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Ford Escape Sales Trail Mazda CX-5, Beat VW Tiguan In 2022

Ford Escape sales saw a minor decrease during the 2022 calendar year, placing the crossover in the top half of its packed competitive segment.

Throughout 2022, Ford Escape sales shrank six percent, delivering 137,370 units, good enough to place the crossover in eighth out of 17 competitors.

The segment-leading Toyota RAV4 saw its sales slip just two percent last year, selling 399,941 units, while the second-best Honda CR-V saw its sales decrease 34 percent to 238,155 units. The Chevy Equinox (see running Chevy Equinox sales) placed third thanks to a 28 percent increase to 212,072 units, followed by the Nissan Rogue in fourth with 186,480 units, down 35 percent. The Hyundai Tucson finished fifth with a 16 percent increase to 175,307 sales, while sixth place went to the Subaru Crosstrek with a 22 percent increase to 155,142 units, followed by the Mazda CX-5 with a 10 percent slip to 151,594 units. The Ford Escape followed in eighth, while the Kia Sportage finished ninth with 125,245, up 32 percent. In 10th was the Subaru Forester, down 26 percent to 114,096 units. All other competitors sold less than 100,000 units individually.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream Compact Crossovers - 2022 - USA

TOYOTA RAV4 -1.91% 399,941 407,739 18% 16%
HONDA CR-V -34.08% 238,155 361,271 11% 15%
CHEVROLET EQUINOX +28.28% 212,072 165,323 9% 7%
NISSAN ROGUE -34.71% 186,480 285,602 8% 12%
HYUNDAI TUCSON +16.14% 175,307 150,949 8% 6%
SUBARU CROSSTREK +21.71% 155,142 127,466 7% 5%
MAZDA CX-5 -9.97% 151,594 168,383 7% 7%
FORD ESCAPE -5.53% 137,370 145,415 6% 6%
KIA SPORTAGE +32.39% 125,245 94,601 6% 4%
SUBARU FORESTER -26.26% 114,096 154,723 5% 6%
FORD BRONCO SPORT -7.97% 99,547 108,169 4% 4%
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN -19.29% 88,577 109,743 4% 4%
GMC TERRAIN +82.29% 86,567 47,488 4% 2%
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER +20.83% 40,942 33,883 2% 1%
JEEP CHEROKEE -54.76% 40,322 89,126 2% 4%
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS +19.79% 10,718 8,947 0% 0%
DODGE JOURNEY -98.62% 194 14,035 0% 1%
TOTAL -8.52% 2,262,269 2,472,863

The segment-leading RAV4 commanded 18 percent share, up two percentage points, followed by the CR-V with 11 percent, down four percentage points. The Equinox took home nine percent share, up two percentage points, while the Rogue captured eight percent share, down four percentage points. The Tucson also accounted for eight percent share, gaining two percentage points, while the Crosstrek and CX-5 each took seven percent share, with the latter gaining two percentage points and the former maintaining its position. The Ford Escape, meanwhile, remained steady at six percent share year-over-year, while the Kia Sportage also claimed six percent, picking up two percentage points, while all other competitors in the segment commanded five percent share or less.

Overall, the mainstream compact crossover segment contracted nine percent to 2,262,269 units, meaning Ford Escape sales slightly outperformed the segment average.

It is important to note that FoMoCo now fields two vehicles in this segment: the Escape and the Bronco Sport. Combining sales of both models gives The Blue Oval 236,917 deliveries last year, good for 10 percent share. The performance puts The Blue Oval in line with the Tucson in terms of segment share.

salesnumbersmodels market=”USA” quarter=4 year=2022 models=”Escape,Bronco Sport” total=”true” mtd=”false” ytd=”true” show_make=”true” show_share=”ytd,pytd” title=”Sales Numbers – Ford Mainstream Compact Crossovers – 2022 – USA”]

However, Ford’s cross-town rival, General Motors, also fields two offerings in this segment: the Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain. The duo recorded a combined 298,639 deliveries, good for a 13 percent share, surpassing the CR-V while still trailing the RAV4, and perhaps more notably, outperforming FoMoCo as well.

