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Ford Among Vehicle Brands With Lowest Female Representation

With females making up more than half of the population (50.5 percent according to the most recent U.S. census) and influencing the vast majority of vehicle purchases, automakers are keen to make and sell models that appeal to that particular demographic. FoMoCo has historically done a good job in that regard, and most recently, the Ford Maverick – in particular – has proven to be a big hit among female shoppers. However, as a brand, it seems as if The Blue Oval still has some work to do, at least according to the results of a new study from S&P Global Mobility.

That study found that among the top 25 automotive brands in the U.S., Buick ranked the highest in terms of women’s share of brand with 55 percent of personal new vehicle registrations in 2022, followed by Mitsubishi (51.4 percent), Mini (51.1 percent), Lexus (50.4 percent), Infiniti (49.6 percent), Mazda (49 percent), and Kia (49 percent), while the industry average came in at 41.2 percent.

On the flip side, Ram is the brand that had the lowest female buyer representation in 2022 at just 17 percent, followed by GMC (28.7 percent), Ford (31.1 percent), Tesla (33.1 percent), and Dodge (33.9 percent). However, there is one caveat worth mentioning here – looking at overall volume registrations to women consumers – which is also a critical way to measure female representation – tells a bit of a totally different story.

In that regard, Toyota topped the competition with 606,985 female registrations, followed by Honda (363,799), Chevy (340,999), Ford (313,477), and Hyundai (294,380). Interestingly, S&P also found that female car buyers tend to be more loyal than males by around four percent, and they prioritize safety and the dealer experience more than men. And while some OEMs don’t tend to focus much on female shoppers, part of Buick’s success lies in the fact that it has its own Women’s Retail Network, consisting of all female dealer principals and department managers.

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  1. Ryan

    I don’t find this surprising. If you look at the “least female” brands, they’re the ones that primarily sell trucks. Females do not generally want trucks (there are exceptions). Ford sells more trucks than anything thing else. This isn’t rocket surgery..

  2. Mark B

    I have to agree with Ryan. It’s the product, but then also very close behind the dealership experience. Men will generally rank this experience lower. Well, you know what you have to work on. And I wouldn’t doddle here either, as women have lot of purchasing influence.

  3. Bob Dobson

    That’s not really a fair comparison I mean nobody can compete with Subaru………

  4. RWFA

    (This reply was to one of the K-street team whose comment was scrubbed by mods.)

    Oh hello double down on stupidity DDOS Joe!

    So, tell us, how does it go for K-street Joe? Is your bad faith tag team troll farm business model still in a shambles? Hope so.

    I am rather proud at having failed to help you save it. (But then again, I did the opposite of try.). Hahaha.


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