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2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Order Banks Reopen, Prices Jump

Facing tremendous demand and short supply the Ford F-150 Lightning has remained a hot entity on the new vehicle market since its launch, but rising commodities prices have made the EV pickup even more expensive to buy over that same time period. Making matters worse, a fire caused by a defective battery prompted the automaker to shut down 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning production recently, as well as issue a recall for a small handful of units that wound up being delivered before the problem was discovered. Now, with the automaker working on ramping up production of the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning and several other desirable models, The Blue Oval has announced that order banks are once again open, though prices have also increased yet again, according to Automotive News.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pricing
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Price – March 30th, 2023 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Price – December 15th, 2022 + / – December 15 Price
Pro $59,974 $55,974 +$4000
XLT $63,474 $63,474 $0
XLT High $68,974 $68,974 $0
XLT High Extended Range $80,974 $80,974 $0
Lariat $75,974 $74,474 +$1500
Lariat Extended Range $85,974 $85,974 $0
Platinum $98,874 $96,874 +$2000

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This time around, only certain trims levels of the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning have experienced price increases – the entry-level, work-oriented Pro, which has risen by $4,000 to $59,974, the Lariat standard range, which is now $1,500 more expensive than before at $75,974, and the Platinum, which has jumped by $2,000 with a new starting price of $98,874. These prices don’t include the mandatory $1,895 destination and delivery charge, however. Ford blames the price increases on “current material costs, market factors, and supply chain constraints.”

Most notable here is Pro pricing, which has risen by nearly 50 percent since the Lightning’s launch. However, while retail order banks for the 2023 F-150 Lightning have reopened, the same can’t be said for the Pro model, which remains sold out for retail customers and won’t see its order banks reopen for commercial customers until mid-April.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    A long time ago in a $39k galaxy far, far away….

  2. Metz

    And now 20k more than the Silverado EV..

    1. Jeremy

      Where can I buy one of those?

  3. Jeremy

    Market factors = demand.

  4. Mackie

    Smart move. Demand is high, supply limited and Ford has a monopoly at the moment. Why let the dealer pocket the ADM markups?
    GM will launch late this year with high trim levels likely and Cybertruck ‘sometime’ next year (if ever) along with Ram end of next year.
    Hopefully the reduced complexity and efficiency of the T3 Platform along with battery cost reductions will mean similar pricing to the Lightning, not to mention Ford’s gen2 EV pickup will be out within 12 to 18 months of the competitors gen 1 entrants

  5. joe

    That is not what the study said. Here is a quote. But even within the limitations of the study, the results show some encouraging news. If you don’t count cars such as the Chevrolet Bolt that were hit with a battery recall, replacements are pretty uncommon. The oldest mass-market EVs, the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S, had the highest percentage of battery replacements, but overall, only 1.5 percent of EVs in the study had their batteries replaced. No where in the study 3 days ago said at 90k your battery was done.

  6. Bob Dobson

    The demand is not HIGH, thats a complete lie.

    Dealerships have stock sitting around but the biggest indicator is seeing used Lightening pickups on other OEM’s dealer lots. People are trading these in now after they find out the issues.

    Now they increase the price?…….good luck with that, QC is almost non existent, real life battery performance significantly below advertised performance.

    I bet we see program cash and financing end of MY or into 2024.

    1. David Dickinson II

      You are correct. From an article 2 weeks ago, “Take a look at how Ford Lighting and others are dropping in dealer auctions. Sixty days a go a Platinum was garnering $115k-$125. Fast forward to last week? You’re lucky to get $85k for one new. MSRP is around $98k. NOT good. How about an Audi e-tron? Original MSRP about $66k. You’re lucky to get $53k at Manheim today.”

  7. Mike says...

    So, the article is talking about price increases.
    Nice to see it is not a factor for most of you….
    BEV cheerleaders should be concerned… but there not.

  8. ECFord

    I believe you are not being completely transparent. The order bank is only open to wave 8 F150 Lightning Reservationists. These are customers that were placed in reservations last year. The order bank is not open to the general retail public.

  9. RandallK

    Not good. Battery replacement in an EV already costs $20K. It’s like being forced to buy a nice used car every 90k miles. No thanks.


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