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Ford Patent Filed For Drive-In Cinema Vehicle Operating Mode

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a drive-in cinema vehicle operating mode, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on July 27th, 2022, published on February 2nd, 2023, and assigned serial number 0033005.

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Ford has been exploring different ways to make vehicles even more of an entertainment source than they are already for for some time now, filling patents for interesting ideas like a portable entertainment support system for a pickup truck box, a holographic projection system, and a retractable video display system. Now, this new Ford patent continues that trend by introducing an idea for a drive-in cinema vehicle operating mode.

The idea behind this Ford patent is to explore a new way that a vehicle could operate at an entertainment venue, or more specifically, a drive-in movie theater. While traditionally, those that visit these types of venues can pick up sound from the movie in their vehicle via FM or VKM frequencies, modern vehicles with infotainment screens present a bit of a problem – those systems shut off to conserve power after a set amount of time.

At the same time, many vehicles also activate their daytime running lights when the ignition is switched on, which obviously isn’t a good thing at a drive-in movie. Thus, this patent aims to solve those problems by implementing a new “special event operating mode” that would allow the radio to stay on while the vehicle is turned off. The system could even do this automatically by using GPS data to determine when the vehicle is parked at a drive-in movie theater.

This is certainly an interesting idea, though one could argue that it’s a bit unnecessary, given the fact that drive-in movie theaters have been slowly going away in recent years. These days, there just aren’t many left, but if that idea one day enjoys a resurgence, this patent could provide a modern solution to a common problem.

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  1. Mustang_Man

    Sounds cool!
    Can’t wait for the in-dash popcorn maker to be added to the Car Cinema Mode as well! (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)

  2. Mike says...

    Drive in theatres are virtually obsolete…. as will be Ford/Lincoln if they don’t expand their product lines and approach some level of affordability. Those customers that take the time to cross shop their next purchase will find better quality and pricing elsewhere.

  3. Bob

    All this time I thought the “inventors” here were millennials. Turns out they’re actually 60+ year old’s that haven’t been out of their cubicles since the early ’90’s.
    Where’s the drone to send out for snacks?

  4. billc

    My blood pressure just went up again. This happens every time Ford announces the next asinine patent.
    PS to……..stop reporting on stupid sh*t

    1. RWFA

      I’m kinda enjoying watching the veins stand out on your head.

      We’re taking bets on when you’ll stroke out.

  5. pappy

    I wish I could just get a vehicle without all the crap electronics on it. I can open the door myself. Turn the key and the headlights on all by myself. Roll the windows up and down. Too much stupid technology and not enough human brains! All the displays are just junk and distracting from driving. But soon the government will make you get an electric car and have it drive you everywhere in the name of safety. Give me a vehicle that I can just drive without government limiting the speed and direction. Meet you in the town square for exercises at the mandates 9am time. Wear you white workout suit1!

    1. RWFA

      Dam straight old man!

      First they came for the buggy whip, then they came for the hand crank, this could have only been the work of communists.

  6. Bob

    Amen to that pappy. Just think about what the regular Joe 15 years from now will face when he buys – the only thing he can afford – a 15 year old vehicle. A common scenario.
    Even as an ice vehicle, if he can keep it running, he’ll have no hvac, radio, cluster info, or anything else electronic. Little hope for any of this to work that long and to replace it will definitely be out of reach, if they’re not already obsolete.
    Moving on to the EV, now regular Joe has to replace all this AND the battery? Really?
    I see more subsidies on the horizon.

  7. Mike Steinhauer

    It might not be the best idea because drive-in’s are going away or people don’t go there often, but I like where this is going. New vehicles these day’s have a lot of lights and many of them you can’t turn off. I’m a avid outdoors person and do a lot of hunting, etc. This would be a nice feature to be able to turn off all the lights or somehow make them very low. Kinda like how you can turn off the “dome” lights when you open the door.

  8. Larry McElvogue

    Pappy I can’t even find a vehicle with a radio with a CD player let alone an engine that you can change the spark plugs

    1. RWFA

      I’d have thought you might have been searching for a car with a cassette slot and a distributor with points.

  9. 18ExplorerFan

    Drive-Ins in the Northeast are experiencing a bit of a renaissance since the pandemic. Mahoning Drive in Theater in PA and Transit Drive In near buffalo are not only surviving but absolutely thriving. Anyone that looks down on it simply hasn’t been. I’m a 43 year old Xennial but with 3 kids believe me, we are better off at the Drive In than the theater. While few will use the mode, why not? not like it is more than a software tweak.


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