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2024 Ford Mustang Premium Trims Feature Mirror Mounted USB

Following its debut last September, we’ve learned a lot about the all-new, redesigned 2024 Ford Mustang and its new exterior and interior styling, updated tech features, and heavily revised powerplants. However, there are still some minute details emerging regarding the S650 generation pony car that will no doubt be of interest to enthusiasts, who have been waiting years for what might be the last ICE-powered version of the Mustang. Now, sources familiar with the matter have informed Ford Authority of yet another interesting feature present in the 2024 Ford Mustang Premium trimmed models – a mirror mounted USB port.

Both the 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium and GT Premium – but not base models or the Dark Horse – will feature a mirror mounted USB port, which is intended to power things like dash cameras, radar detectors, and other electronic devices one might want to mount near that particular location. Presumably, those that want to record their track day action will enjoy this feature, as it allows them to mount a camera without having wires hanging around everywhere.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Ford has added USB ports to a vehicle with the purpose of powering devices such as these. The sixth-generation Ford Bronco also has USB ports located in various areas – such as the dash – where off-roaders can mount cameras to record their adventures more easily.

Aside from this nifty feature, the 2024 Ford Mustang is also ditching AM radio, as Ford Authority reported yesterday. Otherwise, the new pony car offers more of pretty much everything when compared to its predecessor, including power. However, all of these new features will come at a cost, as the 2024 Mustang is more expensive than the current-gen S550 across the board, as Ford Authority reported last week.

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  1. RWFA

    But no indication of whether it be a USB-A or USB-C ?

  2. Henry

    Mirror mounted USB is intended to power AM Radio adapter.

    1. ViperACR

      I laughed. Good one.

      1. RWFA

        Me too!

  3. Gary . Virginia.

    I absolutely love the looks of that red convertible. Maybe time to sell my 2013 convertible.

    1. RWFA

      Agreed. Sweet color on that ride.

    2. Ejdubb

      Keep the vert. Have them both 😉

  4. The Hobbit

    I am sure that will help sales of “call back unlimited” vehicles that keep increasing in cost for stupid kids to who drive but cannot afford your products !!!!!!! I am also absolutely sure those responsible, the F’ing insurance companies, will absolutely love it !!!!!!!

  5. Bill

    The USB connector up there is nothing new for the foreign ford models. It’s been in their wire diagrams for years.

  6. Mary

    I thought radar detectors were illegal. If insurance company found out you had one, they wouldn’t reimburse you for damages if you had an accident. Besides, police can see the wire running down from the mirror. Busted.

  7. Mary

    Agree with you Joe! It’s such a loser. I’m sure his BF would agree also.


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