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Ford Brand Consideration Slipped To Third Place In Q4 2022

In the second quarter of 2022, the Ford brand (not including Lincoln) ranked second in terms of brand consideration on Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch report among non-luxury buyers after a short stint in the top spot. As Ford Authority reported back in November, the Q3 Brand Watch report revealed that the Ford brand retained its second-place spot behind Toyota in regards to the most considered brands among non-luxury buyers, though now, The Blue Oval has fallen to third place in the Q4 version of this particular report.

In the last quarter of 2022, Toyota managed to maintain its position atop these rankings, though its consideration score dropped from 35 percent to 33 percent. The big news, however, is that Ford’s cross-town rival – Chevrolet – overtook it by improving its score from 29 to 30 percent, while Ford dropped one percent, from 30 to 29. KBB notes that Chevy rode the wave of a 16 percent gain in shopper consideration for the Silverado, which helped catapult it past its bitter foe.

Otherwise, mass market brand consideration stayed fairly stagnant in Q4 of 2022, as Honda finished fourth with a score of 22 percent, maintaining a dominant lead on the growing GMC brand at 14 percent. Rounding out the list are Hyundai (13 percent), Nissan (13 percent), Kia (12 percent), Jeep (11 percent), Subaru (11 percent), Dodge (10 percent), Ram (6 percent), Volkswagen (6 percent), Mazda (5 percent), Chrysler (4 percent), Mitsubishi (2 percent), Mini (1 percent), and Fiat (1 percent).

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Report is a consumer perception survey that also weaves in shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model stacks up with its segment competitors based on a dozen factors key to a consumer’s buying decision. Kelley Blue Book produces separate Brand Watch reports for non-luxury and luxury brands each quarter.

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  1. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Expect further decline in share as Farley leaps headfirst into expensive E-vehicles while hinting at the rapid elimination of yet more mainstream ICE products such as two row crossovers (Edge, Escape, Nautilus, Corsair). At some point their board will awaken and realize that a product mix of ICE, hybrid, and All-E vehicles should be the path forward for the next decade. When they do, it may be too late because of what he’s already set in motion.

  2. DM

    Ford’s bread and butter have been trucks and the Mustang. Farley has tried to make senseless electrics (that Americans don’t want) their focus and has tanked the company as a result. A complete bumbling fool of a CEO. He should of gone into the film industry like his cousin.

    1. RWFA

      Oh look, again it’s the cruel K-streeter invoking a dead man to try a reach a nonsensical bad faith anti EV point.

      PS most Americans are very interested in EVs. Sorry Big Oil big boy.

  3. g wright

    Jim Farley is destroying Ford just as Randall Stevenson destroyed to ATT.

  4. Gerry

    When do we see how bad Lincoln did? Hopefully it’s stable and not lost percentages to other brands.


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