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Ford Expedition Sales Trail Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon In 2022 Calendar Year

Ford Expedition sales trailed far behind two entries fielded by FoMoCo’s crosstown rival, General Motors, during the 2022 calendar year.

Ford Expedition sales decreased 24 percent during the 2022 calendar year, selling 62,007 units.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream Full-Size SUVs - 2022 - USA

CHEVROLET TAHOE -0.26% 105,756 106,030 35% 36%
GMC YUKON -6.12% 48,220 51,365 16% 18%
FORD EXPEDITION -24.37% 62,007 81,988 20% 28%
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN +5.68% 50,951 48,214 17% 16%
JEEP WAGONEER +577.12% 36,219 5,349 12% 2%
TOTAL +3.48% 303,153 292,946

The Expedition was outsold by two GM models spanning four nameplates. GM’s competitors in the space are comprised of the Chevy Tahoe and Chevy Suburban, as well as the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL. Logically speaking, the Ford treats the Expedition as one model, though the nameplate technically comprises two separate models: the “regular” Expedition and the extended-length Expedition Max. The “regular” Expedition directly rivals the Tahoe and Yukon, while the extended-length Expedition Max goes up against the Suburban and Yukon XL.

Treating the Tahoe and Suburban as a single vehicle (the way Ford treats the Expedition and Expedition Max) gives Chevrolet 156,707 combined deliveries, outselling the combined results of the Expedition and Expedition Max by a whopping 94,700 units. (see running Chevy Tahoe sales and Chevy Suburban sales).

Sales Numbers - Chevy Mainstream Full-Size SUVs - 2022 - USA

CHEVROLET TAHOE -0.26% 105,756 106,030 67% 69%
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN +5.68% 50,951 48,214 33% 31%
TOTAL +1.60% 156,707 154,244

Meanwhile, treating the Yukon and Yukon XL as a single vehicle (again, the same way Ford treats the Expedition and Expedition Max) gives GMC 82,304 combined deliveries (see running GMC Yukon sales and GMC Yukon XL sales). This combination still outsells the Expedition by 20,297 units.

Sales Numbers - GM Mainstream Full-Size SUVs - 2022 - USA

GMC YUKON -6.12% 48,220 51,365 59% 61%
GMC YUKON XL +3.67% 34,084 32,877 41% 39%
TOTAL -2.30% 82,304 84,242

This places the Expedition in fourth, followed by the Jeep Wagoneer in fifth with a 577 percent increase to 36,219 deliveries.

From a segment share standpoint, the Tahoe commanded 31 percent share, losing five percentage points, while the Yukon saw 24 percent share, up six percentage points. Ford Expedition sales accounted for 18 percent share, down 10 percentage points, while the Suburban saw 15 percent share, down one percentage point. Finally, the Wagoneer commanded 11 percent share, up nine percentage points.

The Ford Authority Take

Ford Expedition sales were in the red last year, no doubt thanks to ongoing supplier constraints that continue to negatively affect production of many vehicles produced by FoMoCo.

As a reminder, the Ford Expedition received a refresh for the 2022 model year to make it a more formidable competitor to the newer Tahoe, Suburban and Yukon, as well as the new Wagoneer, which continues to eat into the shares of its rivals in the mainstream full-size SUV bracket.

The refresh included the large Sync 4 infotainment display, which is also found in the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightning. Additionally, this refreshed model also introduced the rugged Expedition Timberline trim as well as the Expedition Stealth Performance Package, both powered by the high-output version of the Ford 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine.

In fact, the 2023 Ford Expedition soldiers on without any groundbreaking changes, save for a handful of feature deletions that are a sustained result of the aforementioned supplier issues. As such, we expect Ford Expedition sales to even out throughout 2023 – provided that production can keep up with demand.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for 2021 calendar year, unless noted otherwise

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  1. Michael K

    Expedition/Navigator is very limited by production capacity and likely to stay that way, especially since it shares a factory with SuperDuty which gets higher priority. GM has a dedicated plant for their SUVs and has never really retreated on the segment as Ford did when it moved Expedition out of MAP to build Focus and C-Max.

    1. Tim

      Ok that makes sense but the difference is what was surprising mind you I see more GM product than the expedition.

  2. Michael K

    This segment has a ton of ups and downs, so I bet Ford just prioritizes sustainability over market share. They can beat Tahoe every once in awhile to lead the segment, but not the total volume of GM full-sizers.

  3. Bob Dobson

    Just from a pure styling standpoint the Tahoe is superior to the Expedition in every way.
    Tahoe has curb appeal The Expedition looks tired.
    Tahoe has the latest tech that’s actually very good, Expedition has the poorly executed SYNC system.
    Tahoe fit and finish is excellent, Expedition is sloppy and loose.
    Tahoe doesn’t have a ton of recalls after production, Expedition has recalls the day it rolls off assembly.
    Tahoe will alway eat Expeditions breakfast every model refresh, every time.

    1. Sammy

      And to build on this, Navigator is sedate/ geriatric while Escalade is bold/ energetic.

  4. Richard Jones

    They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, well Ford continues to put out this garbage and expect the sales to increase. You got problem with designs, you have problems with tech, hell Ford you just got problems with everything especially with recalls. Why don’t you get some different engineers to come out with a different Expedition, bring back the Excursion and use some designers who was not going back in World War II. You know what they say, garbage in garbage out. Next year about this time, the Wagoneer will have outsold the Expedition!!!

    1. Davy

      Grand Wagoneer will outsell Navi if something is not done now to curb that thought.

  5. cj

    Like the Navigator….but the Expedition is styled and trimmed about as bland…and cheap looking as it can get….they need to restyle ..add more chrome accents …plus Ford Quailty issues is not helping

  6. Titus

    I have a cosmetically, electrically, mechanically rebuilt 2003 (2nd Gen) Ford Expedition w/nearly no hiccups by treating it w/care, honor of the oval brand! Our 2003 just turned over 198,000 miles. Chevrolet’s, Chrysler products; i have out done on the streets where i reside. I don’t treat our’s like consumers Reports or motor week treat their barrowed rides.

  7. Titus

    So far. The reason i am not interested in buying any automobile; I’ve kept up w/the media, I don’t like what the blueprint designers had been thinking up. Also: the exec.’s have not kept up Fords origan’s, put that info into the current automobiles blueprints to build off of. So: I’m still on the fence!


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