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2022 Ford Mustang Gets Rare Zero Percent Financing Deal

Over the past few years, supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on automotive production, leading to new vehicle shortages, skyrocketing prices, and a general lack of incentives. However, the Ford Mustang isn’t totally devoid of deals, as FoMoCo currently has a couple of low interest rate offers available for pony car customers this month. Now, the 2022 Ford Mustang – specifically – is available with a zero percent interest offer, according to a dealer incentive bulletin seen by Cars Direct.

Previously, the lowest interest rate one could obtain when financing a 2022 Ford Mustang for 60 months was 3.9 percent, but that number has now dropped all the way down to zero – giving qualified buyers the ability to save thousands over the course of a loan. It’s a rare deal in today’s world, though such offers used to be relatively common among automakers prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, those wanting a longer term can score a 1.9 percent interest rate on a 72-month term, down from a prior rate of 4.9 percent.

As one might imagine, there is one big caveat pertaining to this incentive that’s worth noting – starting with the fact that it only applies to 2022 Ford Mustang models, which may be somewhat difficult to find sitting on dealer lots at the moment. The 2023 Mustang is excluded, though it isn’t completely left out in terms of incentive offers.

Rather, qualified buyers seeking to purchase a 2023 model year pony car can receive special interest rates of 3.9 percent for 36 months,  5.9 percent for 60 months, and 7.9 percent for 72 months. Regardless, this makes the 2023 Mustang far more expensive to finance than a 2022 model – meaning that anyone looking for a new pony car would be best served to try and hunt down that particular model.

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  1. Ford500guy

    The only 22 Mustang I’ve seen on a dealers lot was a Shelby Gt500 that stickered for $80,000 + a $20,000 dealer markup ,so no their are a very few new Mustangs any were to be found. Good luck.


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