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Ford F-150 Lightning Impacted By Separate Battery Issue

As Ford Authority reported last week, Ford F-150 Lightning production at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center has been on hold after one unit caught fire in a holding lot that’s used to store vehicles that are awaiting quality reviews before they’re shipped to dealers, prompting an inquiry from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The issue that caused this fire is directly related to the battery itself, which is produced by supplier SK On at its plant in Atlanta and then assembled at the Ford Rawsonville plant in Ypsilanti. FoMoCo is working with SK to find a fix, with production expected to resume in a few weeks. However, another Ford F-150 Lightning battery issue has now surfaced, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The problem – which can prevent the Ford F-150 Lightning from shifting into drive or cause it to gradually lose power while driving – is believed to affect around 100 total vehicles, though it’s possible that more could be impacted as well. The issue was discovered through vehicle data monitoring, which alerts the automaker when a problem surfaces.

“We monitor vehicle data to help ensure our vehicles are performing as expected in the field. We have identified that (in) some vehicles, their high-voltage battery is not performing as intended, which could result in a performance degradation,” said Ford Model e Customer Experience Communications Director Martin Gunsberg. “In this case, a driver may receive an alert in the vehicle through a message display system on the dashboard, and the vehicle will begin to reduce power to allow the customer to drive to a safe location.”

Ford has begun issuing customer service action notices to dealers and customers, and is offering to replace defective parts, free of charge. Those that haven’t experienced the issue will still receive communication from the automaker informing them to keep an eye out for the problem, and if they experience it, they can take their trucks to a dealership and have the defective battery modules replaced.

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  1. Bill Howland

    They should spend more time on simplifying things to be more reliable…

    Not make dozens of silly parents or worry about back feeding power to the grid. Power availability on the job site or at home during an outage is sufficient.

  2. Bill Howland

    Patents that is.

    1. RWFA

      Do you realize how the patent process works?

      A ford engineer, or other person (can be an employee, or a suggestion from outside), has an idea.

      They describe a concept to a Ford patent Atty who goes away and develops a patent, and an illustrator makes the cartoons that graphically depict the idea.

      Then it is assembled, the engineer reviews it, and edits are made.

      The patent attorney may make suggestions to broaden the scope (as some of these attys are engineers themselves), then, more or less, a final loop and it is submitted to the USPTO.

      Of course there are reviews to determine if the cost is worth the result. No patent that is determined to minimum potential future worth makes it to the USPTO.

  3. mickey

    You all can have all this un-proven electric crap that’s been rushed to market. Ford, gm both have major issue’s including stop sales, the lighting can’t tow a trailer weighing 3500 lb’s more than 80 miles, and consumers are paying near a 100K , totally insane. I’ll keep my F-350 Diesel till the cows come home.

    1. RWFA

      LoL Mickey K-street asserting “unproven” as if we are just moving off whale oil lamps, conveniently forgetting that Stop-Ships and Recalls for ICE are still common industry business, and that progress is rarely made while sleeping on a bed of rose petals.

      Oh yes, and the Lighting (sic) isn’t a junior Class-8 tractor (this is usually Travis’ and No Shame Shane’s domain.)

      But mostly, he’s here to push the “buy a diesel” so Big Oil can lock in revenues for at least one more vehicle lifecycle.

      1. ed k

        Hi RFWA, I always find your complete and total support of all things electric enlightening (pun intended) You talk about shills for ICE engines and big oil, or Big Diesel, but I think you need to put yourself solidly in the Big BEV category.
        We all acknowledge you are the most 100% enthusiastic cheerleader for the BEV industry on this blog.
        I’m not sure if you’ve bet the farm on battery power, tied to the green movement, or just a complete fanboy of the BEV world, but perhaps try a bit more balanced approach to the world transportation, and be a bit less abrasive. Your schtick wears thin.
        A simple acknowledgement that a BEV might not suit all lifestyles and driving would be refreshing from you.

        1. CHM

          Thank You Ed K. You summed it up eloquently!

          1. RWFA

            Eloquence redefined.

            But what do I know? I’m just a semi-literate! (I know this because I read it in one of the K-street marginalization comments here.)

        2. RWFA

          LoL Ed now become a K-street pal, attacking my attack on the K-street troll tag team.

          I find it interesting to note the change in approach of this team to trying to marginalize me because I am using 1:1 response to call attention to and refute their bad faith lies.

          Yes, that’s my single handle transparent schtick and as long as the professional bad faith crowd shows up here with their scripted BS I’m going to call it out.

