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Ford Bronco Soft Top Will Remain Factory-Only Item For Now

Since the day it launched, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has faced numerous supply chain issues – one of the biggest being its molded-in color hard top, which the automaker’s supplier had all sorts of trouble producing at first. That hasn’t changed much in the years since, which means that many Ford Bronco owners are rolling around with soft tops. However, hard top owners that want to purchase a Ford-made soft top haven’t been able to do so separately from the vehicle, and it doesn’t seem as if they will be able to anytime soon.

When asked if Ford planned on making the soft top available to purchase on its own at any point in the future, Bronco brand manager Matt Winter told Bronco Nation “We have not had a lot of requests for that, but I can definitely take that back to the team and see what’s possible. We will make it happen if customers want it.”

Back in August 2021, The Blue Oval revealed that it wasn’t planning on offering a soft top for two-door Ford Bronco models either, so those looking for that or a four-door soft top will need to look to the aftermarket – at least for now. Regardless, it seems as if the soft top isn’t in high demand – certainly not like the hard top – which has been a supply constrained item since day one.

In fact, the MIC top is one of a handful of constrained items that unscheduled 2023 Bronco order holders have been asked to remove if they wish to improve their chances of having that order fulfilled. Those that opt out of the Wildtrak, Sasquatch Package, Lux Package, and MIC top are also eligible for a new $2,500 private offer, to boot.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    The convertible top is too bulky. The Bronco looks like a 1930 Buick Phaeton with the top down. Not a good look for a modern automobile.

  2. Greg Andrews

    Soft top sounds like a good idea until you live with one.

    1. David Williams

      Your opinion; I’m perfectly happy with mine…

  3. J.D.

    Ford has mastered a long forgotten sales technique. Over promise and under deliver. They have mismanaged the Bronco at every turn. Every time they realize yet another failure to deliver, they announce still another model to disappoint their customers by not delivering that one either. In they’re first attempt at honesty they’ve told Bronco order holders of two years, change everything about your order or we’ll most likely drop it, not protect your price, not hold your spot in line and you can start from square one next year. On the bright side, Farley has openly acknowledged Fords terrible quality issues and recalls are outpacing all other manufacturers by a mile. It boggles the mind how so many things can be done so poorly on a continuing basis. Well, at least he’s losing them money.

    1. CMT

      Thanks Mr CDJR.

  4. David Williams

    Better, the door bags and harness are also a factory only option..lord save the person who forgets to order these. It’s after market only with no harness.

  5. BobN

    I just took deliver from a Big Bend on the lot of a local dealer. Hard top installed and soft top taking up the folded backseat and the cargo area. It comes strapped to a foam board. Doesn’t come with any instructions for the initial soft top install. So it should be a fun exercise. Because so far all the instructions I’ve found start with popping the locks and folding back the top, blah, blah, reverse to install. But still loving it after only a week. LOL.

  6. Retiredjd

    I have a 2023 Bronco with soft top and love it.


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