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Ford Edge L Officially Debuts As All-New Three Row For China

After an early disclosure on a Chinese government website and sightings in Michigan, the Ford Edge L has officially debuted as an all-new three row crossover for China. The vehicle boasts a number of features currently found on other Blue Oval vehicles sold within the country, like giant screens up front and a floating center console. But perhaps the biggest news is the all-new hybrid powertrain, the first time The Blue Oval has offered a turbocharged four cylinder engine paired with a conventional automatic transmission.

Ford Edge L

Ford Edge L vs. 2023 Ford Edge
Ford Edge L 2023 Ford Edge
Length (inches) 196.8 188.8
Width (inches)* 77.2 75.9
Height (inches) 69.8 68.3
Wheelbase (inches) 116.1 112.2
2.0L I-4 EcoBoost Horsepower 249 250

The Ford Edge L boasts three rows of seats, with the second row captain’s chairs giving the crossover the capability to seat six. Aside from horsepower from the 2.0 liter turbocharged four being off by one, the reveal confirms all the dimensions Ford Authority previously outlined. If there is no other variant planned, then that means this crossover will almost certainly not make its way to North America, as its sizing aligns it far too closely to the Ford Explorer to stand out in the United States or Canadian markets.

Like the Ford Mondeo, Ford Evos, and refreshed Ford Explorer, the new Ford Edge L boasts a coast-to-coast infotainment setup, starting with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster for the driver and continuing with a massive 27-inch touchscreen for the driver and front passenger. Additionally, the “floating” center console also makes an appearance, although unlike other Ford vehicles in China, the Edge boasts its own unique shifter, as opposed to the rotary dial shifter featured globally on many of the company’s cars and SUVs.

Ford Edge L hybrid visualization

The Ford Edge L powertrain lineup starts with a 249 horsepower, 378 Nm (279 pound-feet of torque) turbocharged 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, likely a variant of the EcoBoost offered on many of The Blue Oval’s vehicles around the globe. That engine is paired to an automatic transmission that is likely the same eight speed unit found on the Mondeo and Evos, although the number of gears were not outlined by Ford of China. Perhaps more interesting is the hybrid powertrain that will also be offered – seemingly the same engine paired with a small battery. That powerplant will boast a 271 horsepower and 405 Nm (300 pound-feet of torque) output, and is also offered with an automatic transmission.

Both engines are paired with all-wheel drive, and are seemingly utilizing a conventional torque converter automatic transmission. If that is the case, this would represent the first time that The Blue Oval has offered a four cylinder hybrid with a conventionall automatic, as opposed to the “eCVT” that’s currently featured on the Ford Maverick, Ford Escape, and Lincoln Corsair hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants.

A rear three quarter view of the Ford Edge L

The Ford Edge L is part of The Blue Oval’s strategy to offer more crossovers in the country, and will likely share a fair bit of its mechanical underpinnings with the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus as well. That vehicle has yet to be introduced, but details about the luxury crossover have trickled out. The non-hybrid Ford Edge L is expected to reach dealerships in April, while the hybrid will arrive this July.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Tim

    Like the dash, at least the I pads are not stuck on like the new Mustang. These are incorporated into the dash….see Ford USA it can be done.

  2. Michael K

    Well…at least we have the specs for the drivetrains coming to the US-bound Nautilus.

  3. Dan

    The vehicle in teal really doesn’t look bad. Can’t wait for the China Nautilus color choices along with the China Lincoln trim Mach E or is it Mark E (Marquis?) Maybe we can get more interesting colors instead of the drab choice in US.

  4. Mrx19

    China gets the good stuff again, at least until we go to war with them over Taiwan and all US manufacturers have to scramble to exit China.

  5. Ron

    If Ford keeps going the direction they are currently going, I might replace my 2020 Edge SE with a Toyota when the time comes…

    1. Davido49

      That makes zero sense an truly a step backwards as the Edge is a phenomenal vehicle. We just acquired a ’23 Edge SE AWD an love it.

      1. RWFA

        Cool that you are having a good time with your Edge.

        As for Ron, I’m not convinced of his authenticity. Lots of folks here plugging Toyota in ways seemingly designed to plant seeds of interest in that brand.

  6. Mike says...

    It looks very nice…. but it does look a lot like a future version of a Lincoln. This ‘badge engineering’ will never elevate Lincoln.

  7. Robert Byrne

    why are you in china !!!!!!!!!

  8. Philip

    The Edge has been a winner for Ford with good reviews in magazines. I don’t get why they don’t keep the name on the new vehicle. Many buyers use brand loyalty when buying. Toyota and Honda have been selling Camry’s, Accord’s, Civic’s and Corolla’s for fifty years. While they have added other names they have kept the names of their most popular vehicles intact.

  9. RWFA

    This is a reply to JDE above. (Since removed by mods.)

    Replies are not linking properly.

    Bugs are worked out. (As much as bugs are worked out in this industry.)

    Glad they are not taking your K-street advice.

  10. Shelby32

    I love that teal Color Ford needs to bring that color here and that Edge too. If Ford America would put the effort that Ford China does. They could really sell well here, this would compete well with the Kia Telluride with all that tech just give it a better engine then the 2.0 ecoboost motor.

  11. James Stesiak

    I have a 2020 Titanium Ford Edge. This new E model is not nearly as eye appealing and I’d be willing to bet it won’t sell well in the United States. Why are they going back to a boxy profile with little styling. To me it’s a step backward for their design team. Very disappointed, a very bland looking vehicle.


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