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2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Interior Spotted For First Time

When the all-new, next-generation S650 2024 Ford Mustang was officially revealed last September, it appeared in three flavors – the base EcoBoost, V8-powered GT, and the brand new, range-topping Dark Horse. However, at that time, Ford didn’t provide any pictures of the base EcoBoost interior – only the higher-level GT and Dark Horse – so it was unclear what, exactly, buyers of that particular model could expect. Now, Ford Authority has obtained photos of the 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost interior, giving us our very first look at the base model’s cabin.

This particular 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost appears to be equipped with the optional Performance Pack, given the presence of the Performance Electric Parking Brake inside the cabin. It’s also equipped with two separate screens on the inside – a 12.4-inch unit that acts as the digital instrument cluster, and a 13.2-inch infotainment screen that adorns the center stack, running Sync 4.

Otherwise, the 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost interior looks quite a bit like the GT’s, albeit with more of a basic look. The S650’s fighter-jet style cockpit utilizes customizable, animated designs and visuals on the aforementioned screens, while the digital instrument cluster can be optionally configured to flow seamlessly into the infotainment screen behind a single piece of integrated glass that’s angled toward the driver.

In terms of seating, cloth units with optional Micro Suede vinyl inserts and black seat belts are standard in the new Mustang, while EcoBoost Premium models feature ActiveX synthetic leather upholstery with multiple color options. Higher series models offer an upgraded, full-leather steering wheel, as well as a choice of color accent stitching and a unique upholstery perforation across the seat inserts, complemented by color-coordinated, asymmetric accent striping on the seat belts and an available wireless mobile phone charging pad.

Aside from its new exterior and interior styling and features, base 2024 Mustang models are powered by a brand new version of the turbocharged Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost engine, which produces 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, though it’s only available with the 10-speed automatic transmission – not any sort of manual.

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  1. Julian Digby Bottin

    They should have offered it with the manual….such a shame and a waste. They will loose some customers who want a manual but can’t afford a GT. I guess I will just go get a 2009 model, back when the Mustang actually looked good anyways.

    1. Julian Digby Bottin

      lose* dang auto complete

  2. Tim

    That is the worst Mustang dash I have ever seen. What a disgrace to the heritage of this car. I know RW you will argue but it’s time to fire whoever was/is associated with this design. Your idol should pay more attention to the crap that is being produced.
    Not on but two I pads glued to the dash oh what an exciting design…NOT

    1. Gary . Virginia.


    2. Tyrone G

      Preach On! I started my career in interiors manufacturing / design and this is butt ugly, but I bet Chris Farley saved a ton of hours on this

      1. Outlook214

        Agree @Tim!!! @TyroneG, I think you meant Jim Farley, but I agree with you 110%. In Farley’s mind, this will make the transition easier to the millions of EV’s Ford will be building here “soon” and when “EVERYBODY” rushes to switch over and pay premium Tesla prices, they’ll already be familiar with the layout. Does anybody ever listen to the stuff that comes out of Farley’s mouth? He is literally a Tesla fanboi and wants Ford to be Tesla, with 10 times the sales and huge profit per vehicle.

    3. Robert T Arthur

      My sentiments exactly! Looks like no design work was spent on integration.

  3. Nico

    Seriously???!! What do those 2 flat faced things have to do with the rest of this vehicle? A real disappointment…especially when you are going to ask $35K to $65K for the Mustang.

  4. Thomas

    I’m disappointed. Where is the aesthetics of the performance?
    The console between the seats is again made of hard cheap plastic. Not acceptable in a car like this

  5. Jim young

    Engineers trying to hard right there! Who approved these things?

  6. Tim

    Where is RW’s comment on this interior?

    1. Bill

      Yes, Tim! Great and Powerful RWFA, where are you?

  7. Shawnski

    All the gripes above from peeps who prolly don’t own a Mustang built in the last 10 years and too fat to fit in one lol!

    1. chip66

      I own 3 Mustangs, thank you.

      1. dinobrewster1

        My 14 gt/cs and 05 gt have a real dash lol

  8. chip66

    Farley did say Ford has 25% more engineers than it needs.

    Ford should start by firing those who designed and approved this monstrosity. The dash looked better in the Mustang II… Then again, we are entering Malaise 2.0.

  9. Mike TowpathTraveler

    Imagine if electronics were as advanced as they are right now….in the 1960’s. Could you imagine Zora Arkus Duntov and Bill Mitchell allowing 2 rectangles of black plastic to replace the C2 Corvette Stingray beautiful twin pod dash? How about the new 1968 Dodge Charger; how’d that work out if that dash were replaced with this? What would Enzo Ferrari do to his interior design staff when they showed him the new Ferrari Daytona for the first time with these 2 rectangular pods o’plastic? Heck, think for one moment that the Father of the Mustang, Lee Ioccoca, would approve of this monstrosity?

    Why did Ford do this to their Flagship Car? Aside from maybe, giving up, which is what they have appeared to do with this interior?

  10. Gerry

    This is by far the most poorly designed dash I have ever seen. It looks like it should be on my home office desk, not in a muscle car. There is zero design value, so the dash alone would be a deal breaker for me to buy a new Mustang, especially for the kind of money they are asking. Oh yeah, there are people out there that aren’t afraid of three pedals and a joy stick, bring back the manual!

  11. CHM

    Absolutely abysmal dash setup. Contrary to “Shawnski” comments above, I am a slim gentleman who owns a 2022 Mustang Premier Convertable with Showstopper Red Active X interior. And I can say beyond a doubt that the new dash setup with dual laptops is the worst I have ever seen. Almost looks like an add-on after thought. So glad I made the decision to order the 2022 instead of waiting for the 7th generation to come out. Additionally, going from 310 HP 350 Torque to 315 HP 350 Torque is HARDLY an engineering breakthru upgrade! Sorry Ford, a definite step back in my book.

  12. Mick1

    On this page are too many old farts still living in the 1960’s. And “barely” breathing.

    1. Tim

      Oh to be so young and stupid……..we are talking heritage of an icon you must admit that is the stupidest dash that has come from Farley motors. Anyone could glue two I pads to a piece of crap plastic and call that a dash. There are digital dash components that could of been designed into the dash rather than stuck on the outside. Oh and there will be a price increase.

    2. HarleyRich

      Old farts??? NOPE, MIRE LIKE GEN Z OR MILLENNIALS, NOT US OLD FOLKS•••• Totally Fugly

  13. bob the builder

    UGLY, lack of any integration of the screens to properly fit and flow with the rest of the interior ,
    This has nothing to do with young or old, it is just an easy, cheap way to show the display, no designer with an ounce of self respect could have thought this a a great way to design a dashboard for an otherwise very good looking vehical,,, unless it was for a delivery truck.

  14. Dave Phillips

    I’ve owned 5 Mustangs & this is the worse dash I’ve ever seen. One laptop screen, maybe. But two? I was considering a 2024 until seeing these photos. I hope it’s not too late for Ford to improve this design.

  15. Mike

    This design choice made me go out and immediately buy a 2013 GT.

  16. mustang_man

    I had to look at all of the dash pics three times because I just could not believe what I was seeing. The dash TRULY looks like an afterthought. (☉_☉)

  17. Outlook214

    When they “Camaroed” the rear quarter, it made me not care about the interior. But this is pretty sad!!

  18. HarleyRich

    This has to be a JOKE????? FUGLY!!!

  19. Jp

    Slap on the 2 iPad and call it a day!


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