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Ford BlueCruise 1.2 Update Is A Huge Improvement: Video

Aside from being named Consumer Reportstop pick for current active driving assistance systems (ADAS), Ford BlueCruise has also proven to be a smash hit with consumers, as more and more are signing up for the feature with each passing month. In fact, a grand total of 186,000 vehicle owners have now enrolled in either Ford BlueCruise or Lincoln ActiveGlide, and those users have driven 55 million miles with the features activated, too. Now, with a new BlueCruise/ActiveGlide 1.2 update rolling out, the YouTube channel Gears and Gadgets recently got the chance to check it out, and they came away mighty impressed with it as a result.

Ford F-150 BlueCruise 1.2 Test Video

As our host points out, the original version of Ford BlueCruise wasn’t perfect by any means, and he experienced a lot of “ping ponging” or drifting in between the lines on the road with it engaged. It would also stab the brakes from time to time, and felt overall very “uncomfortable” to many, but all of those issues have apparently been corrected in version 1.2.

The system now keeps the vehicle planted, according to our host, as well as far more smooth in terms of staying centered in a lane and braking when needed. The update also adds lane-changing capability, which is nice, and is also far better in sweeping corners, where the old system would take those turns a bit too fast sometimes. BlueCruise 1.2 also gives the vehicle more space when riding next to a semi truck, which could be a bit unnerving with the previous version.

Braking and accelerating are much smoother in the 1.2 update as well, whereas the old system would “gun it” or brake harshly if a vehicle cut in or out in front of it, according to our host. Even on milled roads, the pickup does a far better job of recognizing where the lanes are, whereas the old version had quite a bit of trouble in that regard. Overall, it seems as if the BlueCruise update has done a good job of addressing the concerns most users have had thus far, which bodes well for the future of this particular feature.

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  1. Steve Robbins

    BlueCruise 1.2 sounds like a major improvement BUT- when will it be available to 2022 vehicles as an update? Either OTA or by a dealer?

  2. Mike

    Availabe to 2022 vehicles? BlueCruise vaporware is not available even to most 2023 vehicles.

  3. Old Ford Guy

    186,000 subscribers have driven 55 million miles with the feature activated. Certainly big, impressive numbers. But that’s only 295 miles per subscriber on average, which is not very impressive. Indicates that most subscribers tried it and were either scared out of their wits or said”meh”. Of course you’ll have some subscribers that will claim to use it all the time, and others that will never use it again. In my opinion, success will be defined by the subscription renewal rate. If it’s really a good feature then people will pay to keep it. If not…..then say goodbye.

  4. Shockandawe

    I believe gm’s Supercruise is far superior then this, a number of the new features in Bluecruise have been available on Supercruise for over a year.

  5. Outlook214

    I fail to understand systems like Blue Cruise. That’s where we’re at as a society? Too lazy to hold a steering wheel and drive a vehicle. Nice! Just seeing the GMC commercial with the people clapping has ensured me to never buy a GMC.

  6. Gary

    When will FMC let 2022 Mach E’s get a update to 1.2 Blue Cruise. My car was built the last week of the 2022 Build.


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