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Ford Escape Hybrid Among CR’s Best American Vehicles

The Ford Escape – which just received a refresh for the 2023 model year – has racked up its fair share of accolades in recent months, including Best CPO Value and Best Value in America awards from Vincentric, while Consumer Reports has placed the crossover on its list of recommended vehicles, best performing hybrid SUVs, and best hybrid SUVs for less than $35k. Now, Consumer Reports is once again lavishing praise on the Ford Escape after naming in one of the best American vehicles on sale today.

2023 Ford Escape

This new list features the best American cars, trucks, and SUVs/crossovers from traditional U.S. brands like Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (which is actually a multinational corporation headquartered in Amsterdam, interestingly enough) based on the consumer organization’s overall score, which is determined via road testing, owner satisfaction ratings, safety, and reliability. Each of these vehicles has also earned CR‘s recommended status, though not every model on the list is actually built in the U.S.

In this particular case, the Ford Escape Hybrid topped the list of compact crossovers from traditional U.S. brands with an overall score of 72 out of 100. The Escape not only earned Consumer Reports‘ Green Choice designation for its environmental friendliness, but also scored above average in the organization’s road testing, while also earning average scores in predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction.

These predicted ratings are notable as the Escape has been refreshed for 2023, though it hasn’t launched just yet. As Ford Authority recently reported, Escape production is currently paused at the Louisville Assembly plant in Kentucky after the automaker discovered a software issue with the refreshed crossover, which it’s currently working to fix before full-scale production can begin.

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  1. RW

    Outside of Dearborn, can anybody find a Maverick?

    1. PhilipJFigasJr

      I’ve got one

  2. Rick Johnson

    My wife has a 2021 Escape Titanium Hybrid; we love it! We wish we had known about the PHEV rebate, which basically makes the option free!!!

    1. PhilipJFigasJr

      But it doesn’t come in all wheel drive

  3. MJ

    Ford has not produced any vehicles at LAP 6 of the past 8 weeks. They have terrible quality issues and can’t even run their plants at all. Have an Escape Hybrid Platimum Hybrid on order since October, won’t be produced till May at the earliest . Only 3,900 produced since the launch in Mid December 2022. They should have produce a minimum of 30,000 units from the plant by now. So the 2023 Escape and Corsair are not going to make a profit this year. My friend has been waiting 14 months for his 2022 Expedition to be built. He bought a Chevy Tahoe 8 months ago . Ford is a total joke of a company . If you can’t build orders in 8-10 weeks, no customer will ever come back.

    1. PhilipJFigasJr

      If Biden stopped his war mongering, Ford could get the parts they need from China

  4. Mrx19

    Nice to see something positive. Ford should be putting all its efforts and parts availibility into this powertrain. Start by discontinuing the pathetic 3 cylinder.

  5. Fred Lamp

    I’ve been a loyal Ford costumer all my life , 5 delay’s on my 2023 escape is enough to drive me to gmc

  6. georger

    Our Escape Titanium was ordered 3/8/22. It was completed and ready to ship in late September. As of 2/22/23 still no Escspe and no idea when we will see it.

    1. Ford-Observer

      You can’t have officially ordered any 2023 Escape before late Sept/early October 2022. That’s when the order banks opened and your Ford dealer could assign an official order number. “Ordered” might mean your dealer took down your desired configuration but I don’t even think the 2023 Escape features were available on 3/8/2022. The dealer may have been “guessing” what the 2023 features would be. If you have a firm order now, then you should have an official order number and your or your dealer can check the status of your order.

  7. phillfri

    Save $10K and alleviate delivery frustration. Buy a used Ford Fusion Hybrid instead of the 2023 Escape (if you can live with a sedan and can find a low mileage one). Same Atkinson engine, same mileage, pretty much the same specs. Interior is probably a bit better quality than the 2023 Escape. I bought a used 2018 (one of the model’s better years) and have had no issues with it mechanical or otherwise.


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