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2023 Ford Bronco Audio System Options Revised

As is the case with many new Blue Oval models these days, the 2023 Ford Bronco has faced its fair share of supply chain constraints, which has prompted FoMoCo to delete certain features, or at least introduce deletion options in the event that parts shortages occur. As Ford Authority previously reported, that list includes a variety of sound system-related removal options, including a mandatory six speaker with subwoofer delete option (order code 58E). Now, options regarding the audio systems available in the 2023 Ford Bronco lineup have once again been revised, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The 2023 Ford Bronco lineup has added a seven speaker audio system with a subwoofer (option code 58Z) that’s optional on Outer Banks, Badlands, Wildtrak, Raptor, and Heritage Limited trims, for starters. At the same time, two other options have been deleted – the six speaker with subwoofer system (58T) and seven speaker system (58K), both of which were previously optional on all of the aforementioned series.

Essentially, it seems as if Ford is simplifying its chip shortage-related speaker removal options with these moves, as now, there’s just one option where models that can normally be ordered with the B&O sound system – which is part of the Lux Package on the Outer Banks and higher trims – could instead feature the standard audio system.

In addition to these stereo system deletion options, the 2023 Ford Bronco also previously added a navigation removal option – Navigation Removal Code (59D) – though it was made optional after being mandatory for the 2022 model year, and deleted altogether from dealer stock orders – not retail units – last week. Meanwhile, after 2023 Bronco order banks were initially only open to carryover reservation/order holders, new customers will get their chance to order one later this month.

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  1. Bill Howland

    Confusing. Not sure what the audio progression is here, as well as pricing.

  2. Bob Dobson

    Super confusing since most dealerships or sales people dont understand it either. Its odd we dont see any other OEM deleting features at the volume Ford is.

    Why would anyone want a new Bronco without navigation and a good stereo.

    Ford continues to drop content, drop QC, increase recalls, increase price.

  3. Douglas Pennell

    We love our B&O stereo in our new Ford Ranger.

  4. Vic

    I have a 2023 bronco being built this month and it got the sub delete . Supper bummed about that. I hope they have in works a aftermarket sub that you can buy and add later. A lot of people getting their broncos are getting empty amp boxes and a dead subwoofer speaker for the mandatory delete. So weird they would do that.


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