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Ford Fiesta Was Top Used Vehicle In UK For 2022

For many years, the Ford Fiesta was the best-selling new vehicle in the UK and other parts of Europe, no surprise for a region once obsessed with hot hatches. The Fiesta topped the UK’s new sales charts in 2019, was the most financed vehicle there in 2020, and held on to its spot as the best-selling Blue Oval model in that country for some time, until it was replaced by the Puma. Now, the Ford Fiesta has been formally canceled as FoMoCo aims to go all-electric with its passenger vehicle lineup by 2030, but used examples are still in high demand in the UK, according to new data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Last year, a grand total of 288,639 used Ford Fiesta models were sold in that country – more than any other model. The Fiesta beat out the Vauxhall Corsa (229,454 units sold), Volkswagen Golf (216,227), Ford Focus (213,821), Vauxhall Astra (165,011), Mini Cooper (158,710), BMW 3-Series (155,264), Volkswagen Polo (137,517), Audi A3 (114,801), and BMW 1-Series (112,312).

As for the overall used vehicle market, sales declined by 8.5 percent in 2022 to 6,890,777 units, a disappointing result indeed. However, sales of all-electric used models soared by 37.5 percent, while hybrids increased by 8.6 percent and plug-in hybrids by 3.6 percent, year-over-year.

“While the market headlines are negative, and reflective of the squeeze on new car supply last year, record electrified vehicle uptake is a bright spot and demonstrates a growing appetite for these models,” said Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive. “With new car registrations growth expected this year, more of the latest low and zero emission models should become available to second owners. Accelerating uptake is key and will be dependent on drivers being assured of a positive ownership experience. This means ensuring charging infrastructure keeps pace with demand as more new and used car buyers make the switch to zero emission motoring than ever before.”

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  1. Mark B

    Hmmm, recall the old saying, “don’t mess with success!” Sure, why not discontinue the best selling small CAR in the UK? Oh yes, let ram a small SUV down their throats instead!

    Great idea folks…

    1. RWFA

      Best selling sometimes comes from selling at a loss or margins so slim they don’t cover the cost of capital.

      The smart money in such a situation moved future capital into vehicle segments which earn a better return.

    2. Bill

      MarkB, never use the work “Recall” around a Ford product. LOL

  2. Thomas S.

    Agree with Mark B. Ford execs need to use some common sense in their ( fear of Environmental Wackos forced) transition to all EVs. Chill out in your transition. The Government has enough problems that they can’t seem to handle.

    1. RWFA

      Oh Tomasz, more phony agreement designed to amplify the bad faith sockpuppetry of one of your K-street colleagues, are you back to that?

      You really are a very silly boy. We may have to give you DD Dwayne D’s dunce cap and have you sit in the corner again.

      Actually, the current government has been nicely mowing through the unsolved problems and deliberately laid land mines of the previous administration.

      Lots of bumps along that road, and not all is linear, or without temporary setback, but things are on a trend of improvement.


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