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All-New Ford Explorer To Travel The Globe With Lexie Alford

The all-new, European electric Ford Explorer was just unveiled yesterday following months of rumors, speculation, prototype sightings, and teasers, giving us a complete look at the new American-influenced EV crossover, which is underpinned by Volkswagen’s MEB platform. Though it shares nothing in common with its ICE counterpart – other than its name – Ford is keen to push the fact that this is a vehicle designed to “explore,” and in that sense, it has teamed up with travel adventure influencer Lexie Alford – otherwise known as Lexie Limitless – to celebrate a very notable milestone.

That occasion is the roughly 100 year anniversary of Aloha Wanderwell’s epic and historic journey that saw her become the first woman to drive around the world, crossing through 43 countries across a five-year period in a Model T. Starting later this year, Alford will follow in those footsteps by embarking on her own journey across the globe, all while driving the brand new, all-electric Ford Explorer along the way.

Alford is no stranger to such large-scale adventures, as she previously became the youngest person to visit every country in the world, a task that she completed by the age of 21. Wanderwall, by comparison, started her journey at the age of 16 in Nice, France, and saw her eventually complete that mission after winding up in Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa.

“Aloha Wanderwell’s story is particularly inspiring for female travelers, but it truly encourages everyone to push their limits and explore new places,” Alford said. “I am excited to follow in the tire tracks of this legendary trailblazer, while showing what the electric future of overland travel can look like. There’s going to be many obstacles and challenges, but that’s part of the fun of travel and I’m going to be documenting it all online!”

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  1. RWFA

    Look is growing on me.

    1. Nico

      Agreed 👍👍

    2. Mike says...

      To have a little fun with your words RWFA…. I am sure a lot of things grow on you, none of which are all good or healthy or wanted.

  2. Robert Slade

    Interesting that Ford can find a way to send an electric vehicle around the world when it’s domestic EV owners can’t easily charge their vehicles for even modest trips due to a lack of accessible charging stations.

    1. Nico

      Robert, to releave your range anxiety…”take 2 plug-in hybrids and call me in the morning!” Lol

  3. Andrew Sommers

    Looks like a Lexus!! Hopefully that will not show up here. The front end looks terrible. Why they can’t make an EV look like the actual vehicle it is replacing kills me.

    1. Mike says...

      Sorry to say but your taste is all in your mouth Andy.
      The design actually tracks more of the original vehicles look.
      Much like the F150, this new BEV explorer will not offend existing Explorer owners, rather carry them along a familiar size, shape and just for you, look!

      1. Joel Ashley

        Yup, and think how much easier it’ll be to clean bugs off the “grille”. 😉

  4. Glenu

    And those huge clown wheels??

  5. mark

    Why we can’t have this in the U.S. is weird. They need this, or something like it, here now.

  6. Nauticalone345

    I like it. It looks quite nice!


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