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Ford Bronco ARB Jack Mount Kit Details Revealed

Though sixth-generation Ford Bronco owners already have a plethora of parts and accessories to choose from – both via the aftermarket and The Blue Oval itself – that booming market keeps growing, and will only continue to do so as more and more SUVs are built. Over the past couple of months, the Ford Performance Bronco catalog has expanded to include such things as a hood lift kit and Method Race Wheels kit, and now, those offerings continue to grow with the addition of the new Ford Bronco ARB jack mount kit.

Ford Bronco ARB Jack Mount Kit

The Ford Bronco ARB jack kit actually consists of two different items, both made by the same company – a jack and jack mount. Designed exclusively for the Ford Bronco, this kit is made from steel and features a black powder-coated finish, though it mounts in a different location than most jacks – inside the rear portion of the SUV’s tailgate, which makes it easy to get to, no matter what sort of crazy off-road situation one might find themself in.

Removing the jack from the mount is easy too, thanks to a pair of knobs and quick-release clamps that hold it in place securely, to the point where the jack and mount don’t rattle when the vehicle is traveling down the road. It features detent pin stop knobs and is designed to be rather rugged as well, which is important given the fact that it’s likely to be used by those that spend quite a bit of time off-roading on all types of different terrain.

Ford Bronco ARB Jack Mount Kit

The jack itself is a nifty piece as well, using hydraulics to raise and lower the vehicle in half-inch increments smoothly, and it also features a black rubber body bumper to prevent damage from occurring during this process. Sold in the Ford Performance catalog under part number M-1830-BM, the Ford Bronco ARB jack mount kit retails for $1,375 and is available to purchase now.

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  1. DesertRacer225

    At $1,375, they sure are proud of what is basically a high lift jack, albeit a nice one.

  2. Mike says...

    If you need a jack this big, expensive…. you probably need driver training more!


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