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S650 Ford Mustang Shooting Brake Looks Absolutely Fantastic

Enthusiasts have long been enamored with the idea of what’s widely known as a “shooting brake” – or a body style that’s reminiscent of a wagon, yet inspired by horse-drawn wagons from the 1890s that were used to transport hunters, their equipment, and their game from one place to another. The first automotive shooting brakes surfaced in the early 1900s, and now, typically describe a vehicle that combines coupe and station wagon body styles, though they’re rarely seen in today’s world. However, like most enthusiasts, we love shooting brakes, and these renderings from Sugar Design show us what an S650 Ford Mustang variant of this type might look like.

S650 Ford Mustang Shooting Brake Rendering Rear Three Quarters

These renderings depict a regular old S650 Ford Mustang GT, complete with the coupe’s fresh new lines from one end to the other. The only difference, of course, is that the artist extended the roofline all the way to the rear, giving the pony car a large cargo area in lieu of a trunk. The result of that effort is rather impressive, as the sleek, forward-sloping rear glass looks like it could have been designed this way from the start.

While it’s unlikely that an S650 Ford Mustang shooting brake would sell in any sort of large quantities – few of its peers ever have, while wagon sales in general represent a tiny slice of the overall market – there’s certainly a business case to be made for a sporty machine with loads of utility, as not everyone wants a crossover or SUV.


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Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an artist try their hand at creating a shooting brake version of a pony car, as we came a across a Fox Body coupe/wagon a little over two years ago. Perhaps the day will come when FoMoCo expands its Mustang lineup to include such an offering – and, maybe, a high-performance off-road-focused Raptor version of its iconic pony car, too.

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  1. RWFA

    Like the eternally gestating mid-engine Corvette, build it and they will come.

    This body style has interesting aerodynamic possibilities.

    NASCAR anyone?

    EV hypermiler?

  2. Jim Glass

    The shooting brake concept would give sporting car buyers a very cool option. Outfitted properly, this design could give Ferrari a run for its money.

  3. Kevin

    While at it, do a longer wheelbase variant and call it a Lincoln LS V-8 please.

    1. Stan

      Exactly what Lincoln needs. There are no vehicles to aspire to within the current Lincoln linup.

  4. John


  5. David Dickinson II

    Ford’s Mondeo wagon is a beautiful car. Drop the 5.0 engine in that and give the E450 a run for its money.

    1. RWFA

      Agree on wagon aesthetics but packaging an 8 would be a massive tear up.

      Similarly Ford could have mated that body atop a BEV PT for a 4WD All Road type Sportwagen but that would have been a big change too.

      1. David Dickinson II

        Whatever powerplant works. Just make it zippy. IMHO, too many American wagons became sluggish which contributed to their downfall. It has to be both practical and fun to win people over.

  6. Ryan

    Article states they would hardly sell any, but there’s a business case to be made……if no one is going to buy it, what is the business case??

  7. JE

    Looks great. That’s why Ford will not produce it. If it were a boring, cookie cutter, uninteresting SUV or crossover, then Ford would produce it.

  8. John

    “If it were a boring, cookie cutter, uninteresting SUV or crossover, then Ford would produce it.”

    Unfortunately, that is what this entire industry is turning into. It’s gross. At least Ford has the V8 S650 for a few years.

  9. Mark B

    Total fantasy! Ford is doing away with cars…haven’t ya heard! Even the one’s they market outside the US market…well, except for China. Anyway, the Fusion made a great looking shooting brake…actually nicer than the Mustang in my opinion.

    1. Mrx19

      Agreed, and it would not have diluted the Mustang brand. Made too much sense for Ford to do it.

  10. Bruce Jr

    Gotta disagree. That looks hideous. Like a mustang version of the BMW “clown shoe” Z3.

  11. 4easter

    The weakest design of the new S650 is the carry over roof from the current Mustang. A Shooting Brake gives some needed uniqueness to the overall design.

  12. David

    Well, I get that Americans are not into wagons – even the hatch is a stretch for many. However, Canadians tend to have a more european bent to their car buying tastes. 5 speed focus wagons sold like hot cakes up here. The Flex is everywhere, and we love our MKT which is a wagon, not an SUV, despite what the registration says. And sluggish? Think again! It scoots with 365/345 hp/tq.
    So, in Canada and Europe (where, for instance, the Mustang outsold the ENTIRE BMW lineup last year), there is absolutely a business case. Give Canadians amd Europeans the Mustang Shooting Brake, and let the US stick with the coupe-only version. Its their loss.
    BTW, Ford: bring back the muscle wagon. We bemoan the loss of the MKT in the lineup. The aviator is NOT what an MKT driver is looking for as a replacement.

  13. LP

    I agree it’s a nice design exercise, but plz Ford, no more Mustang-named spin-offs of the real thing. The 2024 is a huge disappointment already IMO. That IP is an abomination and the exterior is all wrong. It’s a major refresh, not an all new Mustang. What a shame to have this S650 be the last ICE Mustang. And I had been looking forward to getting one until the reveal. Why not just change the company name to Ford Truck Co? That’s all you care about.

  14. Mike says...

    Pretty picture for sure… However you have zero upside for selling this concept in the U.S.. Station wagons, Shooting Brakes or any Hatchback design is a no go here. This would be made worst by calling it a Mustang. I hope somebody is just messin with you guys because this would live beside the ‘Ford FLEX’ along with a long list of abandoned ideas.

  15. Bunster

    If the Mustang wheelbase was 3 more inches and they brought back the liftback design like my 1986 GT, then it would have a functional back seat and useful storage area. No need to go as far as trying to make it a wagon or shootin anything. Ford would sell more Mustangs if they made it a bit more practical, or quit pretending it is a four pax car and make it the size of a Corvette. What is the point of a rear seat that is so hard to get in & out, and really uncomfortable if you do get in? A 1986 liftback with a new Coyote, modern dash and 6 speed manual would be my ideal Mustang.

  16. Roger


  17. Keith Bjelland

    The mustang wagon sucks as a mustang but give it a different name and it will sell for people who like wagons.
    Shooting brake yuck..

    1. RWFA

      I’m too young to recall but I wonder if folks were so closed minded when the Mustang line up was expanded in 1966 to include a fast back.

  18. Kevin

    Would rather have spent the money developing a proper LS and Continental for Lincoln complete with V8’s. Guess what, Cadillac is selling a lot of CT4/ CT5 sedans. Missed opportunity for Lincoln, again. Lincoln missed on the Allante market, Catera market, XLR market, CTS Wagon market and high performance V-series market. I see a big problem here. Sales don’t lie. Tanking very bad. Why not sell the brand to some other company who understand what Lincoln means and is all about? Your serve RW.


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