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Ford Edge Sales Trail Santa Fe, Beat Blazer In 2022

Ford Edge sales throughout 2022 remained right on par with 2021 calendar year sales, ranking the crossover toward the middle in the packed midsize and full-size mainstream crossover segment last year.

Ford Edge sales grew 0.28 percent throughout 2022, selling 85,465 units last year.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee led the segment despite a 16 percent decrease in sales, selling 223,345 units, followed by the Toyota Highlander, down 16 percent to 222,805 units last year. Third place was the Ford Explorer, down six percent to 207,673 units, while the Hyundai Santa Fe increased seven percent to 119,589 units, followed by the Kia Telluride, also up seven percent and selling 99,891 units. The Honda Pilot claimed sixth, down 30 percent to 99,567 units, while the Chevrolet Traverse (see running Chevy Traverse sales) slotted into seventh, down 17 percent to 96,965 units last year. The Kia Sorento, meanwhile, increased six percent to claim eighth with 85,465 sales, followed by the Edge in ninth. All other competitors accounted for 83,000 or fewer sales.

Sales Numbers - Midsize & Full-Size Mainstream Crossovers - 2022 - USA

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE -15.54% 223,345 264,444 12% 13%
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER -15.65% 222,805 264,128 12% 13%
FORD EXPLORER -5.55% 207,673 219,871 11% 10%
HYUNDAI SANTA FE +6.71% 119,589 112,071 6% 5%
KIA TELLURIDE +6.60% 99,891 93,705 5% 4%
HONDA PILOT -30.40% 99,567 143,062 5% 7%
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE -16.59% 96,965 116,250 5% 6%
KIA SORENTO +5.65% 86,406 81,785 5% 4%
FORD EDGE +0.28% 85,465 85,225 5% 4%
HYUNDAI PALISADE -4.45% 82,688 86,539 4% 4%
VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS -29.10% 82,025 115,687 4% 5%
CHEVROLET BLAZER -4.38% 67,246 70,325 4% 3%
SUBARU ASCENT +6.21% 63,704 59,980 3% 3%
NISSAN PATHFINDER +40.02% 57,862 41,324 3% 2%
DODGE DURANGO -15.93% 55,433 65,935 3% 3%
GMC ACADIA -11.52% 53,014 59,913 3% 3%
HONDA PASSPORT -22.26% 41,306 53,133 2% 3%
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER +20.83% 40,942 33,883 2% 2%
MAZDA CX-9 +0.25% 34,580 34,493 2% 2%
TOYOTA VENZA -45.66% 33,683 61,988 2% 3%
NISSAN MURANO -34.79% 30,074 46,117 2% 2%
TOTAL -10.69% 1,884,263 2,109,858

From a segment share standpoint, both the Grand Cherokee and Highlander commanded 12 percent share, each losing one percentage point. The Explorer captured 11 percent share, up one percentage point, while the Santa Fe caught six percent share, also gaining one percentage point. The Telluride claimed five percent share, up one percentage point, while the Pilot lost two percentage points to claim five percent share. The Traverse also claimed five percent share, down one percentage point. Meanwhile, the Sorento and Edge also claimed five percent share, each gaining one percentage point year-over-year. All other segment contenders claimed four percent or less share.

Overall, the midsize and full-size mainstream crossover segment contracted 11 percent last year, meaning Ford Edge sales outperformed the segment average.

The Ford Authority Take

Despite ongoing supplier constraints that have made production of vehicles such as the Edge difficult to produce, Ford Edge sales maintained the status quo throughout the 2022 calendar year. Ford continues to navigate a very challenging supply market in order to continue production of its products while making quality a top priority.

The Ford Edge has enjoyed increased interest since its 2021 model year refresh, which granted a larger infotainment screen and a revised transmission on the high-performance Edge ST model. For the 2022 model year, Ford dropped all front-wheel drive configurations of the Edge, as Ford Authority was first to report, meaning that the midsizer is now only available with all-wheel drive. Additionally, the 2022 Edge also saw the addition of the Black Appearance Package.

For the 2023 model year, the Edge sees relatively minor changes and updates, signaling that FoMoCo is pleased with the crossover’s current trajectory. As such, we expect to see Ford Edge sales continue to remain stable this year. Looking ahead, however, the Edge could be on the chopping block for the North American market, as the Ford Oakville Assembly plant will be retooled to produce five new electric vehicles starting in 2024, leaving the Edge without a production home after the 2023 or 2024 model year, depending on how the automaker wants to label all examples produced through the end of its run.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for 2021 calendar year, unless noted otherwise

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  1. Mike says...

    For me, losing a performance sedan was tough enough, discontinuing the EDGE and its size class will hurt just as bad. I will take a wait and see as to what Ford/Lincoln do in the near future. When time comes to let go my MKZ reserve 3.0 twin turbo, I only hope Lincoln will have something on the shelf for me. Otherwise I will be one less lifelong Ford/Lincoln customer never to return.

  2. Jim O

    I’ll bet that if this model was not being discontinued it would sell a lot more. People don’t want to buy a car that they know will be discontiued. The “non-enthusiast” often thinks that if it is being discontiued then there is something wrong with it. More poor decisions by Ford lately.

    1. RWFA

      Most people have no clue a nameplate is on the way out. Others that do flock to dealer looking for clearance deals.

    2. cj

      I agree…and Ford has killed to many……even when they sell good ….

  3. Ed Welsh

    Too bad the Edge is going away. I like mine a lot, will be replacing my 2019 soon, and hoped the Edge would continue in 2024 like it will in the Chinese market. Not everyone wants a 7 passenger Explorer or a small SUV like the Bronco Sport.

  4. SARSF150

    As a kid, I was awed by the new 1997 Ford F-150 and fell in love with the Expedition! In high school, I thought the Focus was the perfect college vehicle! As a teen, I was fascinated by the introduction of the Fusion and desperately wanted an Edge! As an adult I have owned 2 F-150s, a Taurus and an Expedition still sits in my driveway.

    I grew up with Fords, my grandfather had a 65 truck for work, he had a Crown Victoria and my mom had a 66 Mustang, a Pinto, a Crown Victoria, a Tempo and a Mustang throughout my childhood.

    I wanted an Edge and still plan to acquire one soon and I think Ford should invest more in vehicles like the Focus, Fusion and Edge. You can’t do small changes and expect them to keep selling more and more.

    The 2000 Taurus stayed the same, selling through 2007 and ended production due to sales decline…the 2010 Taurus stayed pretty much unchanged though 2019 before it was ended again, but if they actually did a redesign of these vehicles they would probably increase their sales.

    I’m loyal to Ford (I’m a Ford Truck Guy) but I think at least keeping the Fusion and Edge with a revamp would be beneficial for loyalists like myself. Cars still sell at the other dealers and I know they would sell at Ford as well!


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