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Ford Maverick Among Top Considered Electrified Cars Again

The Ford Maverick Hybrid has thus far proven to be a red hot commodity on the new vehicle market, offering up stellar fuel economy at a bargain basement price in what is truly a winning formula. The compact pickup has also earned its fair share of critical acclaim, landing a spot on Consumer Reportsmost satisfying vehicles list and top 10 most satisfying vehicles list, while also scoring a Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award, to name just a few. Now, after landing on KBB’s most considered electrified vehicles list in its quarterly Brand Watch Report for multiple consecutive quarters, the Ford Maverick retained that position once again in Q4 of 2022 – joining the list-topping Ford F-150 and the eighth-place Ford Super Duty in that regard.

While Ford fell from its long-held spot as the second-most considered mainstream brand in the market this past quarter, the Ford Maverick continued its long stay on KBB’s most considered electrified vehicles list by ranking eighth this particular go-round. That placed the Maverick behind the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Honda CR-V Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Chevy Bolt EV, Honda Accord Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, and Tesla Model 3, but ahead of the Lexus RX Hybrid and Toyota Prius to round out the top 10.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch report is a consumer perception survey that also weaves in shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model stacks up with its segment competitors on a dozen factors key to a consumer’s buying decision. Kelley Blue Book produces the quarter Brand Watch reports for non-luxury and luxury brands and assesses shopping for electrified vehicles. The methodology includes surveying both mobile and desktop users instead of only desktop users.

As KBB pointed out in this most recently Brand Watch Report, falling gas prices led to a decline in electrified vehicle consideration last quarter – a phenomenon that applied to hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles across the board.

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  1. Mark B

    As has been said many times prior: it’s the right vehicle at the right time!

    1. Lincoln Fan Mark

      I agree. It begs the question, how could FMC have been so ill prepared to meet the demand for a new product category such as this? Supply chain issues are understandable but it would appear Ford could have sold twice as many units the first year if it had been up to speed on hybrid production a couple of years sooner. Ford still isn’t offering enough hybrid options across the other models and yet now seems totally focused on E-vehicles instead. Puzzling decisions strategically that are, along with quality issues, costing the company market share as speculation continues once again about exiting mainstream product lines such as two row crossovers.

      1. RWFA

        Ford has literally been producing hybrid vehicles for 15 years.

        They were produced to meet federal CAFE fuel standards and California CARB regulations.

        Maverick if it had been developed a year or two later may have been a battery vehicle.

        Fords game plan isn’t to focus on past transitional and compliance technologies like hybrid, so it’s little wonder you don’t see more of them.

  2. R pierce

    What a shame hybrid maverick can’t be build in time

    1. Mike D

      I ordered my 2023 in Sept, still getting disappointing ‘non-updates’ that there are NO parts to build my truck

      1. Susan

        I agree its so frustrating to wait. And get a the same generic update letter. I cant figure out how it can be the #1 when they cant even produce them. But….. here i wait

  3. Rick

    They should have done a total electric Maverick instead of Lightning IMO.

  4. Vincent

    How are they going to meet any demand for the vehicle? Over a year to get one that has been. ordered now of parts already being built. I don’t know about others but I won’t wait will go with something I can’t at least test drive.

    1. RWFA

      Why do you keep saying that. There are vehicles available at dealers for test drive.

      1. Torch

        Not in Florida or South Carolina.

  5. Jeff

    I would love to buy a Maverick, but I didn’t get my order in the 7 day window for the year and I don’t want to pay stupid dealer markups for the vehicle I want. So they can say it’s a top considered vehicle but I can’t actually buy one so this is a waste of time. Who knows, maybe it will take so long to order one they’ll have a plug in version by then. Of course it will probably cost as much as an F150 at that point. Just frustrated.

  6. Bob

    Calling a mild hybrid ELECTRIFIED is over the top marketing. I think the truck is spot on with a huge market that needs something affordable and easy on gas but ELECTRIFIED is over the top. The dealer markups have damaged Ford. I need a car in the next few months and don’t even look at the Ford because of three things, markups, lack of inventory and constant quality issues. This is what I found with a quick search. “live like a maverick.” Instead of feeling independent, drivers ended up chained to the service center because of a defective electrical system, faulty brakes, and trucks that won’t start. There is a new recall out because the Maverick and Escape Hybrids are bursting into flames. According to Reuters, during the event of an engine failure, large quantities of engine oil and fuel vapor could leak onto hot vehicle components, increasing the risk of igniting fires under the hood.
    Engine failure in new trucks that have to be less than 2 years old. WOW

    1. Bosko

      That is not a new recall. The hybrid issue of fires has been remedied as it was reported in August of 2022. Additionally, all new line are going to have issues and recalls. Ford has always been great at taking care of customers, in this respect. If this vehicle was as bad as you say it is, it wouldn’t still be one of the top vehicles being sold and being rated so high.

    2. RWFA

      You should narrow your google search so you don’t get alarmed about old recalls that are already remediated.

      You are needlessly frightening not just yourself but old blue haired spinsters and one eyed dogs.

  7. Mike

    Waited 15 months, delivered in January,50+ mpg last two fillips, does what I expected,35 k out the door,Lariat model.Got a bed cover in 4 days from weather tech, from ford zero, had to delete all my options. Still glad I waited, Ford communication sadly lacking, if they’d told me 15 months I’d have no problem waiting!


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