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2023 Lincoln Corsair Adds New Whisper Blue Metallic Color

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair gains two new exterior colors in its lineup, including Whisper Blue Metallic Clearcoat and Crystal Red Metallic Premium Colorant. Here’s a first look at the former, Whisper Blue Metallic Clearcoat.

Whisper Blue Metallic Clearcoat is tagged with paint code K1, and it is available all Corsair trim levels, including Standard, Reserve and Grand Touring, adding $750 to the overall cost of the luxury crossover. As a reminder, the following list comprises all available exterior paint options for the 2023 Lincoln Corsair:

  • Pristine White Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Red Carpet Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Ceramic Pearl Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Silver Radiance Metallic Clearcoat
  • Asher Gray Metallic Clearcoat
  • Infinite Black Metallic Clearcoat
  • Whisper Blue Metallic Clearcoat (new for 2023)
  • Crystal Red Metallic Premium Colorant (new for 2023)

The following are all available trim levels:

  • Standard
  • Reserve
  • Grand Touring

Finally, the following are are available interior colorways for the 2023 Lincoln Corsair:

  • Ebony
  • Sandstone
  • Ebony/Smoked Truffle
  • Ebony/Cashew
  • Ebony/Eternal Red

Ford Authority already spotted a real-life Corsair wearing Whisper Blue at the 2022 North American International Auto Show, giving us a good look at the soft blue hue under the showroom lights.

As a reminder, the 2023 model year brought about quite a few notable changes and updates to the luxury crossover. This includes revised exterior styling, an updated interior, and the deletion of optional turbocharged Ford 2.3L I4 EcoBoost engine. The veil was pulled off in mid-September, debuting the luxury crossover with Sync 4 and ActiveGlide, the marque’s semi-autonomous driver assist technology. In fact, buyers of a 2023 Corsair will automatically receive a two-year subscription to ActiveGlide for vehicles outfitted with the tech.

The standard engine for the 2023 Lincoln Corsair is the turbocharged 2.0L I4 EcoBoost engine, which produces 250 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque, and is offered on the Standard and Reserve trim levels. This engine is mated to Ford’s eight-speed automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the 2.5L I4 hybrid setup produces 266 horsepower combined, mated to Ford’s constant velocity transmission (CVT), is exclusively offered in the Grand Touring trim level.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. MJ

    Another dull color to add to all the other boring colors. The model year is almost 1/2 over and they have produced only 366 retail orders. I gave up after 6 months and moved to Hyundai , better quality, same price and better features and warranty. After40 years, never buying a low quality , ugly Ford or Lincoln product again

    1. Robert T Arthur

      As long as you don’t mind them getting stolen easily or catching fire.

      1. Davido49

        EXACTLY 💯 . They are atrocious. Look terrible too.

    2. Davido49

      Hyundai absolutely sucks an pales in tech to new Corair. My aunt just got one prob. Absolutely loves it. Dumped her drab , slow Acura .

  2. Robert T Arthur

    Looks like just another boring shade of gray.

  3. Mike says...

    This color tests well.
    As for the critics above… your black and white and silver is soo boring.
    Now all we need is to see some product on the road before it is to late to care one way or the other!

  4. S Campbell

    Shame the blue interior choice was removed to complement it.

  5. Steve

    Hyundai and Kia, for those that can’t afford top buy a real vehicle. Same people that buy that junk are the ones that walked into the Yugo dealership and said, wow, what a great warranty, LOL. Ever see a Hyundai or Kia parked outside a any pro athletes house? Nope. Ever see a Kia parked in the driveway of any LPGA tour players house….nope, for those that are not familiar with LGPA, Kia is a big sponsor. It all about impressions and nothing says I live pay check to pay check more than owning a Hyundai or Kia. Lincoln SUV is the sexiest SUV on the road.


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