t let you do 2 things independently at once.

  9. Shelby32

    They treat the home market like a step child with half hearted efforts then charge big money for the cheap upgrades. Just look at all the tech and upgraded interior the chinese Explorer gets! Ford is really milking the USA with cheap interiors, low content and high prices for sub par efforts.

  10. laoblu

    My gosh, Ford. When will you and the other USA makers learn. The 2024 explorer needs better looking interior with the screens that have the tech not the look only. China got this right, Ford gets it all wrong!


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