          I’ve posted here, multiple times, that BEV is not suitable for all use cases and (pretending you haven’t seen that declaration since you are, cough, new here) I’ll gladly say that again, but for a vast majority of folks, it is suitable tech that is increasing over time (as charge points become ubiquitous, battery chemistries/design continues to mature, production scale effects hit their stride, and more folks become acquainted with how superior BEV ownership is to last century’s terminal technology.)

          But I do note, that you’ve been around long enough to define my schtick but you haven’t once complained about the clear activity here of a professional troll team (what do you think, maybe we should call them “Big Oil’s K-street bad faith FUDsters”?). How have you missed that given I deconstruct their efforts? Are you maybe not what you appear?

          I also note how you now, like one of the new handles yesterday, you try to use a reverse projection technique by calling me Big BEV, LoL, when in fact I’m just a single handle who can’t stand the BS from a paid team with a hidden agenda that I truly love blowing up.

          But you knew all of this already.

      2. mickey

        No, not pushing diesels at all, but would not trade mine for anyone. the EV’s have a long way to go, and you know this , and you don’t own one either or you would have stated it.
        I have a class 8 Freightliner Sport chassis too and I fill it with 185 gallons and go any were I want. my wife’s Chevy Traverse will tow 5000lbs 270 miles on 16 gal of fuel which and can refill it in 6 minutes for 55.00. the lighting on a fast charge costs 70.00 and takes 2 hours so it can go 80 more miles, if you can find a charger, there are no ice engines on stop sale any were, its the tech crap and software issues causing issues. Big oil is going no were in our life time. the EV’s created today are grocery getters. keep chanting for Joe and the word salad queen and the big yellow school buses , and spaceships , LOL

        1. RWFA

          And please, Tricky Mickey, please don’t give up your belief in space lasers.

          Your gobbledegook is kinda self refuting so I’m not going to bother with it.

          Ps ICE fire stop sales and recalls are like standing at a bus stop. There may not be one there atm but wait, because one will show up before long.

  4. Tatiana

    I saw another mom posted on her feed about these EVs catching on fire all by themselves. No thanks, not driving a barbecue on wheels that cooks my children.

    1. RWFA

      LoL, here’s the traditional Female K-street handle dutifully amping the zombie bbq apocalypse scripted talking point. (As I pointed out, Shelly K-street and K(-street)elly used to do this before I called them out, now we have Tatiana K-streetova picking up the baton.

  5. John

    EVs make little sense. Engine rebuilding businesses are booming on the web. You can order a complete engine for $4,000 delivered, they also give you a $1,000-1,500 credit for your old core at a discounted freight pickup rate. This route is a much more efficient option as it keeps your car on the road at least another 10 years. Much better than that dumb Cash for Clunkers program that paid very little to the owners and ‘tried’ to force them into spending big for a new car.

    1. RWFA

      LoL John may be same the guy who months ago who recommended rebuilding a 1960/70’s car as a daily driver.

      Loon talking point is still loon talking point.

      And still butthurt over a program to boot sales of cars to keep the automotive industry from collapsing during the Great Recession? Seriously? My god, that’s unjustified and just plain weird.

  6. Chunt

    Wow lol. Lots of strong feelings here. I have a lighting and it’s perfect for me. I don’t really care what you drive and ev technology is a long way from a finished product. Don’t be scared, by the time you’re ready to transition they’ll have the kinks worked out.I can say with certainly, less the range, this vehicle is superior in every way. Keep in mind gas is regulated and solar is unregulatable. For the doomsday folks;)

    1. RWFA

      It really is a hoot, those guys having dystopian visions of societal collapse, haven’t given much thought to how Master/Blaster and the Thunderdome won’t be on line before local BP tanks are looted dry.

      How long did you have to wait? Did you pay much over MSRP?

      Happy travels! Thanks for doing a responsible solid for, well, everybody!

  7. JB

    Lightning owner enters the room…

    I swapped a 2020 super duty for a Lightning…difference is night and day, I don’t do much towing at all…at least not long distances and drive empty most of the time.

    I also live in the prairies; where it gets to -40 and below…often during winter.

    I was lucky to buy before the price increases and pay .09c for hydro…this Lightning has already saved me a pretty fortune – a trip out to the cottage used to be $70, it’s $6 with the Lightning – and has done EVERYTHING my super duty used to…

    There’s only one application where I think the Lightning wouldn’t work – if one does heavy towing for long distances, even 3-4x a year…the infra is just not there to support that…but people that fall in this category are within the 20% of owners.

    EV is the way to go! I have 3 other vehicles and they are all getting converted in the next 5y as it comes time to replace them.

    1. RWFA

      Cool to hear your experience!

      Thanks for the comparative analysis.

      Ps sounds like I should be sending my greetings to 🇨🇦 !


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