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Ford BlueOval City Will Use Carbon-Free Power From Day One

Ford has made a concerted effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every aspect of its operations in recent years, with a goal of becoming 100 percent carbon neutral by 2050. It has done this in a variety of ways, ranging from using more sustainable materials to signing clean energy deals with other companies and making its production plants more environmentally friendly, earning it plenty of accolades in the process – both in the U.S. and aboard. That will also be the case with the under construction Ford BlueOval City complex, which will use carbon-free power when it begins operating in 2025.

“The assembly plant will use carbon-free electricity from the day it opens,” the automaker said during the recent press conference regarding its Project T3 EV pickup. “For the first time in 120 years, Ford also is using recovered energy from the site’s utility infrastructure and geothermal system to provide carbon-free heat for the assembly plant – saving about 300 million cubic feet of natural gas typically needed each year to heat similarly sized vehicle assembly plants.”

Construction at the Ford BlueOval City site just began back in September 2022, but has progressed rapidly, and is now “light years” from where it started, with the massive facility starting to take shape. FoMoCo previously noted that the complex will meet corporate sustainability goals from day one as well, including achieving carbon neutrality and introducing zero waste to landfills.

Ford BlueOval City will begin production of Project T3 – the company’s second all-electric pickup – in 2025, and while little is known about that particular model at this time, CEO Jim Farley recently called it a “Millennium Falcon” with a bed, previewing a futuristic vessel, indeed.

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  1. Bob Dobson

    We at Ford just decided that we will ignore the Carbon footprint of the machines used in the process to build this geothermal system as we dont feel like including those. It makes for a better press release.

    Our Electric vehicles are also carbon neutral because we also ignore the carbon footprint of the battery construction process and the child slave labour to mine the materials needed for the battery.

    Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.

    1. RWFA

      And what’s up with K-street Nob with his house divided approach trying to encourage everybody to be Luddites (new machines to make the environment better will destroy the environment!) while dropping rabbit pellet disinfo about child labor? (Ford’s not mining Lithium in Arkansas for god’s sake.)

  2. ronarb

    Bob, you must be the highlight of the day at family reunions.

  3. Shane

    Even blind people can see this green push is a joke.
    It’s a start, but such a long way to go before we could get even close to what people think we gaining from all this. Currently, my estimate is, every EV, has only 1% less carbon footprint, than our standard ICE. That’s from the first drawing of a vehicle, till it’s completely recycled. Not to forget, the potential hazards of disposal, of toxic waste from EV.

  4. RWFA

    LoL our old K-street anti BEV friend No Shame To Be Stupid Shane is back with his fantasy “1% marginally better efficiency” nonsense. Egads. K-street never quits.


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