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EU Delays Vote On 2035 ICE Sunset After Germany Balks

Ford currently plans to convert its entire European passenger vehicle lineup to all-electric vehicles by 2030, and is already in the process of revamping its lineup with a bevy of new EVs set to replace its ICE models in that region, starting with a pair of crossovers built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. As such, the automaker figures to be well ahead of a proposed 100 percent zero emissions mandate set to take effect in 2035, which was approved by the European Parliament just a couple of weeks ago. Ford has supported this mandate since its inception as well, but Germany has been quite vocal in its opposition, which has now prompted the European Union to delay voting on the matter, according to Reuters.

Members of the EU were originally scheduled to vote on the 2035 zero emissions mandate next week, which would end sales of CO2 emitting vehicles by that year, but following strong criticism from Germany, that vote has been delayed indefinitely, with a representative from Sweden saying that the group would revisit this topic “in due time.”

The EU, European Parliament, and European Commission negotiated for months before finalizing the law, but it must still be voted on and approved before it can take effect. “We want climate-neutral mobility,” said German Transport Minister Volker Wissing, noting that the EU should remain open to all possible technologies – not just those involving solely electric power. Wissing mentioned synthetic fuel as one example.

Meanwhile, the Commission stated that it will make a proposal on how vehicles that run on synthetic fuels might still be sold after 2035, and is reportedly discussing this matter with participants now. Meanwhile, Germany isn’t the only country calling for provisions for CO2-neutral fuels. “Italy has a very clear position – electric (cars) cannot be the only solution for the future,” said that country’s Energy Minister, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin.

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  1. RWFA

    Profit über alles.

    Clearly a move to help out the EV investment laggards.

  2. David Dickinson II

    The best thing about Russia invading Ukraine is that it seems to have slapped the stupid out of Europe. Now, if we could only do the same to California.

    1. Francois

      Agreed. Not to mention that Germany’s failed wind power experiment might actually start to get the visibility it deserves. The German price of electricity per kwh is more than 7.5X what I pay here in GA. Combine that with the worldwide inflation eagerly started by our current administration… German folks are probably a bit tired of paying through the nose for everything, which will only get worse. Charging Electric cars at $.40 per kwh cost the same or more than just filling up with unleaded…

      1. RWFA

        “Worldwide inflation started by the current administration…”

        It’s hard to take you seriously pal.

    2. RWFA

      Oh yeah, that communist California which only had the 4th greatest GDP growth nationwide over the last two years.

      1. Bob Dobson

        Is that why California has the fastest exodus of residents in their history right now?

  3. RWFA

    It’s not common sense, it’s German and Italian industrial groups trying to eke out the last profit from sunk investments and slow down and spread their CAPEX over a longer period.


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