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2024 Ford Mustang Base Center Stack Vs. Optional Setup

The all-new S650 generation 2024 Ford Mustang was revealed last September, giving the iconic pony car a fresh look, as well as more power and a brand new range-topping variant – the Dark Horse. As for the new Mustang’s interior, it has also received an overhaul with a fighter-jet style cockpit featuring two screens – a 12.4-inch unit that acts as the digital instrument cluster, and a 13.2-inch infotainment screen that adorns the center stack, running Sync 4. However, there are some differences between the 2024 Ford Mustang base center stack versus the fancier, optional setup that are worth diving in to.

Ford Authority spotted a 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost base interior for the very first time last week, which was an interesting development since FoMoCo hasn’t released any press photos of this particular setup – only the interiors of the more upscale GT Premium and Dark Horse. The base Mustang setup shown on the left features the two screens as separate units, while the optional setup on the right presents more of a seamless look, courtesy of a single piece of integrated glass that covers both screens and is angled toward the driver.

At this point, the 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost and GT are expected to feature the base setup, while the EcoBoost Premium, GT Premium, and Dark Horse are expected to get the single piece. Regardless, both screens offer drivers essentially the same features. The instrument cluster, for example, can be customized to display different animated designs and new drive-mode dependent visuals, with a copper appearance theme and different graphics based on what drive mode is selected.

Both screens are fully customizable and drivers can make changes with simple swipes, while both utilize the same Unreal Engine 3D creation tool used in modern video games, presenting real-time graphical renderings, along with the ability to change ambient interior lighting settings. Regardless, 2024 Mustang shoppers have a big decision to make when choosing between these two screens, as the look of each is quite different. Thus, we’re curious to know which setup our readers prefer, so be sure and let us know via the poll below!

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  1. David

    The dual screen looks like something id set up in my lab to prototype a concept. I cant imagine anything so incongruous and unrefined making it to production. Even the RH side display on the integrated model looks miserable. With the advent of screens in lieu of tactile mechanical or electromechanical interfaces, we have lost the ability to follow the contoured lines of a beautiful dash. These days, all these screens just look like add-on afterthoughts.

    1. Mike says...

      I want to tell myself that I will get used to the tablet style dashboard…..trouble is I am not.
      The new design balance sought by Ford moved to far from the retro layout of the previous generation that offered binnacle and digital looks… all the while keeping true to the split cowl mustang theme of forever. I love how the body was reimagined and looks ‘modern edgy’….. the design exercise didn’t carry over to the dashboard that looks like everyone else’s flat screen stick on. With the Mustang, less has always been about more performance and speed components.

  2. Bob Duffy

    Looks like kids setting up for gaming in their parents basement! Ugh!

  3. hyracer

    I wouldn’t want either screen type, give the option of selecting the older style dash. I prefer to be driving a performance car, not an animated computer screen/s!

  4. Marc

    The 2024 instrument cluster is a disaster. I simply find this add on design style to be asinine and unacceptable in a Mustang. Ford just made it easy for me not to buy yet one more Mustang GT. I have owned a 66 and a 69 convertible V8, a wonderful 1970 Cougar 351C 4V, a 1990 5.0 Hatchback, a Green 2001 BULLITT and finally a 2014 5.0 GT. I still owned the last three and I still drive the Bullitt and the 2014. I will not buy a 2024 on account of the dashboard.

    1. RWFA

      Can’t believe you sold the Cougar!

      What color and trim was it?

  5. Greg

    Ford CAN’T be serious!!!!! Those are the ugliest instrument panels EVER for ANY automobile!!!! What are they thinking??? They have pretty much ruined the Mustang! Plus, straight on, the nose is reminiscent of the Camaro

  6. Roger Blose

    At least the two screens will save some money when one of them goes black and has to be replaced out of warrantee. In a crash, do these break off the dash board? Really junky design. As one guy said, “I look at a screen all day at work, I look at my smart phone screen all day, who wants to look at another screen driving home?” Enough said!

  7. Ed Welsh

    I would imagine the integrated screen will be the real one they use and would expect to see it in other vehicles like the 2024 Explorer and Lincoln vehicles.

  8. Mrx19

    Don’t like either. Unless these look better, in person sitting behind the wheel, Ford has made a mistake. These large screens are ok in SUV’s and luxury cars, but not appropriate in performance cars.

  9. P Tim Martindell

    How will the driver of a convertible (with the top down) be able to see the instrumentation given the glare that will be present in this set up? Seeing the preview of this dash is why I chose to order a 2022 instead of waiting on the newer model.

