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About 4,400 2023 Ford Escape SUVs Have Been Made This Year

While Ford has certainly faced its fair share of production issues over the past three years or so, yet another problem reared its ugly head recently at the Louisville Assembly plant – a software issue – which prompted the automaker to pause production of the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair for several weeks. Production resumed just yesterday, March 6th, but as a result of this shut down, very few Corsair crossovers have been built so far this year – just 366, in fact. However, the 2023 Ford Escape hasn’t fared much better, either.

In January, The Blue Oval built a total of 3,901 2023 Ford Escape models, followed by 494 in February, making for a grand total of 4,395 units year-to-date. It’s worth noting that all of these vehicles are pre-production models, but these are still very low figures, particularly given the fact that Ford sold a total of 6,447 Escapes last month alone.

While both refreshed models have been affected by this software bug, it seems as if the Corsair took the brunt of the impact, though there is some reason for optimism moving forward. FoMoCo recently discovered a fix for this problem – which reportedly affected the vehicles’ gauge clusters. As a result, production of both models has already restarted, though no retail units of either the 2023 Escape or Corsair have been delivered yet.

“We do have a new re-flash to address the programming issue we have with the clusters,” Brandon Reisinger, building chairman for the Louisville plant, recently told employees at that facility. “This re-flash does appear to be good. In all of the testing, they’ve had no issues so far. I think they finally have their issue resolved.”

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  1. Real Poirier

    I like very much my Hybride 2022 Escape Titanium, except for thé gaz engine. It is very noisy at low gear.

    1. George Englebrecht

      Waiting almost a year to get what you ordered is ridiculous. Guess what, we ordered our 2022 Ford Escape hybrid in February of 2022 and the delivery date was changed again last week to March 15, 2023. Ford is lieing to the consumer. There has been issues also in the 2012

  2. Grumpy Rick

    I have two C-Max pug in hybrids which are about 10 years old now. A year ago, I tried to get a new hybrid Maverick. You know how that went……. not available, order for next year, if it comes add 5K to the price to get it. I finally gave up.

    Now I would like to get a Ford Escape plug in hybrid, and guess what?, same story.

    Ford has advertised the hell out of both these vehicles, which are made of unobtanium. Meantime, they quit making the Fusion and C-Max plug in hybrids before they had a replacement vehicle ready. Who made that decision? If they were available now, they would still be selling, now that everyone is on the bandwagon.

    I am currently looking for a Chevy Bolt, to replace one of the C-Max’s. At least they have finally bumped up production and are not hard to find at list price. Ford has to get their act together.

    PS: We have solar, and the mileage on both plug in’s register at being 80% electric. The gas engines have very little mileage on them. The lie-o-meter shows one at 105 MPG since new, the other at 140 MPG, since it gets more short trips. Both cars have been on 2500 mile trips.

    1. Richard

      My dealer is not charging over MSRP and never has.

  3. Murdock

    My original production date before the software issue was March 15th, just checked the website and now it is April 12th. Not horrible I suppose.

    1. Murdock

      Welp, mine no longer has a production date. Back to order confirmed.

    2. Al

      How do you check a production date of an escape

      1. Murdock

        I kept my original email. It has a link in there. If you don’t have that, I’d talk to your salesperson. I wouldn’t get too excited though. I Watched “ford video guy” on YouTube and he said “limited scheduling for May”. He also said that they can only produce 10% of orders with the moonroof through July, so they are recommending taking the moonroof off your order to speed up the production of your escape.

  4. Swan

    My order was placed on 9/23/22. On 1/17/23 I was notified that my production date was scheduled for 2/13/23. When I checked the web site today, all it said was that my order is “confirmed. It will then be scheduled and placed in the first available production week.” So I have gone backwards from being “scheduled” to merely “order confirmed.”

  5. Jt

    Order my 23 escape end of November. Was scheduled to be built 2/13 week. Been sitting in production since 2/10. Dealer won’t answer any questions. Looking at the window sticker was supposed to be produced 2/17. Saw the factory was shut down for a couple of weeks on here. Dealer should of had some info but they always have none. About ready to cancel my order


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