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2024 Tacoma Interior Spotted For First Time

As Ford Authority reported last August, the next-generation Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor – already on sale in some international markets – will launch in North America this year for the 2024 model year. The U.S. version of the new Ranger will mirror its international brethren in a number of ways – most notably, its styling – so we already know pretty much what to expect from the mid-size pickup. At the same time, the current sales leader in that same segment – the Toyota Tacoma – is set to undergo a redesign, and may also add a Ranger Raptor rival to its lineup. The exterior design of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma recently leaked after Ford Authority previously spotted a pair of prototypes testing, and now, we have photos of the new pickup’s interior to share for the first time, too.

Though it’s covered in a substantial amount of camo, this 2024 Tacoma prototype does reveal a few clues as to what we can expect from the redesigned model inside the cabin. One of the most notable is the presence of a digital instrument cluster – which is standard on the international market Ranger – as well as a new steering wheel, which looks considerably different than the one present in the current-gen model.

The center stack is mostly covered, but we can see an infotainment screen peeking through that appears to be horizontally-oriented. This is notable, as the new Ranger has switched to a vertically-mounted screen. Other notable features present in the 2024 Tacoma cabin include a new shifter, which is seemingly located a bit closer to the driver than the current pickup’s.

On the outside, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will seemingly borrow heavily from the new-for-2022 Tacoma in terms of styling, with a more angular shape than the existing model. The next-gen Toyota Tacoma will reportedly ride on the new TNGA-F platform that also underpins the Tundra, and likely features a coil spring rear suspension – also like its full-size brethren – which is covered by “street sweeper” camo in these photos.

In terms of powertrains, two engine options are expected to be available – a turbocharged 2.4L four-cylinder already in use in the 2023 Highlander, which generates 265 horsepower and 309 pound-feet of torque in that guise, as well as a turbo 2.4L four-cylinder hybrid shared with the Lexus RX 500h, which produces 366 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque in that luxury crossover.

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  1. Tim

    Really interior exposed , so far from the truth. Come on can you not do any better? Waste of time

  2. eRock9202

    Isn’t that a battery meter in the dash screen? I guess a hybrid is all but confirmed for the Tacoma. I’m hoping Ford pulls out a surprise and releases a PowerBoost Ranger. It’d be a shame to have Toyota beat Ford to the hybrid mid-sizer when Ford already has a hybrid half-ton and compact truck.

  3. billc

    The biggest change is the move to the yards of fabric dash board covers.
    If they offer a choice of fabric colors I think I would buy one.

    1. Nate

      I’m interested because of the RV style street sweeper, personally.

  4. R Stokes

    This is the Ford Authority, I don’t need or care what Toyota is doing. I only have Ford Stock.

    1. whypac

      If you own Ford stock, you should be caring what Ford’s competition is doing.

      1. RWFA

        Agreed. Just don’t be fooled by the bad faith misrepresentations from the FUDster troll team like Steven.

  5. Wade

    I get that Toyotas are known for reliability, but their interiors, across the board, leave a lot to be desired. Their infotainment systems are the same way.


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