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Ford F-Series Sales Dominate Segment Despite Decreasing In 2022 Calendar Year

Ford F-Series sales commanded first place throughout the 2022 calendar year, holding onto the top spot despite decreasing year-over-year while remaining solidly ahead of FoMoCo’s chief rival in the segment, the Chevrolet Silverado.

Throughout 2022, Ford F-Series sales decreased 10 percent, selling 653,957 units overall.

Comparatively, the second-best contender, the Chevrolet Silverado (see running Silverado sales) saw a mild one percent slip to 523,249 units, while the third-place Ram Pickup decreased 18 percent to 468,344 units. The GMC Sierra (see running Sierra sales) captured fourth place with a three percent slip to 241,522 units, followed by the Toyota Tundra with a 27 percent increase to 104,246 units. Finally, the Nissan Titan, which will be discontinued in the medium-term future, rounded out the segment with 15,063 sales, down 45 percent.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Mainstream Pickup Trucks - 2022 - USA

FORD F-SERIES -12.07% 638,340 726,004 32% 33%
CHEVROLET SILVERADO -1.23% 523,249 529,765 26% 24%
RAM RAM PICKUP -17.75% 468,344 569,388 24% 26%
GMC SIERRA -2.97% 241,522 248,924 12% 11%
TOYOTA TUNDRA +27.19% 104,246 81,959 5% 4%
NISSAN TITAN -45.04% 15,063 27,406 1% 1%
TOTAL -8.82% 1,990,764 2,183,446

From a segment share standpoint, F-Series sales accounted for 33 percent share, remaining stable year-over-year. The Silverado gained two percentage points to claim 26 percent share overall, while the Ram Pickup lost three percentage points, accounting for 23 percent share. The Sierra captured 12 percent share, gaining one percentage point, while the Tundra secured five percent share, picking up one percentage point. Finally, the Titan maintained one percent share.

Overall, the full-size mainstream pickup segment contracted eight percent to 2,006,381 units, meaning Ford F-Series sales were on par with the segment throughout the 2022 calendar year.

It’s worth noting that adding up 2022 calendar year sales of GM’s two trucks – the Silverado and Sierra – results in 764,771 combined deliveries, which is 110,814 units more than the F-Series for a combined 38 percent segment share, unseating The Blue Oval from first place.

Sales Numbers - GM Full-Size Mainstream Pickup Trucks - 2022 - USA

CHEVROLET SILVERADO -1.23% 523,249 529,765 68% 68%
GMC SIERRA -2.97% 241,522 248,924 32% 32%
TOTAL -1.79% 764,771 778,689

Below, we are including Honda Ridgeline sales for informational purposes, since the model straddles the midsize and full-size pickup truck segments.

Sales Numbers - Honda Ridgeline - 2022 - USA

HONDA RIDGELINE +3.40% 42,762 41,355 100% 100%
TOTAL +3.40% 42,762 41,355

The Ford Authority Take

The Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty pickups have certainly seen negative impacts resulting from ongoing supplier issues and other constraints. The result was clearly seen throughout 2022 as F-Series sales were in the red. In fact, sales of GM’s two offerings combined blew FoMoCo’s numbers out of the water, despite a slight decline. Nevertheless, the F-Series retained its position as best-selling pickup nameplate for the 2022 calendar year, though perhaps The Blue Oval has begun to get a bit nervous about the impressive performance of its chief crosstown rival.

Conversely, this year’s sales may not be indicative of what’s to come in 2023. It’s likely that the addition of the refreshed 2023 Super Duty line will certainly have a positive effect on Ford F-Series sales throughout the coming year, so long as production is able to keep pace with demand. In fact, FoMoCo took in 50,000 orders for the new Super Duty in the first week its order banks were open – a number that grew to 150,000 by the end of November, indicating that the heavy duty pickup is in very high demand.

Even so, Ford CEO Jim Farley has acknowledged that navigating ongoing supplier constraints and quality issues remain a priority for The Blue Oval, though these fixes could take years to rectify.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for 2021 calendar year, unless noted otherwise

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Bill

    They sold out and people wanted to order even more trucks, especially Super Dutys, but they closed the order banks. The CEO should just let the truck division guide the company instead of trying to push failed EVs. One of the topics on the very lack luster earnings report was that numbers showed overall demand was very low for EVs. Ford used to say they “sold out”, but if you sell out after only selling 10 widgets it doesn’t mean the majority wants widgets, and that’s what the report showed. God Bless our ‘truck country.’

    1. RWFA

      God bless your nonsensical confused bad faith self.

      The earnings report absolutely did not show low demand for EVs, the segment is growing and Ford’s EV sales are growing faster than the segment.

  2. Tim

    Ford . Add Sierra and Silverado together and things aren’t so rosy. They are the same truck you know. Like Ford but tell it straight.

    1. Bill

      Very true. Ford doesn’t tell you about the pages in the book, just the book cover. Especially with their failed EVs. They scream that they “sold out” but don’t tell you that overall demand is very low. But that info sure did come out on their earnings call, then their stock nose dived by almost 8%.

      Disney recently ditched their woke equivalent of Jim Farley after only 2 years. They smartly brought back the traditional 71 year old CEO who was there for 15 years prior. Jim’s days are numbered.

      1. RWFA

        Bill is serving some hidden agenda with his bad faith comments, but who?

