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2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Debuts As New Ford Explorer Foe

The long-running Ford Explorer is set to undergo a refresh for the 2024 model year, one that will include the continuation of both the high-performance ST and off-road-focused Timberline variants. The Explorer closed out 2022 as the second best-selling mainstream large three-row crossover as The Blue Oval sold 207,673 units to command 19 percent of the market. However, the Explorer does trail the segment-leading Toyota Highlander, which beat it out with 222,805 sales in 2022, good for a 20 percent market share. Now, the larger 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander has been revealed as a larger version of that recently-refreshed model.

Back in October, Ford Authority reported that a new, larger version of the Highlander was in the works, and that’s precisely what the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander is – slotting in between the Highlander and the full-size Sequoia in Toyota’s lineup. The Grand Highlander is 6.5 inches longer, two inches taller, and 2.3 inches wider than the regular Highlander, though still around seven inches shorter than the Sequoia.

As one might imagine, this translates to more room inside the cabin, with 5.5 additional inches of third-row legroom, as well as five more cubic-feet of rear cargo space with the third row deployed, or 14 more with the seats down. Additionally, Toyota gave the Grand Highlander a revised rear suspension designed to give it more interior space, as well as a more comfortable ride.

In terms of powertrains, the Grand Highlander is available with three – a turbocharged 2.4L gas engine, a 2.5L hybrid, and the Hybrid Max, which produces 362 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. All three powertrains are available with front- or all-wheel drive, as well as a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and a variety of safety features as standard equipment. As far as how much the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander will cost and when it will launch, that information hasn’t yet been shared, but should be revealed in the coming weeks.

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  1. crabbymilton

    TOYOTA has a great record of quality so competition is a good thing. Nice looking vehicle.

  2. Mike says...

    Sometimes I suspect that Toyota’s product planning is all about crushing Ford out of business…. I doubt Toyota needed this model otherwise. Tic toc…tic toc…industry pressures to consolidate show Ford is the most vulnerable of domestic brands.

  3. crabbymilton

    Well if FORD can’t get it together, that’s TOYOTA’s gain. They see how much trouble FORD is having and customers get tired of it.

  4. Mike says...

    To polish up my negative outlook…. the Phoenix will rise…. nothing like a little (or a lot) of adversity to make the breed better. Ford has several ways forward…. I only wish they would be less about following the herd and take even more of a leadership role within the industry. Ford has several options going forward, none of which will seem traditional to many of us. STAY TUNED!

    1. RWFA

      That’s quite the U-turn in less than an hour.

  5. Doug

    I’m sure there will be a lexus version.

    1. Cam Holmes

      Will probably be the new Lexus RX 450hL


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