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Ford Bronco Sales Improved 234 Percent In 2022 Calendar Year

Ford Bronco sales skyrocketed throughout 2022, but even so, The Blue Oval’s rugged pony brought up the rear in its competitive segment last year.

Ford Bronco sales increased 234 percent to 117,057 units last year, placing third out of three competitors in the midsize off-road SUV segment.

The Jeep Wrangler continued to command the top spot, despite an 11 percent slide to 181,409 units last year. The Toyota 4Runner was also in the red, sliding 16 percent to 121,023 units.

Sales Numbers - Midsize Off-Road SUVs - 2022 - USA

JEEP WRANGLER -11.34% 181,409 204,610 43% 53%
TOYOTA 4RUNNER -16.36% 121,023 144,696 29% 38%
FORD BRONCO +234.23% 117,057 35,023 28% 9%
TOTAL +9.15% 419,489 384,329

From a segment share standpoint, the Wrangler captured a dominant 43 percent, down 10 percentage points, while the 4Runner claimed 29 percent, down nine percentage points. Finally, Ford Bronco sales accounted for 28 percent share, up 19 percentage points year-over-year.

Overall, the midsize off-road SUV segment expanded nine percent, meaning Ford Bronco sales vastly outperformed the segment average. It should be noted that 2022 represented the first full year of Bronco sales, as 2021 marked the initial rollout and production ramp up, which was plagued by numerous supply chain issues.

The Ford Authority Take

While the Ford Bronco outsold the 4Runner in the latter half of 2022, overall, it underperformed its two competitors in the segment last year. With that in mind, a solid portion of Ford Bronco sales last year were to prior reservation/order holders, which indicates that the Bronco could sell move even more units if dealers had more vehicles available in inventory (and on the lot) to sell. In fact, Ford elected to restrict 2023 Bronco orders to existing reservation or order holders to ensure that these are fully honored.

Looking ahead, we expect Ford Bronco sales to continue to expand, limited only by the ability of the Ford Michigan Assembly plant to produce the vehicle. In fact, this facility is likely prioritizing Bronco production at the expense of the Ford Ranger, which is the other vehicle made at the plant. Unfortunately, ongoing supplier issues continue to damage FoMoCo’s ability to roll new models off its assembly lines, and this situation is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, according to Ford CFO John Lawler.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for 2021 calendar year, unless noted otherwise

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  1. Michael J Genzale

    Bronco sales my continue to grow as production availability increases and dealer ‘market adjustment’ addendum pricing disappears. This product is a winner for Ford. Just sayin’…

    1. Linda J.

      Maybe, but parts for them are few and far between, waiting for headlights for 6 months.

  2. PA

    Markups are no going away!! I found a 2023 Big Bend Bronco at a dealership yesterday in Phoenix (Peoria Ford) and they had a $10,000 markup on it. They are frigging crazy!!!!

    1. Steve

      That’s nothin’! The dealer near me had a loaded up sasquatch for $90,000 3 months ago. That’s a forty thousand bump. And the best part: it was used.

  3. Steve

    I’m sure it was an accident, but saying sales are up by an astounding percent in a headline, when the actual reason is that they’re just making more of them, is disingenuous. Some would even call it something known as clickbait; an unscrupulous practice used by writers to drive more views through a dishonest and sensationalistic headline with little bearing on the content. I’d correct this error asap so you don’t lose credibility.


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