        Bill has misrepresented the stock story by hyping slide because he has an anti EV agenda.

        Fact: in the days before the earnings announcement, the stock was run up ca 12%, after the fall, it was within 0.19% of where it was pre run up.

        Bill has conservative gobbledegook in his head as he is referring to Disney not because he has to satisfy his culture wars inanity.

        He’s just wrong and rather sad.

  3. Thomas Sansoni

    Ford’s Farley. Continues to blame supply issues( such as semiconductor components, etc) & quality control issues.
    Who else @ Ford is going to step on QC issues the last few years & since GM hasn’t been crying & whining & overtook Ford I’m truck sales, which should be enough to make executives heads roll at
    What’s it going to take to make this once great American based company to get its Stuff together & quit overindulging with EV, when yall can’t seem to keep ICE on top after dropping your car lines???

    1. RWFA

      Like so many you take transparent reflection from the top on things gone wrong and call it excuses, you gloss over the different boundary conditions that each OEM are constrained by.

      It seems you have no concept of “allocation”, where available components are filed out to keep the suppliers, plants, markets, nameplates, dealers and customer pipelines filled as best as possible.

      You point to EVs as the root causes of all Ford’s woes because you have a prejudice against them, but with that prejudice you miss the complexity and nuance of the situation.

      Did you ever consider that Ford might have throttled F-series production somewhat to allocate chips to other nameplates? (I don’t know if this is true but it is not implausible.).

      It’s a critical balancing act when you want to put the pedal down in a constrained supply situation.
      Ford is hardly even begun to indulge EV because it’s only volume EV is Mach-E, that and Lightning aren’t doing the damage that you mistakenly ascribe to them.

      And what are you talking about? Ford is #1 in ICE in several of its market segments.

  4. Shane S

    Farley blaming everything but himself, bad look on the call. Toyota isn’t having any of these problems that he’s claiming, evident he’s lying. His EV push failed Ford. Toyota knows what’s up on the other hand.

    1. RWFA

      Oh my, bad faith BShane in again from troll central with more of the multi debunked anti-EV pro-Toyota disinfo glop.

      Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof, as in put it up or shut it up – Ford is lying (on an earnings call no less), go to the SEC and file a report because you’ll get a reward from the fine for material misstatements.

      Or share your proof here so somebody else can.

      I don’t think I could ask you to just stop being a member of the Big Oil Toyota K-street disinfo FUDster complex because it’s just what you do.

  5. RWFA


  6. P Smetek

    Their new 7.3 motor is now recently experiencing roller lifter failures at 35-40k miles, which is a catastrophic failure. The current CEO has single handedly destroyed a once great company. Family friend who works at Ford Dearborn said the CEOs days are numbered. Toyota lots have plenty of supply and no excuses from them. Jim Farley talked big but failed and now is making excuses, but everyone sees right through him. Those EVs taught him and his investors a painful lesson. They need to hire a leader from Toyota.

    1. RWFA

      Oh BSmetek … LoL. Such much Toyota-positive face-saving bad faith scripted FUD. You guys are really obvious.

      Toyota fired Mr Toyoda from the CEO job because the company under his guidance fell behind several other companies on BEV. Now they scramble to recover.

      Toyota trolls pushing “hybrid hybrid hybrid!” And other anti-EV FUD like crazy because for the next two years that’s basically all they got.

      It will be interesting to see TMC market share decline as the other OEMs join Tesla in volume series production.

      In the meantime Toyota, like Big Oil, tries to slow down EV growth with falsities and fear, now trying to make Farley look like he’s on a smoldering ejection seat (this scripted theme started within a week of Mr Toyota getting kicked upstairs.)

      Ps FYI, Ford already hired a forward looking and problem solving leader from Toyota, his name is Farley.

  7. JD

    These trucks of all makes are very popular, we have a diesel on order and went with a Ford because it was a bit cheaper than GM/RAM. But the electrics are doomed. We saw on the TFL channel how there was disappointment during Ford’s earnings release over the lack of interest for EVs. They talked about how the buyer pool is limited and small overall. Most people we know aren’t interested. $20,000 battery replacements, don’t work in the cold (on the news even), heavy as hell, expensive to repair…Autozone doesn’t carry EV parts. Not a surprise they are a financial black hole. Wife looked at them but quickly decided on a RAV4.

  8. RWFA

    Oh Hi J(ust)D(umb),

    I see you’re back with your half truths, misrepresentations, amplification of other channels, and a closing sales pitch for Toyota (trying to swing the female demographic).

    You really pulled out the stops in using all the scripted K-street talking points and FUD you and the rest of the troll team have dumped here before (although the Auto Zone parts one seems new to me, and actually laughable as the well debunked battery replacement nonsense.)

    I know you and your team are paid to try really hard to try a move opinion and sales to Toyota but only abject ignoramuses will swallow the stream of effluent you’re pumping.

  9. Yadiel M.

    Toyota does make damn good vehicles. Their reliability and financial records speak volumes. The Chair of the National Transportation Board was all over the news last month telling people EVs were dangerous due to them weighing more than traditional vehicles. Those heavy wheel motors are lethal projectiles in an accident so I see why she said that. Those battery costs are insane and some have been replaced at only 8 years.

    1. Yadiel M.

      I meant to say National Transportation “Safety” Board (NTSB), sorry.


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