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Ford Brazil Sales Jump 55 Percent In February 2023

Ford Brazil sales increased 55 percent to 1,529 units in February 2023, compared to February 2022 results.

Individual model sales performance was as follows:

During the first two months of the 2023 calendar year, Ford Brazil sales increased 21 percent to 2,986 units.

Sales Results - February 2023 - Brazil - Ford

MODELFEB 2023 / FEB 2022FEBRUARY 2023FEBRUARY 2022YTD 2023 / YTD 2022 YTD 2023YTD 2022
F-SERIES* 3**7 *
MAVERICK+261.76% 12334+494.12%202 34
MUSTANG+71.43% 3621-10.14%62 69
RANGER+33.29% 1,025769+0.60%2,002 1,990
TRANSIT* 222**482 *
FORD TOTAL+54.60% 1,529989+21.28%2,986 2,462

The Ford Authority Take

After suffering a negative streak of three consecutive months of contraction, Ford Brazil sales registered a notable double-digit increase in February. The Blue Oval brand achieved this improvement amid a slowdown in the Brazilian market, which fell 2.68 percent last month.

Almost all models that Ford offers in Brazil posted double and triple digit increases in February, led by the good momentum of the best-selling Ford Ranger, which once again managed to exceed 1,000 deliveries. Also of note is the sharp rise of the new Ford Maverick and the notable additional volume of the Transit – ranking as the brand’s second-best-selling nameplate in the country.

Additionally, the recently announced Ford F-150 pickup in Brazil sold three units in February and accumulated seven deliveries so far in 2023 before officially going on sale in the South American country.

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  1. Michael G.

    I know this is a joke. Thrilled by 1529 total vehicles sold In Brazil. Discontinue the Fusion because they could only sell a quarter million cars a year. I can’t stop laughing at the rationale.

  2. Darrell Martin

    Build a Ford Fusion Electric Vehicle , and build it inside the USA .

  3. Mike says...

    Looking for good news stories is getting more and more difficult for Ford.
    Agree that a BEV Fusion type vehicle would be a great offering if well priced and contented.
    Problem is Ford cannot seem to build its existing lineup, and then often without features advertised.
    I had to depart all the Ford cheerleaders, but the way forward for Ford is increasingly less certain than its ever been.


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