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Ford Super Duty Lineup Wins 2023 Best Value In America Award

The Ford Super Duty has long represented a proverbial cash cow for FoMoCo, a vehicle that remains in high demand – particularly as the all-new 2023 model prepares to launch. There’s still a big market for a large, capable truck that can tow or haul massive loads with ease, it seems, though the popularity of the Ford Super Duty can also be attributed to other factors – chiefly, it’s low cost to own. And that’s precisely why Vincentric has gifted that model a 2023 Best Value in America Award in the full-size 3/4 ton and one-ton pickup segments – joining the Ford F-150 Lighting, which topped the full-size half-ton pickup segment, the Ford Escape PHEV, which ranked first in the small SUV category, and the Ford Mustang, which earned a win in the sports car space.

2023 Ford Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty F-250 topped the 3/4 ton pickup segment by coming in at 2.4 percent below its expected ownership costs, and also had the lowest maintenance, repair, and total cost of ownership in its class. Meanwhile, the F-350 ranked first in the one-ton pickup segment with ownership costs that were 0.8 percent lower than expected, and also had the lowest maintenance, repair, and total cost of ownership among its peers.

To determine the winners of its Best Value in America Awards, Vincentric measures the cost of ownership for approximately 2,000 vehicle configurations by combining the costs associated with depreciation, insurance, repairs, maintenance, finance, fuel, taxes, state fees, and opportunity costs. The company then determines a vehicle’s expected cost of ownership based on a statistical model that correlates the price and cost of ownership of the vehicles within that specific segment. Finally, it calculates the difference between a vehicle’s “expected” cost of ownership and its “measured” cost of ownership. The vehicle that is the greatest percentage below the expected cost of ownership is determined to be the best value in its segment.

“The Vincentric Best Value in America Awards aim to help guide consumers in making informed vehicle purchase decisions,” said Vincentric President, David Wurster. “This year’s awards saw numerous electric vehicles winning in their segments, showing that EVs can still be the best value choice in spite of their frequently higher purchase price, usually due to fuel and maintenance cost savings.”

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  1. RandallK

    These are real trucks, Lightning is not even a truck, it can tow a very light load just over 60 miles before stranding you on the road. And no one can simply bring you a gas can with a Lightning. Demand is outstripping supply with the SD, over 10k orders per day.

    1. RWFA

      LoL Randall K-street sneaking in with a little drive-by bad faith FUD.

      Here he uses scripted talking points designed to impugn Lightning as not being a “real truck” by leveraging load and time anxiety (as if that’s going to scare off informed buyers.)

      And like all the Big Oil bad faith troll Team sock puppets of late, he’s trying to push SD because this locks in Big Oil revenues for at least one more vehicle lifetime.

      These morons don’t realize they are in a trick bag, they may sell another SD but it just gives Ford more revenue to accelerate its pivot off of ICE.

      Happy to see the greedy sociopaths of Big Oil being damned when they do and dammed when they don’t.

  2. Dillon

    The amount they are selling will keep Diesel fuel around forever and prices lower due to higher volume. Nice to see 350K trucks in just one year added to our roadways for decades to come. Throw in RAM and GM heavy duty trucks and it’s almost a million per year added.

    1. RWFA

      Oh man, yes it’s Dillon Again, another of the Big Oil tag team sock puppets.

      I mean really, who but a guy looking at his big oil based bonus can get chuffed about the number of diesels sold each year and that stinky messy diesel fuel will be abundant.

      Big oil is pushing diesels because they extend the life of big Oil’s cash cow for at least one more vehicle lifetime (for a sociopathic profit motive at the detriment of all else.

      I mean how lazy can Big Oil be? With their revenue stream they could have developed battery chemistries and designs, charger designs, and added the charging infrastructure necessary to rule automotive charging for the next century.

      Instead they will ride their cash cow until it drops, lying and manipulating all the way to the end.

      As greedy as they are incompetent and dishonest.


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