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Ford E-Series Refresh Spotted Testing For First Time

Earlier this month, Ford Authority reported that a refreshed version of the Ford E-Series was in development, which is big news given the fact that the current model has soldiered on for a number of years now with few major updates, save for the addition of a chassis cab variant a few years ago. Now, Ford Authority has spotted a refreshed Ford E-Series model driving around for the very first time, giving us a preview of what to expect.

Though it’s covered in camouflage, we can discern a few notable details from these photos. For starters, the front grille is slightly different than the current model, as it features a vertical element in the middle. The front bumper also appears to have received some styling changes, too,

Moving down the side, the first thing one might notice is the strange apparatus that’s attached to the front and rear wheels. Those are actually used to measure how the vehicle behaves while it’s in motion. Another interesting detail present here is a front tire that’s negatively cambered, though it’s unclear why that is the case.

Otherwise, this refreshed Ford E-Series prototype looks quite similar to the current model, which isn’t a huge surprise. However, as Ford Authority previously reported, bigger changes could be taking place inside the cabin and under the hood. Currently, the E-Series lineup offers buyers quite a few modern features, but lacks any type of Sync system – which is prevalent across the rest of the Blue Oval lineup – and isn’t yet available with the brand new 6.8L gas V8 engine that debuted in the 2023 Ford Super Duty, nor Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

It’s possible that the refreshed E-Series might add both the new gas V8 and a more modern infotainment system, even though it’s more of a workhorse model in The Blue Ovals’ commercial vehicle lineup. For now, however, the E-Series remains a strong seller for The Blue Oval, even though it experienced a seven percent decline in Q4 2022. Ford sold a total of 9,927 units last quarter, giving the E-Series a 12 percent market share and placing it behind the full-size van segment-leading Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Chevrolet Express, as well as ahead of the GMC Savana and Nissan NV.

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  1. Frank McGrath

    When will Ford bring back the Econoline as a passenger/freight Van?

    1. Michael K

      Never, that died with the significantly more spacious, efficient, and flexible Transit.

      1. David Lastoria

        All the Transit is is a europeanized Ford. It will never compare to the industrial dependable econoline that takes a beating day after day and keeps on going. Just sold my 03 E350 with 905,000 miles on it and still running like a top, on my second E350 cutaway now.

    2. GetReal

      Right after the new Aerostar and Crown Victoria debut.

  2. Michael K

    I have to think they want to update the cabin for Ford Pro tech.

    Most of the cab and fender design dates back to 1993, making it 30 years old this year.

    1. GetReal

      Agreed and I’m sure there’s plenty of drivetrain updates. They’re probably testing cooling adequacy for the new engine here, among other things. Perhaps newer axles/hubs/etc for compatibility with newer Ford trucks. Just theorizing here.

    2. GetReal

      Actually I believe the redesigned Econoline and Club Wagon were for the 1992 model year.

      1992 was kind of a banner year for Ford. New vans as mentioned, refreshed Aerostar, redesigned Taurus, redesigned F-Series and Bronco, refreshed Tempo, new Crown Victoria. Very few models were left untouched for ’92.

  3. rangerdanger

    There was an ugly update in 2008

  4. Mike says...

    The most overused word in the Ford lexicon is…. wait for it…


  5. Ktpdoug

    The NV is dead and has been. E-Series is awful. Once you try to change the spark plugs you will never want another.

  6. John

    The biggest issue I ever came across with the E-Series was the primitive tie rods that had a tendency to fail. Other than that, it was a very dependable vehicle. I’ve driven the Transit as well. I will say that the Transit rides nice. However, it seems to rust out easily, the transmission doesn’t seem very reliable, the fuel cap door is flimsy (I’ve seen a few of them going around town without them, similar to the RAM Promaster) and the payload seems less compared to the E-Series. The Transit has also had problems with the driveshaft as well. Ford should have just improved upon the E-Series and left the Transit over in Europe.


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