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Updated Ford E-Series Currently In Development

The long-running Ford E-Series has carried on for a number of years now with few major updates, save for the addition of a chassis cab variant a few years ago. As Ford Authority reported last July, the 2024 Ford E-Series will continue that tradition by carrying over mostly unchanged as well. However, sources familiar with the matter have now told Ford Authority that an updated Ford E-Series is currently in development.

The forthcoming, revised E-Series will receive some updates to its exterior and interior, as the company is currently working on rolling out a modernized version of the ages-old model. Currently, the E-Series lineup offers buyers quite a few modern features, but lacks any type of Sync system – which is prevalent across the Blue Oval lineup – and isn’t yet available with the brand new 6.8L gas V8 engine that debuted in the 2023 Ford Super Duty, nor Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

A true workhorse in Ford’s commercial vehicle lineup, the E-Series is available with the naturally-aspirated Ford 7.3L V8 Godzilla engine in two different tunes, along with the TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission. Aside from possibly gaining the new base 6.8L engine, the updated E-Series could receive some exterior styling revisions to bring it more inline with Ford’s current offerings, as well as fresh tech inside the cabin.

Though it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, the current E-Series remains a strong seller for The Blue Oval, even though it experienced a seven percent decline in Q4 2022. Ford sold a total of 9,927 units last quarter, giving the E-Series a 12 percent market share and placing it behind the full-size van segment-leading Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Chevrolet Express, as well as ahead of the GMC Savana and Nissan NV.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Now why can’t FORD apply the same concept to all of their products, they would solve so many problems. That is make slight changes to existing platforms with proven components rather than scrapping the whole thing and hope that the new one doesn’t P.O. the customers because it stinks. Why not just put the TRANSIT cab on the E SERIES chassis? We’ll have to see what happens.

  2. MtryAlex

    Apparently the E series is now only sold as a cab and frame. Too bad. The Transit does not have the equivalent of the E-350, which could tow up to 10k lbs.

  3. cj

    I wish they continue making he E Series van again….i owned 7 of them..then bought brand new t 250 Transit mid roof…the E series is built better…easier to service…rear brakes lasted twice longer..easier to replace rear brakes…you have to pull rear axles out on a Transit just to replace rotors…a very costly job….and the v8s E series 5.4 etc…got as good fuel miliage as the 3.7 v6…when loaded ..

  4. CJ

    It is like Ford has totally ignored the e series for over a decade. About time they looked at it again. How about putting satellite-ready and updated audio entertainment systems in them for one thing?

  5. crabbymilton

    Unfortunately, I doubt they will build the van version again. I’ve been a delivery driver going on 38 years and driven vans from FORD, GM and CHRYSLER and by far and the way the FORD E SERIES was the best overall. My company issued 1995 E150 was great. It had the old 300 6. Great engine but it loved to drink as much fuel as a large V8. But we kept it for more than 10 years and it just was aging with some rust rusted fuel tank, minor tranny leak, and brake problems. But 188k miles that engine still ran great. A couple years later, I had to rent an E150 for a couple days. It was mostly unchanged from my ’95 except that it had the 4.6L V8. That V8 had better fuel milage, more power and it was a bit more quiet. That was a good engine family despite the critics. I had that same engine in my ’04 GRAND MARQUIS and that engine served me well up to 205k when I traded it in. I did rent a TRANSIT 150 a few years ago for the first time. I found it to be just as nice to use as the ESERIES and even more power. I don’t know why they put in such user unfriendly features and service nightmares but I would imagine that those problems can be fixed over time.
    The E SERIES chassis cab will be here now for decades to come now. They are the most popular foundation for class C motorhomes and airport/hotel shuttle buses. There are some GM chassis but more often than not, they are built on the FORD E SERIES. Now if they don’t manage to goof up that line…

    1. RWFA

      Hi Crabby, a little known fact is in the 1990’s, the executive engineer at Ford responsible for the Modular engines, a certain BC, after launch, later went to Chrysler to lead development of the Jeep Hemi.

  6. Crabbymilton

    That’s interesting. I wonder how much longer those V8’s will be available. CHRYSLER seems to be moving towards turbo 6’s too. With the possible idea of putting the upcoming CUMMINS gasoline engine in the HD RAM. Forgive me but what does BC stand for?

  7. philip tilley

    Wasn’t Ford supposed to be building a big van jointly with Volkswagen.

    1. JimmyJackson1978

      That’s in Europe only. I think it’s basically just a rebadged agreement but I may be wrong though. Ford will make their full-size Transit van as a rebadged Volkswagen Transporter van. Volkswagen will then offer their midsize Caddy van as a rebadged Ford Tourneo/Transit Connect van. Ford will also make the next generation Ranger for Volkswagen as the Amarok pickup truck too. Volkswagen also will offer their MEB electric platform for Ford to build two EVs in Europe. Volkswagen provide the skateboard platform while Ford designs and makes the tophats for the EVs. One of them is rumored to be called ‘Explorer Sport’.

      This agreement with Volkswagen was done by previous Ford CEO Hackett. However, current CEO Farley is trying to run far from the MEB EV platform portion of the agreement as quick as possible. Ford’s own GE2 and TE1 platform architecture will be used on new EVs globally moving forward. The two VW MEB-based Ford EVs will still be made and sold as per the agreement. It will likely only last through the rest of this decade to fulfill the obligation. And then that’s it with that portion of the deal.


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