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2023 Ford Trends Report Reveals Stressed Out Global Populace

Over the past decade, the Looking Further with Ford trends report has examined the state of the world at that particular point in history, identifying the key trends shaping society, and examining how society is adapting, as well as how consumers, communities, and businesses alike are rewriting the rules of living, working, buying, and traveling. In the past couple of years, this report has unsurprisingly found that the general public was overwhelmed with the pandemic, changes taking place in the world at a rapid rate, economic fallout, and political polarization. Now, the 2023 Ford trends report has been released, and it paints a similar picture.

Following three years of being submerged in a global pandemic, the 2023 Ford trends report discovered that the top sources of stress today include national and global instability, as well as personal finances. A grand total of 68 percent of those polled indicated that they are overwhelmed by all the changes they see taking place in the world, with many believing that the worst is yet to come.

On the political spectrum, 64 percent of those surveyed said that they don’t feel represented in those types of conversations today, with most expecting brands to take a stand on social and environmental issues and 50 percent stating that they also believe that those brands should hold employees accountable for what they say and do outside of the workplace. Meanwhile, 73 percent feel uneasy about how much companies know about them through data collection, though 7 out of 10 also said that social media – a big source of that data mining – makes them feel connected to others.

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Despite all of this, 74 percent of adults surveyed envision what they want their future to look like and plan to take steps to make it happen, while nearly eight in 10 said that mistakes are an opportunity to do better, rather than a punishment. And in terms of traditional 9-5 jobs, 70 percent say they no longer feel like that traditional format is essential to becoming successful, either.

The 2023 Ford trends report is based on 16,120 online interviews conducted across 16 countries among the general population, ages 18 years and older. While the data collected within countries was weighted to be representative as a whole, the overall sample of 16,120 was not weighted across countries, which means that it isn’t representative based on country population sizes across the participating countries.

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    This is great ty

  2. Ronald Gerwin

    The trend report shows a disturbing leaning to the left as so many people want corporations to get involved in politics which definitely diverts attention away from the main purpose sof corporations: sales, profits, jobs, investment potential–and staying out of poltics.


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