Sales Numbers - GM Mainstream Compact Crossovers - 2022 - USA

CHEVROLET EQUINOX +28.28% 212,072 165,323 71% 78%
GMC TERRAIN +82.29% 86,567 47,488 29% 22%
TOTAL +40.33% 298,639 212,811

The Ford Authority Take

Ford Escape sales have been steady since the launch of the fourth-generation crossover, although this cannot be entirely attributed to a lack of customer interest. As exclusively reported by Ford Authority, The Blue Oval “right-sized” Escape sales, intentionally scaling back on its production of the crossover in order to avoid creating a surplus of the crossover and being forced to sell it at steep discounts. The ongoing supply chain shortage likely prevented the automaker from producing as many units as it wanted last year as well, further restricting supply of the crossover at the dealer level.

However, the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape could boost sales of the crossover. This model brings a host of updates to the crossover, including a revamped trim level lineup that now consists of Base, Active, PHEV, ST-Line and Platinum levels. The ST-Line series brings a sportier look to the crossover, including a black mesh grille, rear-wing spoiler and monochromatic exterior with matching painted surfaces. The refresh also introduced Sync 4 into the lineup.

As a reminder, the 2023 Escape continues to be powered by the Ford 1.5L I3 EcoBoost or the more powerful Ford 2.0L I4 EcoBoost. The the hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants of the 2.5L I4 also continue to be offered. The new model also features the Fully Networked Vehicle (FNV) electrical architecture.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for 2021 calendar year, unless noted otherwise

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  1. cj

    The last year of the Ford Fusion car…it outsold the Escape…..

  2. Jelly

    I love their ‘positive spin’ on a dying product – Ford Authority, the Escape was the BEST SELLING crossover in 2013, when the last generation was launched and remained that way for many years.

    That generation of the Escape was ahead of it’s time – it had a high quality interior, refined designed and looked modern…

    The redesigned Escape is a f—- mess! It’s cheap, looks cheap…everything about feels like it’s a $20k CUV – and so it…bottom out in sales.

    Do not sugar coat the truth, if Ford didn’t significantly improved it and made it competitive with the refresh, the Escape is DONE.

  3. Zviera

    Ford should be keeping an eye on Hyundai/Kia, together their sales are impressive.

    1. RWFA

      Agreed. They really have their act together.

  4. Tim

    Boring design and when Ford does a redesign they do the front and rear clips wheels paint and interior options. Start from the ground up no wonder sales have slipped across the board in most models.
    Ford needs a new direction that includes ICE vehicles.

    1. RWFA

      It’s not a redesign it’s a late in cycle freshening.

      Faciae, wheels, colors, trim, that’s normal for a freshening.

  5. Jack

    FA’s spin here is incorrect!

    I owned 3 generation Escapes, the last was one a 2017. When I went in to buy a new one in 2020 it was a shock! The engine is a vibration nightmare, the interior belong a cheapo subcompact and the exterior design was…well…ugly as heck.

    I test drove one and couldn’t get myself to buy it, ended up with a RAV4 – time is coming up to buy something new again and the Escape hasn’t even rang the bell.

    Ford lost piles of customers with this generation and people aren’t really coming back.

    1. RWFA

      Likely why Farley said he wants to supercede it with a better non commodity like product.

  6. Outlook214

    The Ford marketing team is as clueless as their design team. The ST-Line? Watering down the ST trim is as smart as watering down the Bronco name. Oh, wait, you did that with the Bronco Sport, which Ironically should have been named Escape. The current Escape should have been named something different and been sold for about $10k less. Farley thinks Ford can keep cutting features and quality in materials all the while raising prices until he has the world in his hands with his full lineup of EV’s.

    1. RWFA

      Except Farley isn’t aiming for a full line up of EVs, at least in the mid-term.

      I find it’s ironic, everybody banging on halo products doesn’t seem to realize that Ford has a halo product strategy.

      There’s a halo product inside several vehicle segments already, Broncos, Raptors, full-zoot Mustangs.

      1. Jerry

        Where are the Lincoln Halo’s??? Hmmm? Lincoln has nothing to draw crowds into the showroom. I stopped going when Continental died. Lincoln is hopeless playing second fiddle to Mustang and Bronco. When are we going to see respectable Lincoln’s again? Can’t and don’t want to wait 5 more years for something. I’ll move on to some reputable brand instead. Ford looses money as we all see because they don’t know how to utilize the Mustang platform just to name one example.


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