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2024 Ford Mustang To Offer Reduced Capacity Amplifier Option

Revealed back in September, the all-new S650 generation 2024 Ford Mustang features new exterior and interior styling, updated tech features, and heavily revised powerplants, among many other updates. However, there are still some minute details emerging regarding the redesigned pony car that will no doubt be of interest to many, who have been waiting years for what might be the last ICE-powered version of the Mustang. Now, sources familiar with the matter have informed Ford Authority of a new option present in select 2024 Ford Mustang models – a reduced capacity amplifier.

The Reduced Capacity Amplifier option present in the 2024 Ford Mustang lineup is required when the semiconductor chip supply is inadequate, although there is no indication that this is the case as of right now. The option also only impacts the B&O Sound System, which is optional on EcoBoost Premium and GT Premium models, as well as standard equipment on the range-topping Dark Horse. The B&O system has 12 total speakers, including an in-trunk subwoofer.

Aside from this new option, the 2024 Ford Mustang is also ditching its AM radio functionality, as Ford Authority recently reported. Otherwise, the new pony car offers more of pretty much everything when compared to its predecessor, including power. However, all of these new features will come at a cost, as the 2024 Mustang is more expensive than the current-gen S550 across the board, as Ford Authority previously reported.

Those price increases differ depending on trim and configuration, ranging from $2,650 for the GT Premium to $3,650 for EcoBoost Premium models. That means the cheapest new pony car – the EcoBoost Fastback – costs $30,920, while the least expensive V8-powered model is the GT Fastback at $41,495. Meanwhile, as Ford Authority originally reported last month, the Dark Horse costs $57,970, which is $1,400 more than the outgoing Mach 1.

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  1. Chris Blanchard

    So, the MSRP goes up $2650-3650, but the audio gets de-contented (no AM).

  2. Stanley Carbett

    Why lose Spanish speaking customers in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California to other manufactures because you are dropping AM radio. I’m sure they do not want to spend $120 a year for satellite coverage.

  3. Donald

    Must have someone from gm working in design..looks more like a modified version of the camaro then a mustang!!!


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