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Second Gen Ford EVs Will Be Fully Updatable And Simplified

The current lineup of Ford EVs represents the automaker’s first generation of all-electric products, with a number of changes expected for the forthcoming second-generation. Those models are expected to deviate further from the ICE lineup in terms of styling and aerodynamics, while also riding on a trio of dedicated EV platforms, too. However, during FoMoCo’s Q4 2022 earnings call with investors, CEO Jim Farley also shared some additional details about what we can expect from the second generation of Ford EVs.

“Now we are deep in the development of our second-generation EVs, including our next-generation electric full-size pickup, which, by the way, is awesome,” Farley said. “These EVs will be fully software-updatable. That means a brand-new electric architecture, and they’re going to be radically simplified. Imagine three body styles, each with volume potential of up to one million units and just a handful of orderable combinations. That’s what we’re doing at Ford for the second generation of products. And that means higher customer sat, better quality, lower bill material, and lower manufacturing costs.”

Aside from simplified, unique, and more dedicated EV models, we do know quite a few things about Ford’s second-generation all-electric lineup. Farley previously said that all Lincoln EVs will be second-generation products, for example, as will the BEV versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator – both of which will be built at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada, not at the Chicago Assembly plant, where the ICE variants are produced. Additionally, the ICE Ford Escape could be replaced by an EV model in 2026.

As for FoMoCo’s existing EV lineup, the next-gen Ford Mustang Mach-E will reportedly arrive in 2026 and may expand to include a “coupe” version, while the Ford F-150 Lightning is expected to enter production in 2025, too.

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  1. Bob

    I never thought of Ford or GM as elitist brands but with 50k and up vehicles that you can buy and the cheap vehicles being slow walked so they are marked up by dealers Ford is not the everymans brand. Just vehicles for upper middle abd upper class. Not what Henry wanted.

    1. RWFA

      Henry is long dead. Times change. If you stay with what you always did you end up like BlackBerry, Motorola, Studebaker and Packard.

      And “elitist, haha. K-street Nob is trying to plant a culture wars wedge in his argument.

  2. RWFA

    What I found interesting from both the earnings call and the Wolfe interview were Farley’s comments on complexity, over engineering, using obsolete ICE driven specs, too many fasteners, too many brackets, too little aero.

    These comments are based on what Ford has learned from Tesla about 1-2 years ago.

    These comments came about 2 weeks ago. Then there were a bunch of nonsense comments slamming Sandy Munro (usually misspelling his name) for his similar call outs.

    (As well as our idiot K-streeters dumping their then scripted nonsense about Toyota refused to do BEV, then wouldn’t put emphasis on BEV both being well debunked FUD.)

    Well on Monday, Mr Sato, the new CEO of Toyota spoke of how Toyota had to learn from Tesla. (The same lessons that Farley and Co learned 2 seasons ago.)


  3. Billy

    Yea these prices are just out of control.

    I just want a base model maverick. But they only build the higher trims for the higher margins.


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