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Ford Evos Spotted In Michigan With Covered Badges

It’s been almost two years since the Ford Evos debuted in China, and the two-row crossover/hatchback can now be purchased by any customer in the country looking for a stylish yet amorphous front-wheel drive vehicle. It has also been several years since speculation about its future in other markets took hold, with Ford Authority and other outlets going back and forth between declaring it a China-only product, and saying it was bound to reach North American shores as a Fusion Active. While nothing about its future has been revealed since those reports were published, there have been plenty examples running around in Michigan, with this latest sighting featuring one that completely covers all exterior badges and emblems for some unknown reason.

A white Ford Evos front three quarters view driving on a public road

Even a cursory glance at this particular Ford Evos reveals that it is essentially an ST-Line, a trim currently available in China. Like other ST-Line Ford products, it offers buyers more sporty styling, and in this case, that translates to trim-specific wheels, some blacked out trim, and other enhancements inside, although these shots obviously cannot show us what’s going on in the cabin. With the Evos already on sale, it makes little sense for Ford to cover up the Blue Oval badge up front or the ST-Line badge along the side, but that’s clearly what happened here. But why?

Ford Evos

Out back, this Ford Evos also had its Blue Oval badge covered up. As for the rest of the hatch area, what would normally say “Changan” in Mandarin is seemingly taped up, and the EcoBoost badge isn’t affixed to the left of the license plate at all, where it would normally reside. The taped up badges are interesting, since several Ford Evos examples we’ve previously featured have been spotted on Michigan roads with no camouflage or wraps whatsoever. And there is no Evos script along the hatch either. However, unlike those vehicles, this example features a dual exhaust, which is noteworthy, since all the ones spotted on this side of the Pacific have featured a single exhaust setup. In China, the exhaust tips are tucked underneath the rear bumper.

The simplest explanation for this Evos is that it is serving as some type of test vehicle for a particular powertrain or other technology that headquarters wants to study or evaluate. It could also be serving as a testbed for an updated version of the current model and that there is nothing to see here. There is always the chance that this is a potential indicator of an export model, whether for Europe or North America, although there is nothing suggesting the company is thinking along those lines at this point in time.

Ford Evos

This isn’t the first time a Ford product sold overseas has been seen on Michigan roads. The Chinese-only Lincoln Zephyr, along with the Ford Mondeo, have also showed up from time to time. Those vehicles, like the Ford Evos, utilize the Ford C2 platform, an architecture that also underpins the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Escape, among other.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. RWFA

    Those flares on the dual pipes are there for attaching exhaust extraction hoses, via marmon clamp, when the vehicle is on a calibration stand, roller dyno, or in thermal test chamber.

    Edit: I just looked closer and can tell you this is an emissions calibration car.

    Look under the front edge of the passenger door and you can see an exhaust tap for hooking up to a Horiba exhaust gas analysis cart (in the olde long gone days of yore it might have alternatively been a Beckman cart).

    If you look on the passenger C-pillar you can see the external temperature probe (the emissions boys used to tell their kids these were “bug counters”.

    When in Dearborn, a car equipped like this would likely be hanging out at APTL (Allen Park Test Lab), EEE (Electrical & Engineering Bldg), or doing some laps on the test track.

    When not in Dearborn, it would be running where altitudes and temperatures are at extremes.

    Edit 2: I looked at the background again and this car is exiting the Dearborn Test Track and heading SE on Oakwood Blvd.

  2. rjs508

    Ford is hiding the nameplates because it is probably a Chinese clone that they are afraid to admit exists.

  3. Bruce Jr

    This would be a sweet US market Edge… better looking than anything Ford has for sell here that isn’t a Bronco.

  4. Martin Scott

    That has to be the ugliest cars Ford had ever created. I think everything Ford designs regardless of country of origin needs to pass through Ford of Europe first for approval. I’ll miss the Callum brothers.

  5. Martin Scott

    That has to be the ugliest cars Ford had ever created (profile only). I think everything Ford designs regardless of country of origin needs to pass through Ford of Europe first for approval. I’ll miss the Callum brothers. I hope this was after their time and not during. I would be disappointed.

  6. Rob

    Very few Ford vehicles in the US have this Smart Styling, Why? The new Ford Escape is nice looking, appealing but is just a Clone of The UK version that has had the nice appeal and is either First or Second in sales in its class. Farley needs to spend less time in the Racing seat and More time in the CEO chair and in the Assembly plants. Much Too Many Recalls and inferior parts and finishes.
    Just walk on over to the Chevy/GMC plant, the Equinox is expanding sales rapidly and the RAV4 is Dominating the SUV market. Rebates do not bring in customers, Quality product does!

  7. Tim

    Certainly different than what is available here, this has some interesting lines the front and rear are distinctive from the rest. Where would this vehicle fit in our Ford line? Edge or escape size? Would like to see the interior.

  8. Big Burning Gas Steve

    Looks like a mach e!

    1. RWFA

      Agree there are some theme similarities in between he design language but that’s not all that unusual across a brand.

      Only time it gets bad is when the themes of a standout player like the original Taurus (headlights and grille) migrate to every car in the portfolio.

      One can tell by a generic overused theme who made the car, but with overused familial identity, a nameplate loses distinctive personality, and, frankly, it’s lazy, meek, and derivative design when that happens.

  9. Thomas

    Ford has a finished product.
    I do not understand why it is not offered on the European and American markets.
    Who makes such stupid decisions.

    1. RWFA

      Ford would either have to import it from China or tool at least one plant to produce it in the west.

      Because this is not a vehicle and powertrain combination Ford will be producing in a couple of years there is no sense in making such investments.

      1. Sammy

        Exactly! That is why Ford is going to send of the next Nautilus from China along with the Lincoln trim version of the Mach E. Hopefully, we get the Zephyr along for the ride.


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