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2023 Ford Maverick XLT Built With Signature Lariat Feature

The interior of the Ford Maverick has attracted quite a bit of attention for a number of reasons, chiefly for the fact that it doesn’t look like the cabin of a vehicle that costs so little. Rather than the typical and rather boring cheap gray/black plastics everywhere, the compact pickup features a unique design and different types of textures and colors that help make it look a bit more upscale, even if it’s still full of hard plastics. However, we’d wager that this 2023 Ford Maverick XLT that recently popped up on Reddit is a true one of a kind build, thanks to a bit of a snafu that happened during the assembly process.

2023 Ford Maverick XLT With Lariat Interior - Interior 003

This particular 2023 Ford Maverick XLT came equipped with cloth seats up front, as expected. However, humorously enough, the rear seats are ActiveX units from a Lariat-trimmed pickup, complete with the brown/black two-tone treatment that doesn’t match the gray front units in any way, shape, or form.

2023 Ford Maverick XLT With Lariat Interior - Interior 002

One might assume that the owner of this mismatched Maverick would be a bit angry after making this discovery, particularly after waiting 16 months to take delivery of their new pickup. However, that isn’t the case at all, and they actually admit that they “really like it,” and seem to be taking the mistake in stride.

2023 Ford Maverick XLT With Lariat Interior - Interior 001

As Ford Authority previously reported, the inspiration for the Maverick Lariat’s interior design came from a very unusual place – a pair of Navy Blue Levi’s shoes with brown leather details and stitching – which Maverick Colors and Materials Designer Rob Brancheau came across while on a lunch break one day. Regardless, we doubt that this is what he had in mind on that fateful day, at least.

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  1. Joe

    It isn’t real leather.

    1. RWFA

      Define “real leather” please.

      1. David Dickinson II

        I’m not a biologist, but I think “was a cow” is sufficient.

        1. Tom

          It’s known as Vegan leather.

  2. Z71_Tahoe

    I’ve seen mismatch’s like this before and the dealer won’t release them to the customer. There was a case of a regular F150 with a Raptor driver’s seat not long ago. Much less obvious than this but the dealer noticed and had it replaced before they would allow the customer to take delivery.

  3. RWFA

    I see this and wonder “is this even possible or did somebody change out some seats?”

    1. Jay Jay

      It happens. It’s just extremely rare they’d let a customer take delivery of the vehicle like this.

  4. Malcom

    As a person who is waiting on Maverick (for 6month so far), this is actually scary, because this means their quality inspection is terrible. It is obvious they dont even look at the inside of the car after they make it. If they miss this much obvious failure, would they catch any internal failure before they ship out of factory???


      Just 6 months! I put in my original order over a year ago! It was never processed! I reordered when they reopened orders for 2023 on the second day. They closed the orders after only 7 days. Still waiting and the dealer says it has no idea when it will come in! I was told, maybe December/January. It’s now March and I’m still waiting! This is ridiculous!
      If I didn’t want the Maverick so bad, I would be looking at other brands!!

      1. Harley Wattrick

        Amen, I’m at 18 months and counting.

  5. SEO

    This would have never left the factory like this. Maybe a missed different color stitched seat may escape, but you would have to be blind for this to escape. The dealer would not sell it like this. Obviously, this is someone’s truck and they swapped seats out with another unit, probably one that was wrecked or purchased from another owner. Notice there are no pics showing tag area.

    1. William

      You’re giving Ford way to much credit, there’s pics of Broncos being delivered with mismatched interior pieces. I’m sure if you visited all the other forums you’d see the same Ford quality in action.

  6. Randy Spalding

    When can we start ordering a maverick pick up this year. Thanks..

  7. Buster

    I don’t care what you do it, it’s still a “girlyman’s” truck.

    1. Rosko

      I think guys who own this truck are secure and are not compensating for anything. Like people who make comments about it. 😜

      1. Harley Wattrick

        Agree. I don’t need a macho vehicle to be assured of my manhood.
        And 40+ MPG makes my wallet stand tall.

  8. Alston Ingram Jr

    The ridiculous, useless, NUISANCE “start stop technology” will one day be eliminated because it is as ineffective as other alleged “solutions” used in the past. Please don’t add it to the Hybrid Maverick.

    1. RWFA

      Describe ineffective.

      Also, Mr Arby’s guy, this is an article about seats.

    2. Chris

      The auto start/stop in the hybrid Maverick works seamlessly with the eCVT. It is not comparable to the non-hybrid systems used elsewhere. Unless I’m specifically paying attention I often can’t tell if the gas motor is running out not.

  9. JJ

    I totally agree that the start stop technology is awful and should be eliminated. i have the feature on another car and the first thing i do when i start the car is ti switch it off. The feature “might” save fuel on a gas guzzeling engine but the most that you would save on a fuel efficient engene is hardly measuerable.

  10. charles kokoska

    This truck would best suit a young family or an old man. I have owned f 150s all my life. Now the maverick serves it’s purpose. I love the truck and am able to do everything that I need to do. the fuel economy is outstanding. This old man no longer needs the f 150, the maverick is fine.

  11. Penny

    I have been waiting for over a 18 months for my Maverick and finally gave up on getting the one I ordered. Last week I bought one used and I love it. It really is a great truck and I think worth the extra dollars I paid.

  12. Daniel H Duke

    Hey Ford Authority, you wanted comments, suggestions, etc about the Ford products. Well, I
    have been waiting for 8 months now for my Maverick. Why doesn’t FA play customer’s advocate and concentrate on the Maverick production and keep the public informed as to what problems there are with supply lines, etc. I would like to know when they’re going to notify me that they’re going to start building mine. I’m reasonably sure a lot of other people would like some ongoing production on them as well as me!

  13. Kurt A Jordan

    I’m waiting to see what the little Jap truck looks like!

  14. Mark Eickert

    8s the body on the Maverick aluminum?

  15. Jeff

    So I ordered my 2023 Ford Mavericks in September 2022 still no build date yet so one day was reading a article and the Ford news forum and it had a list of items that they may be holding up your build and I had one of them the hard bed cover so it said if your car’s not being built yet you can change your order so I went down there and had him drop that our big cover got my and it was just as much as when I had the hardcover on it so I started looking at it and they charge me for things before before due to their new policy thanks a lot where the cheaper to leave the cover on and still no build date yet


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