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Ford Ranger Sales Beat Canyon, Trail Other Rivals In 2022

Ford Ranger sales decreased during the 2022 calendar year, placing the midsize pickup near the bottom of its competitive segment.

Throughout the 2022 calendar year, Ford Ranger sales decreased 40 percent, selling 57,005 units.

By comparison, the segment-best Tacoma saw its sales slip 6 percent to 237,323 units, followed by the Chevy Colorado (see running Chevy Colorado sales) in second with a 22 percent decrease to 89,197 units. In third was the Jeep Gladiator, which sold 77,855 units, down 13 percent year-over-year, while the Nissan Frontier experienced a 26 percent increase and sold 76,183 units last year, outpacing the Ranger. Finally, the GMC Canyon (see running GMC Canyon sales) rounded out the segment in sixth, with its sales rising 15 percent to 27,819 units.

Sales Numbers - Midsize Mainstream Pickup Trucks - 2022 - USA

TOYOTA TACOMA -6.02% 237,323 252,520 42% 42%
CHEVROLET COLORADO +22.17% 89,197 73,008 16% 12%
JEEP GLADIATOR -13.22% 77,855 89,712 14% 15%
NISSAN FRONTIER +25.52% 76,183 60,693 13% 10%
FORD RANGER -39.84% 57,005 94,755 10% 16%
GMC CANYON +15.31% 27,819 24,125 5% 4%
TOTAL -4.95% 565,382 594,813

From a segment share standpoint, the Tacoma accounted for a dominant 42 percent share, remaining steady year-over-year, while the Colorado captured 16 percent share, picking up four percentage points, followed by the Gladiator with 14 percent share, down one percentage point. The Frontier accounted for 13 percent share, gaining three percentage points, while Ford Ranger sales accumulated a 10 percent share, slipping six percentage points. The Canyon, meanwhile, picked up one percentage point last year, securing a five percent share.

Overall, the midsize mainstream pickup segment contracted five percent to 565,382 units during 2022, meaning that Ford Ranger sales severely underperformed the segment average.

Below, we have provided Honda Ridgeline sales for reference, as the model straddles the midsize and full-size pickup truck segments. It barely underperformed the Ranger, and would have slotted in beneath The Blue Oval’s midsize pickup offering for sixth place if it were included in the segment listing.

Sales Numbers - Honda Ridgeline - 2022 - USA

HONDA RIDGELINE +3.40% 42,762 41,355 100% 100%
TOTAL +3.40% 42,762 41,355

The Ford Authority Take

Unfortunately, the drastic downturn in Ford Ranger sales throughout 2022 isn’t entirely unexpected, as The Blue Oval continues to grapple with supply chain issues that make it difficult to keep production numbers on par with demand. It’s also highly likely that FoMoCo elected to prioritize production of the wildly popular Ford Bronco over that of the Ranger, as both models are produced at the Ford Michigan Assembly plant, throughout 2022.

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger sales could very well remain relatively low throughout the 2023 calendar year as well, as the 2023 Ford Ranger represents the final model year for the current-gen model in the U.S. The midsize pickup will get completed redesigned for the 2024 model yearFord Authority recently spotted a prototype of the new North American version of the pickup without camo, showing off its revised exterior styling, which closely – albeit not exactly – matches that of the next-gen Ranger already launched in global markets.

Once this all-new model hits the U.S., we expect sales of the midsize pickup to reflect increased interest, so long as production can keep up with demand. In fact, Ford Authority recently reported that order banks for the 2023 Ford Ranger closed on January 26th, 2023, meaning that the current model year will have a very limited run as FoMoCo prepares for the midsize pickup’s generational changeover.

2024 Ford Ranger XLT

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  1. whypac

    Ford Ranger beats GMC Canyon. LMAO. Ford’s vehicle was outsold by every other manufacturer in the segment, coming in dead last.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    Reap what you sow. GM and Ford both abandoned the anything but full size pick up market around 2010. Leaving Toyota and Nissan to build on already strong share of market.
    GM and Ford then realized that there are repeat buyers in the segment that have no need or desire to ‘graduate’ to the ever enlarging full size pickups.
    Jumping back in with the Ranger and Colorado/Canyon twins is smart. BUT pick up truck owners are still amount the most brand loyal buyers. It will take more that competitive pricing and quality to win back some buyers.

    1. Mike says...

      I agree that Ford has been an ‘on and off’ participant in the segment….. and Toyota in particular has benefited from the customer loyalty equation that came with staying the course.
      Ford would never admit it, but a lot of their product life cycles are built around customer demographics among other things. Unlike Toyota, Ford writes off ‘generations’ of customers believing that they age into extinction.
      Toyota’s market presence is a cradle to grave undertaking which has done well for them…Ford’s plan is too focused on selling the ‘new taste’ in your mouth. Big surprise, Ford will never challenge Toyota’s dominance.

  3. Materialman

    Three problems with Ranger sales, one, there are none on the lot to choose from. Two, they are two expensive. Three, you buy a Tacoma, you know it will run forever with no problems, a Ranger….well maybe, maybe not.

  4. hot toddy

    add GM’s Canyon and Colorado sales together since it’s basicly the same truck and they are double in sales over the Ranger, but when I see a new Ranger in inventory that might be optioned they way I would be interested in, it’s gone within a week.

  5. Outlook214

    The biggest issue with Ranger’s poor sales is production. Ford builds it alongside the Bronco and the Bronco is in way higher demand, so obviously that’s what Ford is trying to build. It’s Ford’s own fault for failing miserably with supply issues, but that’s another story. Ford lot’s are gaining F-150, Explorer, Bronco Sport and even Bronco inventory, but it’s hard to find a Ranger comparatively.


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