  10. John

    Couldn’t they at least wait until April Fools for this joke!

  11. Walter marsh

    I agree with the previous comments. The dash is just plain ugly. I have a 2020 ecoboost premium and as I hate the 2024 dash, I will be looking to buy a 2023 ecoboost or GT leftover or one with very low miles in lieu of a 2024. I can’t imagine Ford polled Mustang owners as to the possibility of the 2024 dash. I’m thinking, that, at best, 10% of Mustang owners would like it. While I am criticizing the 24 Mustang, I will add that, especially the rear quarter, looks way too much like a Camaro.

  12. Rick Merrill

    Ford has literally turned a classic sports car into an ugly clown car what a disappointment,sure glad I have my2021 gt.

  13. CHM

    Just because the F-35 Jet has gone futuristic heads-up LCD Screen does NOT mean the Mustang has to as well. Why Ford feels the need to go full on geek squad with the dash is beyond me. The mystique of the Stang should be its roots. Just like the stick and rudder P-51 Mustang. We have enough LCD in our life, let us enjoy a gage or two with an actual needle in it please!

  14. David Pickford

    Whilst the dash is a deal breaker for me I’m being kind and thinking that the trend away from cars such as the ‘stang can only be reversed if you give those born after the 90s a geeky computer styled interior. There again why couldn’t the traditional 2 hump dash have been retained with these type of computer screens built into them with the ability for owners to switch between various graphics to suit their tastes.

    1. RWFA

      I thought about this idea too, put the aux screen under the passenger eyebrow and angle toward the driver.

      My guess is it is too distracting and pulls the drivers eyes off the road.

      I actually wonder for all this trouble why Ford didn’t go with a supplemental HUD arrangement.

  15. John

    I love the S650 and hope to buy one. But these literally look like ipads just glued onto the dash by some ricer. They need to be integrated much more naturally into the dash.

  16. Ross Kroger

    The integrated screen has a black panel between the two screens, I think that could be used to have a cordless charging pad for my iPhone sure Sync 4 has all you want with Apple car play etc BUT when I leave my car I want a fully charged phone….

  17. mustang_man

    The 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost dash looks like an afterthought. It looks like mod that some high school kid would do to update his dash using screens that he bought from Alibaba.

    (☉_ ☉)

  18. Dennis

    Don’t care for the 2 screens. What ever happened to old fashion levers and knobs. Trying to watch the road and swiping your finger on two screens I believe makes driving hazardous.

    1. RWFA

      I share this opinion.

    2. William Kanode

      William Kanode

  19. Jeff

    Base stack is laughable at best, appearing like an 11th grade science project. The optional is almost embarrassing at how cheap it makes the interior look, but I’m beginning to understand this car is not a priority for Ford.

  20. Mike

    Can’t we just have a regular dashboard with gauges and warning lights, without this ugly, protruding, out of place add-on-style computer screen?

  21. Bruce Jr

    I’d by a s550 over s650 just because of the dash. That look’s ridiculous in any trim

  22. Dave Phillips

    One of these is as bad as the other. Too bad the base dash isn’t more conventional like prior Mustangs with screens being optional for those who like them. I think the screens will be distracting & possibly unreadable in a convertible with the top down in the sun.

  23. Randy

    I hope somebody from Ford actually reads these reviews. This is the worst dash I’ve ever seen. Ford won’t be selling me one of these over weight pigs with this horrible dash. Better get the refresh team started on this, NOW!

  24. Richard hamerin

    I love the Dark Horse along with its setup. I hope this is the standard across the board. The ecoboost version looks like it was an afterthought it’s out of place.

  25. HarleyRich

    Is FORD trying to cancel the MUSTANG by making it ugly… Then they could tell us Mustang owners that they had to drop the Mustang because no one was buying it… So we will have to purchase a (I’m not a Mustang) MACH E EV????
    That dash, either one, is terribly ugly, likely a total afterthought… I love my 22 Dash…
    I’m glad I bought my 2022 GT Premium. I could never pluck my money down
    on this ATROCITY>>>>> NEVER!!!!
    Ford, sorry… I would never want yo fire anyone, but you need to fire whoever came up with this abortion of a dash>>>>

  26. Sam Wallace

    My wife and I own two Mustang GT’s a 2018 and 2020 both are PP1 one is a 10 speed auto the other is a six speed manual. The new 2024’s are the ugliest Mustangs ever built and the performance. Just look at the zero to sixty times even with the supposed increase in horse power they are slower.
    I’m glad I purchased the Mustangs before Ford really messed the new Mustangs. I don’t plan on ever purchasing another one.


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