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Ford EV Battery Plant Might End Up In Mid-Michigan

FoMoCo and Chinese EV battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) have been looking for a location to build a new Ford EV battery plant in either the U.S. or Mexico for some time now, a search that previously included the state of Virginia. However, Governor Glenn Youngkin rejected those plans – citing the company’s Chinese roots – nixing a $3.5 billion dollar facility that was reportedly set to employ around 2,500 people. That decision drew criticism from Youngkin’s Democratic counterparts – chiefly, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has been clear that her state is more than willing to play host to that future Ford EV battery plant, which is reportedly “aggressively pursuing” the project. Now, according to The Detroit News, this potential Ford EV battery plant could be built in mid-Michigan, too.

The new plant is reportedly “close” to landing in Michigan after Ford government affairs executives met with Calhoun County leaders to discuss the finer details of the multi-billion dollar investment. The plant would reportedly be built in Marshall, Michigan, which is roughly 106 miles west of Detroit.

The Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance (MAEDA) has spent the past few weeks acquiring multiple properties in the area, spanning around 1,000 acres, which it would combine into one property and use to erect the new plant, which would build lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for future all-electric vehicles. Ford would reportedly own the land and employ the workforce in the new plant, while CATL would supply its battery expertise as a partner in the endeavor. For now, however, The Blue Oval isn’t commenting on this possibility.

“Talks with CATL, the world’s leading battery producer, continue,” Ford spokesperson Melissa Miller said in an email. “Last year, Ford announced an MOU with CATL to explore their supplying batteries for Ford vehicles and said that we plan to localize LFP battery production in North America. Ford has not made a site selection decision, and we have nothing further to share at this time.”

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  1. Ford Owner

    The new plant was highly expected to be built in Michigan for many reasons. The strongest is the closeness to the F-250 Lightning assembly plant which is the biggest battery customer.

    1. Ford Owner

      I mistyped F-250 when I wanted to type F-150.

  2. Mike says...

    Michigan “1”…. Vìrginia “0”.

  3. Carl Runfola

    I’m in favor of anything that would sever all connections to China….including not allowing them to own one wheelbarrow of our soil….If I were “KING”, There would not be any imports from them allowed, including indirect or otherwise. I would then open trade schools and teach our youth to build and produce things in order to help this nation bec,ome self sufficient. I would eliminate government backed student loans and make legislation that would require the schools to provide the money instead….maybe that would end doctorate degrees in doilies making etc….. Carl

    1. RWFA

      Average American engineer has student loan debt of ca 25k$ vs a starting salary of ca 50k$.

      Fact is student loans help get needed skills into the economy, expand the tax base, and essentially pay dividends to the nation.

      We should do everything to get students into post secondary education, knowledge and financial wise.

      The Chinese with a bigger population are going to eat our lunch by out educating us (if they only graduate, on a percentage population basis graduate 22% the number of engineers we do, it will still be the same number of people).

      Yet we still can’t get right with free college for qualified students.

      I’m not for buying things from China if it can be avoided but unless we have industrial and trade policy that restricts that, we are stuck in the world we have.

      Dems & Biden have attempted to address this with the CHIPS and IRA laws, this reshores a lot of high and future tech production to the USA.

      And Ford, mid term wants to own its battery design and chemistry tech, it’s making in house research investments in battery science and tech, and owns the plants and workers, so at some point it will with its own IP be able to buy out its battery partner and go full in house battery production.

      In the meantime it has to partner with the foreign battery companies that have the current necessary IP. That’s called Realpolitik.

  4. Mike says...

    To take a page from RWFA… but you really need to open your eyes and let the sunshine in Carl. The USA is not an island in the steam nor will it ever be one. I bet your personal space is filled with stuff made somewhere else… even China. I agree in so much as I too, try to avoid ‘made in China ‘ purchases… but it is hard to do in todays world.


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